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  • Cartouche Luxe X2 5ML - Vaporesso (Par 2)

    Discover the enhanced performance of the Vaporesso Luxe X Series 5ml cartridge equipped with Corex 2.0 technology. This upgraded version of the integrated coil offers a 30% flavor optimization, a 15% increase in vapor production, and a 30% extended coil lifespan! Compatible with Luxe X, Luxe XR, Luxe X2, Luxe XR Max, and Luxe X Pro kits, this cartridge...

  • Cartouche Ayce - Dovpo (Par 3)

    Discover the Ayce cartridge by Dovpo, with a capacity of 2ml and an adjustable airflow from the battery. Filling is easy from the top, and it is suitable for MTL or RDL inhalation. Enjoy a very good flavor restitution.

  • Cartouche Puremax PX - Yihi (Par 2)

    The PX cartridge by Yihi Puremax provides a 4 ml capacity for extended vaping sessions. Its side filling and RDL inhalation ensure practical and versatile usage. Enjoy exceptional flavor restitution with every puff.

  • Résistance M-coil - Smoktech (Par 3)

    Explore the M-coil resistance by Smoktech, available in 0.4 ohm, 0.6 ohm, and 0.8 ohm. Specifically designed for the Tech247 cartridge, it delivers excellent flavor reproduction and impressive vapor production. Choose quality and innovation in the world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Cartouche Tech247 - Smoktech (Par 2)

    Explore the Tech247 cartridge from the brand Smoktech for an unparalleled vaping experience. Featuring a 4 ml tank capacity, adjustable airflow, and compatibility with Mcoil resistances of 0.4 ohm / 0.6 ohm / 0.8 ohm. Top-fill, MTL and RDL inhalation, coupled with excellent flavor reproduction, make it an optimal choice. The cartridge is sold without coil

  • Cartouche Flexus Pro - Aspire

    Discover the Flexus Pro cartridge by Aspire, a 3ml tank offering an unparalleled vaping experience. With adjustable airflow and excellent flavor restitution, this cartridge is perfect for MTL vaping. Compatible with AF Flexus 0.6 ohm and 1.0 ohm resistances, it ensures maximum satisfaction. Convenient side filling simplifies usage. Ideal for discerning...

  • Cartouche Zyon - Innokin

    Introducing the Zyon Cartridge by Innokin, a must-have in the e-cigarette universe. With a generous tank capacity of 4.5 ml, the bottom-fill method simplifies the experience. The magnetic connection ensures flawless stability. Adaptable to all vapers, offering both MTL and DTL inhalation. Compatible with the Zyon Pod, this technological gem caters to...

  • Cartouche Doric Galaxy - Voopoo (Par 2)

    Sold in packs of 2, the cartridges are compatible with the Doric Galaxy kit. These cartridges have a 2ml reservoir and are refillable from the side. They feature a 1.2ohm resistance for a smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

  • Atomiseur Centaurus Sub Coo - Lost Vape

    Explore the world of vaping with the Centaurus Sub Coo clearomizer from the brand Lost Vape. With a clearomizer capacity of 4ml, this device offers an exceptional vaping experience. The adjustable airflow allows you to customize the amount of air according to your preferences, ensuring optimal personalization. Compatibility with UB MAX resistances...

  • Cartouche N series - Geekvape (Par 2)

    The Geekvape N Series cartridge redefines the vaping experience with cutting-edge technical features. With a 2 ml reservoir capacity, this compact cartridge offers an ideal solution for MTL (Mouth to Lung) enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance. The top-filling method simplifies daily use, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly refill their...

  • Cartouche ITO 3ml - Voopoo (Par 2)

    The package includes two replacement cartridges designed for Voopoo's e-cigarettes, including the models Doric Q, Doric 20 SE, Doric 20, and Doric E. The included ITO cartridges are compatible with ITO resistances and have a liquid capacity of up to 3 ml. Voopoo has chosen to fill these cartridges from the side to streamline the process. Durable and...

  • Cartouche Eroll Slim - Joyetech (Par 3)

    Explore the Eroll Slim cartridge from the brand Joyetech, with a tank capacity of 2 ml. This cartridge provides a unique vaping experience. The side-filling ensures convenient handling, and the MTL inhalation method delivers a pleasant vapor sensation. This single-use cartridge, equipped with a 1.0 ohm resistance, is perfectly compatible with Joyetech's...

  • Cartouche Hookah Air - Fumytech (Par 2)

    Introducing the latest cartridge for shisha, named Hookah Air by the renowned brand Fumytech. This innovative cartridge is specially designed for the Hookah Air, offering a generous capacity of 6ml for an extended vaping experience. Featuring a convenient side-fill system, this cartridge ensures hassle-free usage. The true magic lies in the integrated...

  • Cartouche Kiwi 2 - Kiwi Vapor

    Explore the Kiwi 2 cartridge from the brand Kiwi Vapor, a must-have for electronic cigarette enthusiasts. With a 1.8 ml tank capacity, this cartridge offers practical use with its side-fill method. Perfectly suited for Mouth to Lung (MTL) inhalation, it targets vapers seeking a generous vaping experience. This cartridge is ideal for those who prioritize...

  • MPV 18650 - 3800 mah (20A)

    MPV proudly announces the exclusive launch of its 18650 3800 mAh accumulator, a significant innovation in the electronic cigarette market. Designed especially for electronic mods, this MPV accumulator is set to become the central element of your configuration, an essential piece!

  • Atomiseur Zenith Minimal 4ml - Innokin

    Explore the captivating world of electronic cigarettes with the Zenith Minimal Atomizer by Innokin, an absolute benchmark in atomizer technology. Sporting a minimalist and sleek design, this atomizer combines sophisticated aesthetics with exceptional performance. With a generous capacity of 4 ml, it promises an extended vaping experience without the need...

  • Résistance PnP X - Voopoo (Par 5)

    The PNP-X resistances from the brand Voopoo deliver an exceptional vaping experience. Available in various versions of 0.15 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 0.3 ohm, and 0.6 ohm, these resistances are compatible with PNP X MTL and PNP X DTL mods. Thanks to their advanced technical design, they ensure excellent flavor reproduction and abundant vapor production. The build...

  • Atomiseur PnP X DTL - Voopoo

    Discover the PNP X DTL clearomizer from the Voopoo brand, a masterpiece of engineering in the world of electronic cigarettes. With a generous tank capacity of 5 ml, it provides an extended vaping experience without compromising on quality. Its adjustable airflow allows optimal customization of the inhalation, while its compatibility with PNP-X ensures...

  • Cartouche PnP X MTL - Voopoo (Par 2)

    The PNP X MTL cartridge from the brand Voopoo embodies elegance and innovation in the wholesale electronic cigarette industry. With a tank capacity of 5 ml, this cartridge delivers an exceptional vaping experience. Its Top Airflow system ensures precise control over the draw, offering versatility between MTL (Mouth to Lung) and RDL (Restricted Direct...

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