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  • Mango Ice - Geek Bar

    Juicy mango, slightly fresh and terribly sweet. Savor the Puff Mango Ice from Geek Bar

  • Lychee Ice - Geek Bar

    Enjoy this delicious frozen lychee in a puff signed Geekbar

  • Grape - Geek Bar

    Enjoy this Geekbar puff with a good taste of grapes.

  • Watermelon Ice - Geek Bar

    The Watermelon Ice from the Geek Bar brand is a ready-to-use e-cigarette. Indeed, you can vape directly as soon as you unpack your disposable e-cigarette. The Watermelon Ice has an integrated battery with an autonomy of 500 mAh. Added to this, the shape of the body of this electronic cigarette allows a pleasant grip. Moreover, the atomizer already...

  • Sweet Strawberry - Geek Bar

    The Geek Bar brand decides to put one of the beloved red fruits in a disposable pod. Indeed, the Sweet Strawberry is flavored with a creamy and sweet strawberry. Also, this disposable pod carries with it a 500 mAh battery. Added to this, it already contains 2 ml of e-liquid, the equivalent of an average number of 575 puffs.In addition, its tubular shape...

  • Sour Apple - Geek Bar

    The giant Geek Vape creates a Geek Bar series which is composed by disposable pods. These are fruity and ready to use immediately. As for the Sour Apple, it is flavored with apple.Thus, you will enjoy a creamy and exquisite coulis after each puff. In addition, the Sour Apple has a 500 mAh and 2 ml of e liquid. In this sense, it allows an average of 575...

  • Peach Ice - Geek Bar

    Geek Bar has designed a disposable pod with extra-fruity flavors. Indeed, this pod has 2 ml of an e-liquid with a tasty taste of peach which is added to the freshness of a mint leaf.In addition, this pod is directly ready to use, as it has a built-in 500 mAh battery. In this sense, it will be able to debit nearly 575 puffs which is the equivalent of use...

  • Menthol - Geek Bar

    If you are looking for a discreet and ready-to-use pod, you can opt for those signed by Geek Bar. The latter bring in particular performance, efficiency and discretion. As for Menthol, it will allow you to enjoy a refreshing vape.Added to this, this pod has a 500 mAh battery and a pre-filled atomizer with 2 ml of e-liquid. Thus, it will allow you on...

  • Blueberry Ice - Geek Bar

    If you are looking for a ready-to-use pod immediately, you can opt for disposable pods from Geek Bar. As for the Blueberry, you will enjoy the creaminess of the blueberries and the sweet aftertaste that settles in your throat after each puff.In addition, this pod has a 500 mAh battery and an atomizer containing 2 ml of e-liquid. Thus, it offers use over...

  • Banana Ice - Geek Bar

    Have you thought about having a ready-to-use pod that you can have with you at all times? The giant Geek Vape creates a series of disposable pods which it has named Geek Bar. These electronic cigarettes are designed for immediate use. Indeed, you will be entitled to a 500 mAh battery and 2 ml of e-liquid which would be the equivalent of more than 575...

Geek bar

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