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  • Chargeur K1 - Listman

    The K1 Charger from the Listman brand is the ideal accessory for those using rechargeable batteries. It offers a 1A charging, ensuring fast and efficient power for your batteries. Additionally, this charger comes with an included USB-C cable, providing extra convenience for your charging experience. Its broad compatibility is a significant advantage, as...

  • Chargeur K2 - Listman

    The K2 Charger from Listman is the perfect accessory for charging two batteries at 2A. It comes with a USB-C cable for added convenience. This charger is compatible with a wide range of battery formats, including 10400, 14500, 14650, 16340 (RCR123), 16650, 17650, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 18700, 22500, 22650, 20700, 21700, 22700, 25500, 26500, 26650,...

  • Chargeur IC4 de MPV

    Master Pro Vape, the genius of premium battery chargers, once again meets the needs of the electronic cigarette market. With the IC4 charger (delivered with USB-C cable), the manufacturer invites us to discover a powerful equipment that can receive up to 4 batteries with Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCad chemistry. New ally of the great vapoteurs, this accessory for...

  • Chargeur FC2 de MPV

    The MPV family continues to grow with the arrival of the FC2 charger (delivered with USB-C cable), to the delight of vapers. If you're looking for excellence and simplicity in a single accessory, this is the device for you. The FC2's slots can hold two batteries simultaneously and deliver a maximum charge current of 2A (1Ax2). The FC2, like its brother...

  • Chargeur FC1 de MPV

    The master of premium quality battery chargers has struck again! Master Pro Vape presents us with a new nugget to enrich its superb collection of accessories for electronic cigarettes: the FC1. This versatile charger works with all batteries on the market, from 10440 to 26700. With only one slot, it is able to offer a consistent charging speed of 1A and...

  • Chargeur C4 - MPV

    Those who know the Master Pro Vape (MPV) brand know that it does not skimp on the quality of its products. Specialized in high-flying chargers, the manufacturer offers us this time the C4, a charger able to accommodate up to 4 batteries. This vape accessory can boast of being practical and efficient, as it offers a reasonable charging speed of 0.5A per...

  • Chargeur IC2 de MPV

    Fans of the MPV brand can rejoice. The manufacturer is launching a new dual battery charger: the IC2. This little marvel is distinguished by its futuristic appearance and state-of-the-art functionality. Equipped with a TFT screen, it displays the charge level and offers the user the possibility to adjust the power: 0.5A, 1A or 2A. This option allows the...

  • Chargeur MC4S - Xtar

    The MC4S from Xtar meets the needs of all vapers looking for a charger that combines performance and safety. Capable of simultaneously charging up to four batteries or two 26650 or 21700 batteries, this well-made device offers a consistent charging speed of 1 A (for two batteries) and 0.5 A (for four batteries). The MC4S is equipped with an intelligent...

  • Chargeur MEGA - Efest

    The Efest MEGA USB charger is capable of recharging up to 2 batteries, up to 1A. The charging current will be automatically chosen by the charger. Compatible with all battery sizes: 14500/18350/18500/18650/20700/26500/26650 ... The box contains: 1x Mega USB charger 1x USB cable

  • Charger Slim K1 - Efest

    Here is the Efest single battery charger. The Efest Slim K1 is capable of recharging any battery up to 1A and the charging current is selected automatically by the charger.Compatible with: 14500/18350/18500/18650/20700/26500/26650…

  • Chargeur SLIM K2 - Efest

    The SLIM K2 charger from Efest is capable of recharging up to 2 batteries, up to 1A. The charging current will be automatically chosen by the charger.

  • Chargeur L1 - Listman

    The L1 charger from Listman is a battery charger with a charge of up to 2A. It is compatible with the following formats: 18650/26650/26500 20700/21700/26700/25500/18700/18500/18490/18350/17650/16650/16340 (RCR123) / 14650/14500 NI-MH / Ni-Cd: AA. AAA. A .SC.C .F6 AC adapter not supplied

  • Chargeur L2 - Listman

    The L1 charger from Listman is a battery charger with a charge of up to 2A. It is compatible with the following formats: 18650/26650/26500/20700/21700/26700/25500/18700/18500/18490/18350/17650/16650/16340 (RCR123) / 14650/14500 NI-MH / Ni-Cd: AA. AAA. A .SC.C .F6 AC adapter not supplied.

  • Chargeur MC2 - Xtar

    It's party time for fans of the Xtar brand with the MC2! Based on the MC1, this simple and effective charger is light and discreet. Xtar's device weighs only 46.5 grams and can take you anywhere.Thanks to the MC2, you will always be one step ahead in your energy consumption, because you can directly charge your two INR – Lithium-ion batteries via USB....

  • Chargeur MC1 - Xtar

    No need to introduce Xtar, the reference in battery chargers for electronic cigarettes. If you want to vapourise all day, without fear of running out of power, the brand offers its MC1, a device that is both efficient and practical. This intelligent charger boasts a light weight of 20.7g. Easy to carry and usable anywhere, it will be your best vaping...

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