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  • Sunny Cola 50ML - Loly Yumy/E.Tasty

    Bonbon incontournable des cours de récréation, découvrez les petites bouteilles de cola qui ont tant émerveillé notre enfance. A la fois sucré et acidulé, vous ne résisterez pas à cette gourmandise qu'est le Sunny Cola de E Tasty.

  • Warcraft 50ML - Xcalibur

    The Warcraft is perfect for vapers fond of fruity flavors. Rich in a watermelon-strawberry-kiwi blend, an unusual trio, this e-liquid leaves a unique and exquisite finish in the throat.As for the scents, you will be spoiled by a delicious smell of strawberries.

  • Owen 50ML - Xcalibur

    With its sweet and fruity flavor, the Owen e-liquid, from the Xcalibur range, will quickly become an essential in your bags. Indeed, this sweet potion, born from the fusion between banana and strawberry, but also from the French Lab laboratory, will make you spend magical and pleasant moments.

  • Lamarok 50ML - Xcalibur

    The Broceliande forest is full of the best berries and Lamarok has selected his favorites for a potion that you will not be able to do without: a mixture of deliciously fragrant and tangy red fruits.

  • Karadoc 50ML - Xcalibur

    The Karadoc from the Xcalibur range is aimed at gourmet vapers. Indeed, with its popcorn-caramel aroma, it will bring a touch of delicacies to your vape. You'll be treated to a delicate flavor of popcorn, followed by the sweet aftertaste of caramel, not to mention the sweet scent that will scent your cloud.

  • Gaheris 50ML - Xcalibur

    Set out to conquer the Grail with Gaheris, from the brand Xcalibur! Manufactured by French Lab, this is the ideal boost you'll need every day. Indeed, thanks to its unprecedented freshness, enhanced by the power of mint, it helps you boost your motivation.

  • Erec 50ML - Xcalibur

    How about a trip to the tropics? Make it happen with Erec, from the Xcalibur range! Thanks to its sumptuous fruity blend, this purely exotic e-liquid is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their energy. With its mango and pineapple flavour, topped off with a touch of sweetness, this concentrate has other wonderful surprises in store for you at the back...

  • Edge 50ML - Xcalibur

    From the Xcalibur range from the French Lab laboratory, Edge attracts vapers thanks to its gourmet lemon-raspberry aroma.

  • Bediver 50ML - Xcalibur

    The tropics come to you through the Bediver from the Xcalibur range. Indeed, this pitaya or dragon fruit flavoured e-liquid brings a very greedy smell to your clouds. It also leaves a sweet taste in the throat after each puff.

  • Accolon 50ML - Xcalibur

    For e-liquid fans with fruity tastes and scents, Xcalibur offers Accolon 50 ml. It is a greedy blend of watermelon and blackcurrant to delight your taste buds. With a beautiful bright red hue, it will bring a touch of passion to your vape.

  • Mangue Ananas 50ML - Le French Liquide

    No suitcase, no visa, no plane ticket... With Sensation +'s Mango Pineapple e-liquid, it's instantaneous boarding for the tropics with each puff!This concoction signed Le French Liquide takes you far away to exotic lands with its paradisiacal fruit flavours. In fact, the name says it all! This 50 ml cocktail is full of sunshine! On the menu, you'll have a...

  • Vanille de Tahiti 50ML - Le French Liquide

    The Vanille de Tahiti e-liquid smells delicious and delicate... Let's go to French Polynesia with this little sweetness signed Le French Liquide. No need to pack your bags, the manufacturer offers you a first class trip to the largest island of the overseas collectivity, without leaving your living room! From the very first puff, you will be transported...

  • Kiwi Banane 50ML - Ice Cool

    Do you prefer tangy flavors or gourmet sweets? If you're having trouble deciding, don't panic!The giant Liquidarom, with its Ice Cool range, has found the balance you need. Take a breath of fresh air with Kiwi Banane, a perfectly dosed e-liquid to offer you an intensely irresistible concoction. You will find the gourmet touch of a fruit with smooth flesh...

  • Grenade Tropicale 50ML - Ice Cool

    Consumed in the Middle East for millennia, the pomegranate is highly appreciated for its delicious seeds with a flavor full of sunshine.Liquidarom's Ice Cool collection, for the pleasure of vapers, has decided to incorporate it into a terribly dapper eponymous e-liquid. The Tropical Pomegranate, as its name suggests, is an ultra-fresh drink that will give...

  • Framboise Bleue Pitaya 50ML - Ice Cool

    Did you ever snack on the edge of wild hedges when you were little? In the bucolic village of Liquidarom hides a very fresh and gourmet e-liquid that will remind you of these delicious moments.Concocted with the utmost care, the frozen cocktail offered by the Blue Raspberry Pitaya from the Ice Cool range is an elixir different from the others. Its...

  • Cactus Aloe Vera Fruit du Dragon 50ML - Ice Cool

    Bring a touch of originality to your vape with Liquidarom's latest novelty: Cactus Aloe Vera Dragon Fruit e-liquid.Just by its name, we already know that this concoction is a promise of freshness in scorching weather! Very juicy, the prickly pear has found a major ally in aloe vera to accentuate its thirst-quenching and tangy side in the mouth. The Ice...

  • MIX 50ML - Swoke

    Exotic to delight, the MIX e-liquid from the manufacturer Swoke overcomes the summer heat from the first puffs. This dapper cocktail stands out for the originality of its recipe and the unique freshness it conveys.Its intensely fruity hit takes up the sparkling notes of a grenadine and the sweetness of the pitaya for the greatest pleasure of your taste...

  • (66) Fruit du Dragon 10ML - Lemon Time/Eliquid France

    Dragon fruit is a refreshing dragon fruit lemonade. Its unique taste will ensure you an exotic journey with every puff.

  • Red Fruit 10ML - Lemon Time/Eliquid France

    Red fruit is a refreshing lemonade with a good taste of red fruits. Its unique fresh and tangy taste will bring you freshness throughout the day.

  • Candy Bar Marshmallow 50 ml – Aromazon

    Aromazon gives pleasure to gourmands with its Candy Bar Marshmallow e-liquid. This simple candy at first sight hides in its 50 ml vial an intensely rich juice. Just like at a campfire party, you'll discover a soft, chewy confection with a terribly enticing aroma with each inhale. You'll feel like you're swallowing a marshmallow that's just been roasted...

  • Candy Bar Fraise Lactée 50ML - Aromazon

    Back to childhood guaranteed with the latest novelty from the giant Aromazon! On the menu, you'll be treated to a succulent strawberry candy, accompanied by a nice bowl of fresh milk. Enough to make your mouth water! Indeed, nothing is left to chance in the recipe of the Candy Bar Strawberry e-liquid. The flavours as well as the scents are carefully...

  • Super Mallow 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Kyandi Shop awakens your inner child with its new Super Mallow concoction. Thanks to the soft and bouncy texture of the marshmallow, this gourmet e-liquid guarantees you ultra-sweet vaping sessions, placed under the sign of nostalgia.With each puff, you will feel a smooth marshmallow melting on your taste buds. You will also relive the moments spent with...

  • Super Bubblez 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Your vaping sessions will smell good nostalgia, with the e-liquid Super Bubble Z from Kyandi Shop. With each puff, this gourmet concoction guarantees you a trip back in time during which you will taste the sweets of your childhood. Ready for a trip down memory lane? Head to the playground with your friends to taste the famous candy bottle... a must! This...

  • Freho 50ML - Bankiz/E.Tasty

    Brrr! It's summer, but with the e-liquids of the Bankiz range, the vaposphere enjoys an ultra-fresh icy wind all year round. True to its reputation, the e.Tasty brand is once again offering a frosty and greedy fruit-based mix. The Freho e-liquid, like its companions, carries in its recipe the flavours of a ripe berry, and not just any berry! The 50 ml...


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