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  • Box Target 80 3000mAh - Vaporesso

    Vaporesso unveils another very good box with the Target 80. The device has an integrated 3000mah battery and can deliver a maximum power of 80W. Moreover, this box also has a Pulse and F mode to ensure you a good vape experience. It will accommodate any atomizer with a diameter of 26mm and goes perfectly with the ¨Pods GTX 26.The box contains:1x TARGET 80...

  • Full Kit Target 80 3000mAh - Vaporesso

    Vaporesso unveils another very good kit with the Target 80. The device has an integrated 3000mah battery and can deliver a maximum power of 80W. Moreover, this box also has a Pulse and F mode to ensure you a good vape experience. The Target 80 will be accompanied by the GTX 26 pod and its GTX coils to offer you unparalleled flavor restitution.The box...

  • Pod XROS Mini 1000mAh - Vaporesso

    The Xros Mini kit is a pod composed of a built-in 1000 mAh battery, with a power of 11W to 16W that will accompany you throughout the day. It is easily recharged with its USB-C port. The disposable Xros Mini 2ml 1.2 ohm cartridge with its triple anti-leak protection system and top filling make this pod one of the most practical and reliable at the moment....

  • Full Kit Luxe 80 80W - Vaporesso

    Le nouveau kit Luxe 80 de Vaporesso est compact et puissant. Doté d'une batteries 2500 mah et d'une puissance de 5 à 80Watts cette petite box tiendra toute la journée et se rechargera easily via son port usb-c (câble fourni). Son reserve of 5 ml est grand et pratique et a avantage de se remplir par le haut. Grâce à ses résistances GTX 0.20 ohm and 0.30...

  • Full Kit Luxe 80S 80W - Vaporesso

    The new Luxe 80 S kit from Vaporesso is compact and powerful. With a maximum power of 80Watts, it is powered by an 18650 battery (not supplied). This little box will fit perfectly in your hand and will accompany you all day long. The Luxe 80 S is easily recharged via its USB-C port (cable supplied) and its large 5 ml reservoir can easily be filled from...

  • Full Kit GTX One - Vaporesso

    The Vaporesso GTX One Kit has a 2000mah battery and a GTX18 atomizer with a capacity of 3ML. Able to mount up to 40W and compatible with GTX resistors, it is perfect for a vape in indirect inhalation. Delivering a dense vapor, it also perfectly restores the flavors of your best e-liquids.The box contains:1 x GTX ONE MOD1 x GTX TANK 18 (3ml)1 x GTX 0.8O...

  • Full Kit Sky Solo 3.5ML - Vaporesso

    Here comes the portable pen-style Vaporesso Sky Solo Starter Kit! The Sky Solo Kit comes with 3.5ml/2ml capacity tank and built-in 1400mAh battery. With the advanced OMNI Board Mini chip, the Sky Solo Kit provide safe and great vaping performance. What's more, the Vaporesso Sky Solo Pen Kit utilizes GT Mesh coil to enlarge the heating area and maximize...

  • Full Kit Sky Solo Plus - Vaporesso

    Inherited from Vaporesso Sky Solo Kit family, the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus is a new powerful pen-style starter kit with 3000mAh larger built-in battery and optional 2ml/8ml e-juice capacity. Compatible with GT series coils especially the GT Meshed coil, the Sky Solo Plus kit could meet your different vaping needs and brings purer flavor and massive clouds....

  • Full Kit GTX Go 80 - Vaporesso

    Vaporesso is coming in force with the GTX Go 80 kit. This little gem has a generous 3000mah battery and a cartridge that can accommodate 5ML to put your favorite e-liquids. Easy filling from the top, adjustable airflow, it is especially compatible with the very good GTX coils which have already proven their worth on other models.The box contains:1x GTX Go...

  • Full Kit GTX Go 40 - Vaporesso

    Here is the new Vaporesso kit that defies all the competition. Find here a built-in 1500mah battery and a 3.5ML cartridge. Equipped with an adjustable airflow and compatible with GTX coils, this little gem is easy to use and accessible to all. Enjoy an exceptional vapor and flavor by taking advantage of the Vaporesso coils.The chest contains:1x GTX Go 40...

  • Full Kit Luxe Q 1000mAh/2ML - Vaporesso

    The Luxe Q kit is a pod composed of a built-in 1000 mAh battery that will accompany you throughout the day. The Luxe Q 2ml disposable cartridge with its SSS anti-leak system and top filling make this pod one of the most practical and reliable at the moment. The luxury Q kit with its classy and compact design will slip easily into your pocket. Will you be...

  • Full Kit Swag PX80 4ML - Vaporesso

    Get the Vaporesso Swag PX80 without further delay! Powered by an 18650 battery (not supplied), the PX80 delivers a maximum power of 80W. It has a 4ML cartridge compatible with the GTX 0.2 ohm and GTX 0.3 ohm coils. The Swag has always lived up to its name, it comes back once again with an ever more attractive design.The box contains:1x SWAG PX801x SWAG...

  • Box Luxe 2 - Vaporesso

    A box with a neat design that has 220W under the motor with a color touch screen. This vaporesso device will be used with 2 18650 batteries (not supplied) and integrates the OMNI 4.2 chipset for triggering in 0.001 seconds.The box contains:1 x MOD Luxe II1x Cable

  • Pod Luxe PM40 - Vaporesso

    Vaporesso expands the family of its Luxe series by offering you the Luxe PM40. A pretty 1800mah pod that can contain 4ML of e-liquid. Equipped with its Axon 2.0 chipset, it has a maximum power of 40W. The Luxe PM40 is intended for vapers looking for a discreet device, both easy to use and powerful. Compatible with GTX coils, it ensures dense vapor and...

  • Full Kit Forz TX80 - Vaporesso

    The Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit is the brand's first device to withstand shocks, drops, dust and water splashes by meeting military standards MIL-STD-810G. Powered by an 18650 battery (not supplied), it is capable of delivering a maximum power of 80W and its robust all-rubber atomizer can hold up to 4.5ML of e-liquid. Perfect for traveling or awkward vapers,...

  • Full Kit Xiron - Vaporesso

    The Vaporesso Xiron Pod is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 1500 mah and presents itself to vapers with a seductive design.It has a powerful electronic chip. Indeed, the Vaporesso Xiron can go up to 50W. The Oled screen located on the front of the device allows you to read the most useful information for proper use such as autonomy,...

  • Full Kit Luxe II 220W - Vaporesso

    This kit is composed of a Luxe II 220W e-cigarette box and a NRG S 8ml Clearomiser from Vaporesso. The Luxe 2 is the worthy successor of the Luxe from Vaporesso thanks to its AXON chipset. This allows a management of its 220W power. Its color touch screen gives it the ability to easily optimize the settings according to your wishes. The Luxe II works with...

  • Box GTX One - Vaporesso

    The Vaporesso GTX One is a compact e-cigarette with a neat design. It is capable of delivering up to 40W of power and has a built-in 2000mah battery. It will marry perfectly with any atomizer whose diameter is 22mm.The box contains:1x Box GTX One1x Cable

  • Full kit Gen S - Vaporesso

    The Gen S from Vaporesso is a box with a sober design but still sending 220W and can contain up to 8ML of E-liquid with the NRG S. Thanks to its new chipset you will navigate more easily in the Menu, Vaporesso always aims to improve the user experience. Thanks to its GT resistances, be sure to obtain a dense amount of vapor and an exceptional flavor...

  • Box Gen S - Vaporesso

    New Vaporesso box to mount up to 220W with a simple and effective design. Its new AXON Chipset will allow you to navigate more easily in options and offers you a unique vape experience. This Box goes perfectly with the SKRR-S from Vaporesso.The box contains:1 × GEN Mod1 × Cable1 × Manual

  • Full Kit Gen Nano - Vaporesso

    Here is the latest addition to the GEN Family! The Vaporesso GEN Nano Kit consists of an integrated 2000mah battery and a 3.5ML Vaporesso GTX 22 atomizer. All for a maximum power of 80W. This device is ideal for vapers who want a compact format model without neglecting the power. Thanks to its GTX resistors, you will have the choice between a DL or MTL...

  • Box Gen Nano - Vaporeso

    Here is the newcomer to GEN Familiy. The Vaporesso Gen Nano box has a small size to harmoniously fit the shape of your hand. This little gem has a built-in 2000mah battery and can still grow up to 80W! This makes it an ideal device for vapers who want a compact format model without neglecting the power.The box contains:1x Vaporesso GEN Nano Mod1x USB...

  • Box Swag II de Vaporesso

    The Box Vaporesso Swag II returns to us in a new design always more beautiful and always in a pocket size. Used with a 18650 battery (not supplied), it delivers up to 80W of power. It has a 0.91 inch OLED screen informing you of the essential information for a good vape. Thanks to its new AXON Chipset, you will benefit from all the know-how of Vaporesso...

Vaporesso Europe Electronic Cigarette Wholesaler

Do you know the Vaporesso brand? A leader in the vaping industry, Vaporesso is a Smoore's brand, which recently went into stock exchange in Hong Kong with resounding success. With a strategy resolutely oriented towards innovation, Vaporesso is a world leader in the electronic cigarette market and treats us with products of hardly equal quality as well as a constant force for innovation. Vaporesso offers many e-cigarette kits and different e-cigarettes and vape pen models that satisfy consumers for their robustness, design and quality of vape. The best products from Vaporesso are offered to you at wholesale prices on our Greenvillage website, wholesaler in e-cigarettes.

Vaporesso, one of the best e-cigarette brands in the world

Holding nearly 1,000 patents to protect their unique technologies for heating ceramic elements and controlling electronic cigarettes, Vaporesso achieves vaporization performance that exceeds market standards. Founded in 2006, the company holds nearly 15% of the electronic cigarette market and does not intend to stop there. Vaporesso's figures are enough to make you dizzy. Over 13,000 employees work daily to find new technologies that will revolutionize the world of e-cigs, while producing over 2 million batteries, over 20 million atomizers and over 100 million resistors per year.

The Vaporesso brand products

In its factories, the Vaporesso brand produces batteries, coils and clearomizers at the forefront of e-cigarette innovation. This complete value proposition is most easily discovered through their E-cigarette kits which include all three materials for complete and ready-to-use e-cigarettes. There are different shapes, designs and colors, shock-resistant models, long-life models, very small nano models or even models with small or large capacity. It's no surprise that such an innovative brand offers such variety to allow you to build a rich offering to satisfy and retain your customers.

Discover the Vaporesso brand on Greenvillage

As a historical Vaporesso wholesaler in Europe for many years and e-cigarette experts since the appearance of this innovative product, we offer you the best e-cigarettes at wholesale prices. Our experts travel the world and test products from the most recognized brands as well as rising brands to offer you a choice refined by our knowledge of the market and the product. We thus offer the most original and efficient E-Cigarette Kits from Vaporesso in Europe. We also offer boxes (batteries) outside the kit to offer a spare part to your customers if necessary. All the products highlighted on the site are available in our premises in the Paris region, to ensure exemplary delivery speed as well as full product traceability.

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