A booming market

The electronic cigarette market is constantly growing. Indeed, for several years already, the number of vapers has been increasing in Europe and in 2016 reached around 7.5 million users, according to ResearchGate.net June 2016. The use of e-cigarettes is tending to increase among smokers wishing to eliminate the classic cigarette from their daily lives.

A growing sector

With the increasing number of users, the e-cigarette sector has seen the emergence of many new players in vaping equipment. With this expansion, manufacturers and distributors of electronic cigarettes are becoming more numerous and offer an ever-wider choice of products. This is why it can be increasingly difficult to understand trends or even select a supplier.

It therefore becomes essential to choose a proper e-cigarette wholesaler to guide you with the right choice of equipment but also to give you a wider visibility of the market thanks to its relationship with manufacturers and with other shops.

Greenvillage: The reference e-cigarette wholesaler since 2013

Greenvillage has been being a e-cigarette wholesaler since 2013 and is specialized in the import, distribution and wholesale of e-cigarette equipment for vaping professionals. We have become a reference in the resale of electronic cigarettes over the years and work in collaboration with the biggest brands on the market.

This collaboration has allowed us to refine our selection of more than 7000 references in e-cigarettes and e-liquids in order to offer the best of vaping.

Located on the east side of Paris, Marne-la-Vallée in Seine-et-Marne, our premises are close to Paris airports and allow us to serve more than 4,000 shops in France and around the world.

Why choose Greenvillage as your E-Cigarette Wholesaler?

Greenvillage has been present since 2013 and has built up expertise in the selection of electronic cigarette and e-liquid products. Being constantly in contact with equipment and e-liquids manufacturers, we have a general view of the market to better advise and inform you.

Our experience at your service

As an e-cigarettes wholesaler, we order very large quantities of products at the best price thanks to our long-standing collaboration with manufacturers and the biggest brands. It is the fruit of several years of relationship which have enabled us to offer attractive prices to our partners and to group the most requested products in one catalog.

This relationship with the manufacturers and shops with which we work allows us to have a good knowledge of the market and therefore to advise you better.

The quality and authenticity of our products

The Greenvillage team makes it a point of honor to only offer original products. It is for these reasons that we carefully select the products from our catalog in order to offer quality electronic cigarettes. In addition, we ensure the authenticity of our e-cigarettes by working closely with manufacturers’ factories or their partner distributors.

A multitude of choices

Each shop is different from the others because vapers are different from one region to another. It is therefore for this reason that we strive to expand our choice so that shops can find the products their customers need. Your E-Cigarette wholesaler strives to gather in a single catalog everything that a shop will need. It is therefore more than 7000 references of e-cigarettes and e-liquids and new products continuously.

Real Stock and Delivery

What could be more tiring than ordering products that are not available? With Greenvillage, we believe, as an electronic cigarettes wholesaler, that it is important that the stocks are real. We strive to process your orders in the best possible way so that you do not have any surprises when you receive your order. If ever, a stock error makes a product which you have ordered unavailable, a voucher of the amount is immediately credited to you.

Our teams prepare your packages, taking as much care as possible to organize the contents properly and protect them to avoid breakage. We make every effort to ensure that your order is perfectly delivered to you and are therefore in constant contact with the transport services of TNT, Chronopost and DHL so that they respect the packages that we deliver to them every day. We dispatch your orders the same day for delivery within 1 to 5 working days in Europe (Italy, Netherland, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, and many other countries). A tracking number is available on our site or sent to you by email or SMS.

Choosing Greenvillage is above all choosing a trustworthy e-cigarette and e-liquid supplier and a quality service. Indeed, for us, it is more important that you can focus on your activity.

A support for your activity

Our sales team is available to support you in your activity because our success starts with your satisfaction. You are looking for a specific product or you need our recommendation to make a choice of e-cigarette or e-liquid, there will always be a professional to answer your questions.

Our After-Sales Service is also available if you have problems with your products. If faults are proven, your request is processed in less than a week.

Greenvillage: satisfaction at your service

Your time is precious because your activity is demanding. Ordering from your e-cigarette wholesaler Greenvillage means working with peace of mind and focusing on the essentials: your shop.


The choice of e-liquids is essential for all respected vape shops because vapers only stay in the vape if they have the e-liquids that suit them. Your Greenvillage e-liquid wholesaler continuously try out new products to find original, surprising and exceptional e-juices. We only select the best so that you can find them all in one place. Thus, you will no longer have to disperse your efforts with a multitude of different e-liquid suppliers. In our catalog you will find a wide range of diverse and varied flavors from all over the world. Your e-liquid wholesaler strives to offer you quality products that meet quality standards. You will find fruity, minty, gourmet or classic flavours from all horizons. Also, several types of formats are available: 10ml nicotine or more than 10ml mix and vape (ZHC, ...). Please make sure you are allowed to sell them in your country.

E-liquid wholesaler

As an e-liquid distributor, we consider our customers as our partners. We support you and advise you in your choices so that you can offer your customers the best products. As important as electronic cigarettes, these consumables are essential for vapers and therefore for you. They are the ones who will generate the return of your customers to the store. As an e-liquid supplier and wholesaler, it is important for us to pre-select them so that you can choose from a wide range of quality flavors. E-liquid resellers and vaping professionals, if you want to expand your offer with new e-liquids and you need advice, we will guide you on market trends.

French e liquid wholesale: product quality

French e-liquids are now of high quality. They were able to perfect their knowledge by incorporating the best of foreign manufacturers to create great e-liquids. French e-liquids are now remarkable for their taste and better compliance with health standards and restrictions. As a wholesaler of French liquids, we have selected the biggest brands for you. We are distributors of Liquideo, Eliquid France, AVAP, D'lice, Le French Liquide, Swoke and many more. And since there are not only those on the market, we also find some new ones who are very likely to please your customers.

Avap E-liquids for e-cigarette

Among the best sellers you will find the famous range of Avap’s Devils e-liquids. These are delicious fruity and slightly fresh French e-liquids. The most famous of them is Red Devil, red fruit flavor transcended from absinthe and a touch of liquorice. Then comes the Pink Devil. An association of benefactors: Raspberry, Cherry, apple and lemon. It has barely arrived that it already pleases. Although the latters are at the top of the sales, the rest of the range are also among the best-selling products.

Liquideo e-liquids for e-cigarette

Among the first arrivals in the world of French e-liquids, Liquideo is a brand that has well established itself thanks to its creativity and its rich and varied products. A wide range of fruity or classic flavors have been created to satisfy the greatest number of vapers. Several ranges have emerged to the delight of all. The Liquideo Evolution range’s e-liquids consists of many simple products for pure flavors lovers. Next comes the Juice Heroes range, very fresh and fruity but also with a higher VG rate for demanding vapers.

Le French Liquide E-liquids ranges

Among the essential brands in the e-liquids landscape, you will find Le French Liquide. Who hasn't asked you for the famous La Chose? And yes, it is one of the brand’s best sellers and it is with this flavor that Le French Liquide has established itself on the market. These products are delicious liquid made with love, it is completely normal that they receive vapers’ love in return. Several of them are very popular, such as La Chose, Jus de Boudin Noir and Jus de Boudin Blanc or Tata Tatin. With products like these, it's no wonder that Le French Liquide e-liquids are references in the eyes of vapers.

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