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  • Gel Impact au CBD Active - Greeneo

    After a good sports session, relieve your muscles with the Impact gel with CBD Active with cold effect from Greeneo! This balm is designed with rigorously selected ingredients. It is an ointment that combines the soothing freshness of mint with the calming properties of arnica.This mixture also enjoys the anti-inflammatory benefits of several essential...

  • Massage Cream with CBD Active - Greeneo

    With its CBD Active massage cream, the Greeneo brand offers you a moment of well-being. To be preferred during your breaks after exercise, the active ingredients of this ointment have been chosen according to a selective framework. Several benefits are thus granted to it thanks to its composition.Cannabidiol molecules are present at 1000 mg in a 100 ml...

  • Crème CBD Acné - Cibdol

    To combat acne, Cibdol has developed a nourishing cream rich in liposomes. This cream has natural ingredients with restorative and anti-bacterial properties to try to relieve itching. Cibdol Acne CBD Cream also has 100mg of CBD.Recommended retail price: 39€

  • CBD lip balm - Cibdol

    Here's a lip balm to help you feel good on the outside. Chapped and dry lips? Let the balm act to restore elasticity to your lips. Cibdol Lip Balm contains CBD.Recommended retail price: 7.90€

  • Baume chauffante CBD - Cibdol

    Take advantage of the action of vanillyl butyl ether to relieve your muscles and joints. Whether you are athletic or not, the heating balm will bring its share of benefits by improving blood circulation in your muscles. This balm has 52mg of CBD.Recommended retail price: 12.95€

  • CBD balm for dogs - Botaneo

    Botaneo Balm consists of CBD from European hemp, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. It is used to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin of your dog.It is used on dry and damaged areas or on the pads.Botaneo Dog Balm has 250 mg of CBD and does not contain any trace of THC.

  • CBD Sport Gel - Pharma Hemp

    Gel au CBD de Dr Kent spécialement conçu pour les sportifs. Les différents éléments composant ce gel produisent un effet chaud/froid qui favorise la récupération musculaire.Prix de vente conseillé : 44.90€Ne contient pas de THCNe convient pas aux moins de 12 ans

  • Crème CBD pour jambes fatiguées - Pharma Hemp

    Dr Kent's Heavy Legs CBD cream is made up of several natural ingredients specially selected to restore tone to your legs, such as organic sulfur, which promotes blood circulation.Recommended retail price 44.90 €

  • Crème CBD Sport 100ml - Greeneo (poids est)

    Great athlete or sportsman of Sunday, Greeneo thought of all the practitioners of sport who need recovery after efforts!Recommended public price1000mg: 34.90 €

  • Crème Baume CBD Greeneo

    Here is Greeneo Full Spectrum Balm. It consists of vegetable oil from hemp seed, coconut, shea butter and cocoa, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil and vanilla from Madagascar.This balm is to be used for its anti-inflammatory and calming effects.Recommended retail price: 23.90 € incl.

  • CBD face serum - Cibdol

    Take care of your skin by enjoying all the benefits of natural products offered by Cibdol. Enjoy the relieving action of Aloe vera and its vitamins C and E. Cibdol face serum has all the necessary ingredients to give your face radiance. This cream has 60mg of CBD.Recommended retail price: 28.90 €

  • CBD Psoriasis & Itching Cream - Cibdol

    Cibdol has developed a formula based on natural products to relieve the itching and pain caused by psoriasis. To soothe irritated areas, CBD cream contains colloidal oatmeal supporting the skin with a layer of polysaccharides. It will provide good hydration and protection of the skin.Retail price: 39 €

  • CBD Foot Cream - Cibdol

    This cream is the ideal companion to soothe heavy legs after long hours of walking. The foot cream will provide intense hydration by combining with Calendula, Aloe Vera and Camphor. All these ingredients together will promote the recovery of tired feet and legs from a long day.Cibdol CBD foot cream has a capacity of 195ml and 190mg of CBD.Apply this cream...

  • CBD hand cream - Cibdol

    Your hands are certainly the most stressed parts of the body, which is why Cibdol has developed a hand cream based on natural products to better protect you. Take advantage of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and its restorative properties and Helianthus annus oil to relieve dry and damaged skin. Give your hands the attention they deserve.This cream...

  • CBD Night Cream - Cibdol

    Leave this night cream on while you sleep and wake up on the right foot with skin ready to tackle a new day.This cream will help to hydrate your skin deeply and give it rest thanks to a 100% natural composition. Cibdol CBD Night Cream has 100mg of CBD.Recommended retail price: 21.90 €

  • CBD Day Cream - Cibdol

    Don't skip this daytime CBD cream. Composed of 100mg of CBD, it is also accompanied by vitamins C and E, calendula oil and shea butter. All of these ingredients will hydrate your skin well and protect it against pollution and ultraviolet rays with SPF 15 protection.Recommended retail price: 20.90 €

  • Crème CBD Eczéma - Cibdol

    Rich in liposomes and CBD, Cibdol Eczema Cream helps relieve dry, irritated skin caused by atopic dermatitis. It has 100% natural ingredients and 100md of CBD.Retail price: 39 €

  • Crème Anti-âge CBD - Cibdol

    Thanks to its many ingredients, Cibdol anti-aging cream helps slow down the first signs of aging. Its many vitamins are combined to effectively fight against wrinkles. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid will team up to restore splendor to your skin.Cibdol Anti-Aging Cream also has 100mg of CBD.Recommended retail price: 27.90 €

  • CBD anti-aging lifting serum - Asabio

    Asabio has developed an anti-aging serum to fight against the first signs of aging. Hemp seed oil being rich in fatty acid and vitamin A, B, E, will hydrate the skin and help regenerate cells and repair damaged skin. This serum contains 120mg of CBD.Main ingredients: Hemp, CBD, Hyaluronic acidDirections for use: Daily face applicationVolume: 20ml CBD...

  • CBD body oil - Asabio

    Asabio body oil is perfect for relaxing muscles that are often strained by daily efforts. Containing 600mg of CBD, this oil is accompanied by vitamin A, B, E and fatty acids to hydrate your skin and promote recovery.Main ingredients: Hemp, CBD, ArnicaDirections for use: Regular application on the body

  • CBD revitalizing and moisturizing cream - Asabio

    Revitalizing and moisturizing CBD cream from the brand Asabio. This CBD cream consists of 100% organic products. Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and vitamin A, B, E for deep hydration. It comes with 140mg of CBD and Sicilian lemon packed with benefits to give your skin radiance.Main ingredients: Hemp Oil, CBD, Sicilian Lemon.Directions for...

  • CBD hand and nail repair cream - Asabio

    Damaged and dry hands? Enjoy the benefits of a cream rich in fatty acids with shea butter, Omega 3 and 6 and vitamin A, B, E.With its restorative and antioxidant properties, this hand and nail cream nourishes your skin by moisturizing and protecting it.Main ingredients: Hemp seed oil, CBD, shea butterUse advice: Daily application for your hands

  • CBD body recovery cream - Asabio

    Restorative CBD cream for the body from the brand Asabio, CBD cream produced 100% organic. This cream has hemp seed oil, rich in fatty acid and vitamin A, B, E, known for its moisturizing action. It will be accompanied by 480mg of CBD and various natural oils that will relieve muscle pain.Composition: Hemp, CBD, Arnica montana, peppermint oil.Directions...

  • Double action cream for epidermis and redness CBD - Asabio

    CBD cream from the brand Asabio. This cream moisturizes and reduces redness of sensitive skin. Thanks to the hemp seed oil associated with Aloe Vera, it is placed as an essential product to relieve the skin. Aloe Vera is recognized for its restorative and soothing properties will be accompanied by 110mg of CBD.Main ingredients: Hemp, CBD, Aloe...

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