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  • Dot E-Series White Russian Cream - Dotmod

    If you are entering the world of vaping for the first time, opt for the Disposable Pod Dot E-Series White Russian Cream by Dotmod. With its easy-to-handle structure and 100% recyclable packaging, this electronic cigarette is the best way to get started in vaping before embarking on rechargeable models. It offers you a tight draw (MTL) as well as a...

  • Dot E-Series Velvet Tobacco - Dotmod

    The full-bodied side of blond tobacco is transcribed to perfection through Velvet Tobacco. Indeed, Dotmod has made a disposable pod containing 2 ml of a fresh e-liquid and having a taste enhanced by the authentic flavors of blond tobacco leaves. The pod will notably be able to provide more than 400 puffs, so you will benefit from several days of use.In...

  • Dot E-Series Pineapple Ice - Dotmod

    The Dotmod brand creates a disposable pod with bewitching exotic flavours. From the Dot E-series, Pineapple Ice contains fresh pineapple juice with a captivating sweetness. As it is a pod directly ready for use, its reservoir already contains 2 ml of e-liquid to give you 400 puffs.In this sense, as soon as you unpack it, you just have to suck in the drip...

  • Dot E-Series Peach Mango - Dotmod

    A cocktail of peach and mango invites itself into your days through the Dot E-series Peach Mango disposable pod. Indeed, this vape pen from the Dotmod brand contains 2 ml of an e-liquid with the juicy side of mango and the tenderness of a peach for a perfect balance of flavors. Capable of delivering up to 400 puffs, this disposable pod is another...

  • Dot E-Series Orange Soda - Dotmod

    With the Dot E-Series Orange Soda, discover the quality of Dotmod's disposable and 100% recyclable pods. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, this e-cigarette will seduce your palate with the delicious taste of sweet, refreshing and sparkling orange soda.Equipped with a mesh resistance, this puff offers you a beautiful restitution of flavor...

  • Dot E-Series Mint - Dotmod

    Refresh your ideas with the Dot E-Series disposable pod from Dotmod! The powerful and carefully crafted flavor of mint in this electronic cigarette will awaken your senses. It will also give your clouds unparalleled freshness and softness. With its 2ml e-liquid and 20mg nicotine level, this puff will not disappoint you!Indeed, it will give you about 400...

  • Dot E-Series Mango - Dotmod

    Vapote in peace and without feeling guilty about the environmental impact with the disposable pod Dot E-Series Mango of the brand Dotmod. Made from 100% recyclable materials, this electronic cigarette offers you a stable and pleasant grip. Also in the spirit of sustainability, its mouthpiece and cap are made of food grade silicone. In terms of flavour,...

  • Dot E-Series Lush - Dotmod

    A great innovation that has revolutionised the e-cigarette market, the Dot E-Series Lush disposable pod from Dotmod has tamed both novice and experienced vapers. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, this puff can be used without any impact on the environment. Moreover, when it is emptied after about 400 puffs, you can just remove all the...

  • Dot E-Series Lemon Cola - Dotmod

    Explore the new dimensions of the fizz of a lemon swimming in a frosty cola drink thanks to the brand Dotmod. Indeed, they have developed a disposable pod containing 2 ml of an intensely fresh e-liquid with a taste enhanced by the tartness of lemon. The pod can also provide more than 400 puffs to give you several days of escape. In addition, this pod is...

  • Dot E-Series Banana - Dotmod

    Dotmod's Dot E-Series Banana is a 100% recyclable disposable pod that features the sweet, sugary, fruity flavor of a banana. With nearly 400 puffs, this electronic cigarette offers you authentic vape sessions. Always in an eco-responsible approach, this device is made of recycled cardboard. In addition, its battery and resistor can be removed from the pod...

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