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  • Ile Flottante 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    When creating the Île Flottante e-liquid, Le Coq qui Vape set out to achieve the ultimate in indulgence. Indeed, this e-liquid mixes the melting caramel coulis with a smooth cream of eggs whipped into snow.To top it off, you will also enjoy the delicacy of a delicious custard. In addition to these exquisite flavors in the mouth, the Île Flottante e-liquid...

  • Strawberry Pomegranate 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    The Le Coq qui Vape brand had the brilliant idea of mixing two red fruits prized by fans of exotic flavors, and this is how the Grenade Fraise e-liquid was born. Indeed, pomegranate and strawberry are among the favorites of the vaping world. The sweet smell of strawberries, merged with its juicy and sweet taste, deliciously blends with the light and...

  • Dragon Fruit 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    The Le Coq qui Vape brand takes you on a trip to the tropics through its poignant and exotic e-liquid. Indeed, Dragon Fruit ensures you an unforgettable vape session that deliciously transports you to a sunny beach.With each draw, a smooth and moisturizing coulis will settle in your throat. Likewise, a wonderful sweet touch will rock your taste buds. The...

  • Crème Brûlée 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    The Coq qui Vape is known for the greed of its premium e-liquids. Among these, you will find the crème brûlée flavour, which will spoil your taste buds with a creamy and comforting dessert. With this e-liquid, you will be treated to an exquisite waltz in your mouth after each puff. The sweet aftertaste mixed with the smoothness of the cream that settles...

  • La chose Blend - Le French Liquide

    The French Liquide continues to conquer the lovers of good vape with its e-liquids, just as tasty as greedy. If you are looking for new flavours to embellish your vaping sessions, let yourself be seduced by La Chose Blend, a mixture that is both delicious and smooth. From the very first puff, succumb to the bewitching flavours of classic leaves,...

  • Booster CBD 10ML - Liquideo

    Add a Booster to your DIY recipes to obtain a CBD e liquid.

  • Tokyo 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    Go on an authentic and wonderful journey to the heart of Japan, with Big Flamant by Liquidarom. Through its e-liquid, Tokyo, this French brand introduces you to the delicious flavors of a sweet cherry mixed with lemons. She invites you to enjoy this nectar, both fruity and tangy, to offer you a unique vaping experience, with Japanese sweetness.For this,...

  • Sydney 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    With the Big Flamant brand, the French distributor Liquidarom never ceases to surprise you with its e-liquids with flavors inspired from the four corners of the world. This time it's off to Australia, with a new product called Sydney! This fruity blackcurrant cocktail, followed by a crunchy apple and juicy grape, will awaken your senses from the first...

  • Rio 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    For those who wish to discover the beaches of Rio during their vaping sessions, the Big Flamant brand has created an e-liquid bearing the image of this colorful city. This is a cocktail of red fruits and acai bay, a mixture as exquisite as it is fragrant on the palate.With each puff of the Rio, you will have the creamy coulis of red fruits in your throat....

  • New York 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    In creating the New York e-liquid, the Big Flamant brand has let shine through an exquisite blend to represent one of the most famous cities in the world. This generous mixture consists of a delicious donut with milk and a smooth apple juice.Thus, through this succulent e-liquid, you will be entitled to an explosion of flavors, with a tangy sweet...

  • Moscou 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    The Big Flamant brand offers you the best of tasty and balanced cocktails, through Moscow e-liquid. Indeed, you will appreciate with each puff a bubble gum coulis that will stay on your palate, in addition to the hard-hitting sweetness of cactus juice. To contrast everything, a few mint leaves will bring freshness to your vape.Thanks to this e-liquid, you...

  • London 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    The smoothness of a ripe banana is captured to perfection through the London e-liquid from Big Flamant. You will thus enjoy the intense flavor of this fruit, which goes perfectly with the sweetness of brown sugar, after each puff.With this gourmet e-liquid, create imposing and scented clouds during your vape sessions. It is not only boosted in flavors,...

  • Berlin 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    The Big Flamant brand delights gourmet vapers with its Berlin e-liquid. With each puff, you will discover the sweetness of a German cappuccino, combined with a caramel coulis melting in the mouth, all flavored with vanilla.Tap into the creamy flavors of this generous e-liquid and let yourself be enchanted by a cocktail that is both sweet and exquisite....

  • Sunrise 50ML - Vap Fusion

    The brand Vapfusion takes up the challenge to make you discover a fruity dawn through its e-liquid Sunrise. This one is a frosted cocktail mixing watermelon, strawberry and some yellow lemon zests. Indeed, when you vapourise Sunrise, you enjoy the sweetness of the strawberry and the moisturising coulis that the watermelon brings to your throat after each...

  • Poppy Corn 50ML - Vap Fusion

    Are you one of those people who love popcorn but hate having sticky fingers? If your answer is yes, the Poppy Corn e-liquid made by Vapfusion is made for you. Indeed, this e-liquid is composed of popcorn, coated in a thin layer of caramel. Enjoy this delicacy during your vape and let the sweetness of popcorn invade your mouth. In addition, you will have...

  • Pina Juice 50ML - Vap Fusion

    Vapfusion has created for you an intensely good e-liquid, with pineapple flavours. This e-liquid is Pina.  It carries with it the taste and freshness of this exotic fruit. Indeed, pineapple is an enchanting fruit that is distinguished by its sweet and sour taste and its hydrating side. Pina Juice offers you this smoothness with every puff, leaving a...

  • Krispy 50ML - Vap Fusion

    The e-liquid Krispy produced by the brand Vapfusion is a mixture of delicacies and sweetness. Indeed, the flavours to be discovered in this e-liquid will leave you breathless. For the design of Krispy, Vapfusion has taken the crunchy effect of the cereal and contrasted it with the smoothness of the caramel. So when you vape Krispy, you get the sweetness...

  • Fruit du Dragon 50ML - Vap Fusion

    Bring a premium quality to your vape with the Dragon Fruit e-liquid from Vapfusion. The greedy and fruity flavour of this e-liquid is reflected in the smoothness of the steam it produces. Indeed, the succulent flesh of the dragon fruit is perfectly reconstituted in this e-liquid. Moreover, its pleasantly sweet aftertaste will settle deliciously in your...

  • Dalgona 50ML - Bon Voyage

    The Dalgona candy-cookie is making its elegant debut at Le Coq qui Vape. Discover this e-liquid with an authentic confectionery flavour in the Bon Voyage range. Let yourself be seduced by its flavour, which transcribes with great accuracy the inimitable sweetness of caramel. With this e-liquid, you will not be disappointed! Indeed, its taste both sweet...

  • Arnold 50ML - Vape Party/Swoke

    The Swoke brand is known for the delicacy of its aromas. Arnold e-liquid is not to be outdone, it has a creamy composition of popcorn, cereal and caramel. The sweetness of the cereal and popcorn pairs perfectly with the caramelized topping you'll feel with every puff. Despite the fact that it is very tasty, this recipe remains well balanced.Arnold is...

  • Cash 50ML - Swoke

    When the Swoke brand decides to launch Cash, it decides to bet on gluttony. Indeed, the e-liquid Cash is a mixture of hazelnut cream-praline-nougat, which makes it an explosion of flavor. You will feel the smooth coulis of the hazelnut cream on your tongue and the light texture of the nougat. As for the praline, it will bring you a feeling of comfort...

  • Abel 50ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    The Swoke brand arrives with Japanese freshness in its Abel e-liquid. Indeed, the main component of it is Shinto mint. As a result, the minty taste makes your vape more airy and gives you a feeling of lightness. This frosted syrup will not only spoil fans of freshness, but also sublimate your fruity bases to perfection.

  • Thé à la Menthe 10ML - Sensation/Le French Liquide

    Le French Liquide introduces you to its new Mint tea e-liquid with the power of tea and fresh mint. Take a taste trip to the heart of Morocco and enjoy this delicious drink.

  • Pastèque Pamplemousse 10ML - Sensation/Le French Liquide

    Nothing could be more refreshing than sweet and juicy watermelon paired with the bitterness of ripe grapefruit. An ideal flavor festival for summer ...


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