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Fruiitopia - Le French Liquide

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  • Fruit du Serpent Fraise 50/50 60ML - Fruiitopia

    Native to the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, the salak is a fruit with a scaly skin reminiscent of a reptile. This exotic delicacy is highly appreciated for its delicate and sweet flavour. That's why Fruiitopia has included it in the recipe for Strawberry Snake Fruit e-liquid, a smooth mixture packaged in a 60 ml maxi bottle. What better way...

  • Ramboutan, Grenade, Kumquat 50/50 60ML - Fruiitopia

    Welcome to the fruity world of Fruiitopia! This young manufacturer has concocted a special recipe for you: Ramboutan Pomegranate Kumquat e-liquid. Nicknamed the "hairy lychee", the rambutan is characterised by its juicy and tangy flesh. It is perfectly combined with kumquat and pomegranate whose nourishing and sweet taste adds pep to this 60 ml...

  • Kiwano, pamplemousse rose 50/50 60ML - Fruiitopia

    Fruiitopia continues its original recipes with a new e-liquid: Kiwano Pink Grapefruit. Did you know that kiwano is an all-in-one that combines surprising flavours such as banana, kiwi, pineapple and even cucumber? This extraordinary fruit, whose texture is reminiscent of a pomegranate, is distinguished by its watery and slightly bitter taste. Fruiitopia,...

  • Jackfruit Poire Goyave 50/50 60ML - Fruiitopia

    Have you ever tried Jacquier? This exotic mango-scented delight is commonly found in Southeast Asia, Brazil, India and Haiti. Known for its sweetness and slightly rubbery flesh, it pairs perfectly with pome fruits such as apples and grapes. That's why Fruiitopia has created the Jackfruit Pear Guava e-liquid, an ode to frank and balanced flavours. In...

Fruiitopia - Le French Liquide

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