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  • Full Kit Nord GT - Smoktech

    The Nord GT by Smoktech is the ultimate choice for e-cigarette enthusiasts seeking a superior experience. With a 5ml capacity, the Nord GT cartridge provides uninterrupted vaping without the constant need for refills. Thanks to its compatibility with Smoktech RPM3 resistances of 0.15 ohms and 0.23 ohms, you can customize your vaping experience for maximum...

  • Full Kit DotStick Revo 1.5 - Dotmod

    Introducing the DotStick Revo 1.5, the epitome of elegance and performance in the world of electronic cigarettes. This technological marvel delivers an exceptional vaping experience. With a maximum power of 35W and a 700mAh battery, it's perfect for beginners. Featuring a 3.5ml reservoir capacity, this e-cigarette offers outstanding flavor delivery....

  • Orange Douce Pomme Citron 100ML - Chido

    In the heart of the enchanted orchards of Mexico, there is a taste treasure: the Sweet Orange Apple Lemon e-liquid by Chido. This magic drink combines the sweet sweetness of sweet orange, the crisp freshness of apple and the tangy acidity of lemon. Each inhalation awakens your senses and transports you to a fantastic world where flavors dance in...

  • Pod Feelin A1 - Nevoks

    The Feelin A1 from Nevoks is an innovative e-cigarette that offers an incomparable vaping experience. With its elegant design and advanced features, it is designed to satisfy all vapers. The Feelin A1 allows you to customize your vaping experience with direct or indirect inhaling. Its built-in 1000 mAh battery provides extended battery life for all-day...

  • Full Kit DotStick Revo - Dotmod

    Dotmod's new Dotstick Revo is a battery-less pod-style tubular electronic cigarette that is revolutionizing the world of vaping.Featuring a supercapacitor as a power source, the Dotstick Revo offers several advantages over a conventional battery. Supercapacitors allow up to 15,000 charges and offer up to ten times more power than lithium-ion...

  • Kiwano, pamplemousse rose 50/50 60ML - Fruiitopia

    Fruiitopia continues its original recipes with a new e-liquid: Kiwano Pink Grapefruit. Did you know that kiwano is an all-in-one that combines surprising flavours such as banana, kiwi, pineapple and even cucumber? This extraordinary fruit, whose texture is reminiscent of a pomegranate, is distinguished by its watery and slightly bitter taste. Fruiitopia,...

  • Fraise Glacée - Elfbar

    The Elf Bar brand unveils its new creation: the disposable Frozen Strawberry pod. From the name alone, you can already tell that the recipe combines irresistible freshness with the timeless flavour of strawberries. With every vape session, you'll be transported to a greenhouse where you'll enjoy a berry as exquisite as it is frosty. Want to know more...

  • Fraise Energisante - Elfbar

    Take the time to breathe and revitalise yourself. With the disposable Strawberry Energising pod from Elf Bar, your vaping sessions will give you the boost you need. This fruity and invigorating preparation combines, in its 2 ml cartridge, the smooth flavour of strawberries with the invigorating character of an energy drink. With each puff (you will have...

  • Raisin Glacé 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Synonymous with autumn, grapes are a sweet fruit with firm, juicy flesh. In the vape world, many manufacturers choose this condiment to enhance the taste of their recipes. Liquideo, for its part, presents it to you in the form of a recyclable e-cigarette with fresh and intoxicating flavours. Born from the Magnum Wpuff range, the Disposable Iced Grape pod...

  • Myrtille Glacée 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Do you also like to pick seasonal berries when you walk in the forest? The manufacturers at Liquideo have made a great picking and they would like to share their discovery with you.Wild berry lovers are, this time, particularly spoiled with a very delicate recipe, slightly sweet and tangy. The Frozen Blueberry disposable pod traces the unique taste of the...

  • Love 22 Hookah 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    If you don't believe in love at first sight, you will quickly change your mind after testing the latest addition to Liquideo's Magnum Wpuff range: Love 22 Hookah.Beyond its compact and attractive design, the flavors that this mini electronic cigarette sports give it an exceptional charm. With each toke, this disposable pod whisks you away to an exotic...

  • Fruits Rouges 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Live the experience of a colorful vape with recyclable e-cigarettes from Liquideo. Through its famous Magnum Wpuff range, the manufacturer unveils ergonomic and discreet pods that offer optimal flavor rendering to their owners.Among these little marvels, discover Fruits Rouges, a puff that embeds a bewitching mix of wild berries. This divinely sweet...

  • Energy Bull 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Find your vivacity with the Energy Bull disposable pod from Liquideo. Sparkling at will, the e-liquid carried by this puff reveals the best of the energy drink.Impressively realistic, this thirst-quenching juice is full of tasty bubbles that will invade your taste buds from the first inhalations! Easily add a punchy touch to your days vaping this pod, as...

  • 6xxLove 2000 puffs - Wpuff/Liquideo

    For your vape breaks, discover the fruity squadron of the 6xxLove e-cigarette from Liquideo. This disposable pod from the excellent Magnum Wpuff range has a terribly compact format and can deliver up to 2000 puffs.What it guarantees you in terms of flavors is a delicious coulis that mixes exoticism and freshness. You will appreciate with each inhalation...


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