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  • Pod Xros 4 - Vaporesso

    Discover the Xros 4 electronic cigarette by Vaporesso, a true revolution in the vaping world. Compact and elegant, this e-cigarette offers an exceptional vaping experience, perfect for first-time vapers seeking simplicity and performance. Equipped with a 3ml Xros tank capacity, this little wonder will allow you to vape all day without constantly worrying...

  • Pod Xros Mini 4 - Vaporesso

    Introducing the Xros 4 Mini electronic cigarette by Vaporesso. Compact and stylish, this e-cigarette offers an exceptional vaping experience. Equipped with a 3ml Xros tank, it allows you to enjoy your favorite e-liquids all day long. The adjustable airflow provides total control over your vaping experience, whether you prefer MTL or RDL inhalation....

  • Full Kit Armour S - Vaporesso

    Discover the Armour-S, Vaporesso's electronic cigarette that offers an unparalleled vaping experience. With a maximum power of 100W, this e-cigarette will allow you to fully enjoy your favorite e-liquids. Its robust and elegant design makes it a stylish accessory, while the large screen ensures smooth navigation and simplified use. The Armour-S operates...

  • Box Armour S - Vaporesso

    Discover the Armour-S, an exceptional electronic cigarette from Vaporesso. Equipped with the powerful Axon chipset, the Armour-S operates with 1 battery, providing outstanding battery life for extended vaping sessions. You have the choice between 18650 or 21700 batteries for full customization of your experience. With a maximum power of 100W, the Armour-S...

  • Full Kit Armour Max - Vaporesso

    Discover the Armour Max, the cutting-edge electronic cigarette manufactured by Vaporesso. Equipped with a powerful Axon chipset, this electronic cigarette operates with two batteries, providing exceptional battery life. Choose between 18650 or 21700 batteries for a personalized experience. With a maximum power of 220W, the Temperature Control, Eco, or...

  • Box Armour Max - Vaporesso

    Discover the Armour Max, Vaporesso's sensational electronic cigarette, on With a maximum power of 220W, this device is designed for discerning vape enthusiasts. Equipped with an advanced Axon chipset, the Armour Max offers smooth navigation on its large screen. Its robust design and shockproof coating ensure exceptional durability. Enjoy...

  • Pod Xros Cube - Vaporesso

    Explore the world of vaping with the Xros Cube electronic cigarette from Vaporesso, a masterpiece designed for enthusiasts of indirect inhalation. Compact and ergonomic, this electronic cigarette combines power and practicality. The Xros Cube tank, with a capacity of 2 ml, delivers excellent flavor reproduction thanks to Corex technology. With its tight...

  • Pod Xros Pro - Vaporesso

    The Xros Pro electronic cigarette from the brand Vaporesso is a must-have for enthusiasts of indirect inhalation vaping. With its compact, ergonomic design and optimal grip, it provides true comfort to the user. The Xros Pro 0.4 ohm Cartridge with a capacity of 3 ml ensures an extended vaping experience with exceptional flavor reproduction. Equipped with...

  • Full Kit Luxe XR Max (Leather version) - Vaporesso

    The Luxe XR Max electronic cigarette by Vaporesso is a true revolution for vaping enthusiasts. With a 5ml capacity tank, this device provides an extended vaping experience without compromise. The adjustable airflow allows complete customization of the vaping sensation, while compatibility with GTX resistances offers unparalleled flexibility. The Luxe XR...

  • Full Kit Luxe X - Vaporesso

    The Luxe X by Vaporesso is a small pod but it packs a punch. 40W, 1500mAh battery life, 5ml tank for your e-liquids and 0.4 and 0.8ohm mesh cartridge for DTL and RDL draw. The box contains: - 1 X Luxury pod - 1 Cartridge 0.40 ohm - 1 cartridge 0.80 ohm - 1 USB-C cable - 1 user manual

  • Full Kit Luxe XR Max - Vaporesso

    You liked the Luxe XR pod kit and would like to find it in a more powerful version? The Luxe XR Max 80W Pod is exactly what you're looking for, with the ability to vape in DL and RDL to produce impressive clouds of flavor-rich vapor. The term "Max" refers to its maximum power of 80W, although its compact size allows it to remain discreet. The built-in...

  • Full Kit Luxe Q2 - Vaporesso

    Explore the Luxe Q2 electronic cigarette by Vaporesso, the ultimate choice for a quality vape experience. This model is the worthy successor to the renowned Luxe Q, offering an unmatched MTL/RDL vaping experience. With a built-in 1000mAh battery and a quick 2A recharge in just 30 minutes, you can enjoy up to 48 hours of continuous vaping. Thanks to Corex...

  • Full Kit Luxe Q2 SE - Vaporesso

    Discover the Luxe Q2 SE electronic cigarette from Vaporesso, an innovative creation for vaping enthusiasts. With its Corex technology which extends the life of the coils by 50%, this e-cigarette offers you a superior vaping experience. The built-in 1000mAh battery ensures exceptional battery life, allowing you to vape all day long without worries. The...

  • Full Kit Luxe X Pro - Vaporesso

    The Luxe X Pro embodies elegance in every detail, boasting a sleek design that seamlessly blends form and function. Its bottom-fill system ensures effortless use, while the option for direct or indirect inhalation empowers you to customize your vaping experience. With an adjustable airflow, you can fine-tune the draw to achieve the desired vapor density...

  • Full Kit Eco Nano Metal Version - Vaporesso

    Discover the future of vaping with the Eco Nano electronic cigarette by Vaporesso. Immerse yourself in a world of rich flavors and unparalleled satisfaction with this innovative creation. The Eco Nano is designed for the discerning e-cigarette enthusiast, offering the perfect balance of performance, style and convenience. Main Features : Metal coating...

  • Full Kit Eco Nano Plastic Version - Vaporesso

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the electronic cigarette with the incredible "Eco Nano" from Vaporesso. Sporting an exquisite and compact design, this e-cigarette is the perfect embodiment of the alliance between aesthetics and performance. Designed for lovers of refined sensations, the Eco Nano is more than just a device - it's an...

  • Full Kit Veco Go - Vaporesso

    Discover the Veco Go, a revolutionary electronic cigarette that offers you an exceptional vaping experience. Designed by Vaporesso, the Veco Go combines performance, simplicity and style in one compact kit. The Veco Go is the perfect choice for e-cigarette enthusiasts looking for a convenient and stylish alternative to the traditional cigarette. Its...

  • Full Kit GTX Go 80 - Vaporesso

    Vaporesso has made a discreet and powerful kit: the GTX Go 80. This initially consists of an integrated battery of 3000 mAh of autonomy, hence its longer duration of use. The power output by the chipset of this mod is 80 watts. Moreover, a magnetic atomizer of 5 ml capacity is also available in the box.For more efficiency, this cartridge has a filling...

  • Full Kit Gen 200 iTank 2 (New colors) - Vaporesso

    Discover the Gen 200 iTank 2 Kit by Vaporesso, a complete kit that offers you a powerful and customizable vape. It consists of a Gen 200 box and an iTank 2 clearomizer.The Gen 200 box has a refined and ergonomic design, with a rubberized coating that guarantees a good grip.It works with two 18650 batteries (not included) and can send up to 220 watts of...

  • Box Gen 200 (New colors) - Vaporesso

    The Box Gen 200 New colors by Vaporesso is an electronic mod that works with two 18650 batteries (not included) and can reach 220 watts of power.It is characterized by its lightness and solidity, thanks to its rubberized coating that protects against scratches and guarantees a good grip. It is available in several refined and original colors.The Box Gen...

  • Full Kit Gen 80S iTank 2 (New colors) - Vaporesso

    If you like vape in direct inhaling and clouds of vapor, the Gen 80S itank 2 New colors kit by Vaporesso is made for you. This kit consists of a Gen 80S box, which works with an 18650 battery (not supplied) and which can reach 80 watts of power.The Gen 80S box is equipped with the Axon chipset, which allows you to choose between several vape modes such as...

  • Box Gen 80S (New colors) - Vaporesso

    With the Gen 80S New colors box, Vaporesso offers you a compact, light and powerful electronic mod. Operating with an 18650 battery (not supplied), it can deliver up to 80 watts and adapts to all types of vape thanks to the Axon chipset.The latter allows you to choose between several modes such as Smart VW, VW, F(t) or Pulse, accessible from a color...

  • Full Kit Luxe QS - Vaporesso

    Defying all competition, Vaporesso conquers the vape community with the Luxe QS full kit. This sober-looking, yet pleasing material is available in multiple colours and has no adjustment knobs. Compact and ergonomic, the QS Luxe kit offers a comfortable grip and a small footprint to its user. Equipped with an impressive 1000 mAh battery, the pod offers...

  • Full Kit X Mini - Vaporesso X Moti

    The Vaporesso X Mini is a compact pod that houses an integrated 1150mAh battery, which is recharged via USB-C. It is equipped with a chipset that can deliver a maximum power of 29 watts. It has an OLED screen that displays basic information such as current power, resistance, voltage, and battery level. It allows users to customize their vaping experience...

  • Pod Xros 3 1000mAh - Vaporesso

    The Xros generation of Vaporesso continues its epic with a third version: the Xros 3. With its more rounded design, this pod offers a comfortable vaping experience by combining a good grip and a mouthpiece that perfectly fits the shape of the lips. Thanks to its integrated 1000 mAh battery, it provides up to 48 hours of vape time and promises bluffing...

Vaporesso Europe Electronic Cigarette Wholesaler

Do you know the Vaporesso brand? A leader in the vaping industry, Vaporesso is a Smoore's brand, which recently went into stock exchange in Hong Kong with resounding success. With a strategy resolutely oriented towards innovation, Vaporesso is a world leader in the electronic cigarette market and treats us with products of hardly equal quality as well as a constant force for innovation. Vaporesso offers many e-cigarette kits and different e-cigarettes and vape pen models that satisfy consumers for their robustness, design and quality of vape. The best products from Vaporesso are offered to you at wholesale prices on our Greenvillage website, wholesaler in e-cigarettes.

Vaporesso, one of the best e-cigarette brands in the world

Holding nearly 1,000 patents to protect their unique technologies for heating ceramic elements and controlling electronic cigarettes, Vaporesso achieves vaporization performance that exceeds market standards. Founded in 2006, the company holds nearly 15% of the electronic cigarette market and does not intend to stop there. Vaporesso's figures are enough to make you dizzy. Over 13,000 employees work daily to find new technologies that will revolutionize the world of e-cigs, while producing over 2 million batteries, over 20 million atomizers and over 100 million resistors per year.

The Vaporesso brand products

In its factories, the Vaporesso brand produces batteries, coils and clearomizers at the forefront of e-cigarette innovation. This complete value proposition is most easily discovered through their E-cigarette kits which include all three materials for complete and ready-to-use e-cigarettes. There are different shapes, designs and colors, shock-resistant models, long-life models, very small nano models or even models with small or large capacity. It's no surprise that such an innovative brand offers such variety to allow you to build a rich offering to satisfy and retain your customers.

Discover the Vaporesso brand on Greenvillage

As a historical Vaporesso wholesaler in Europe for many years and e-cigarette experts since the appearance of this innovative product, we offer you the best e-cigarettes at wholesale prices. Our experts travel the world and test products from the most recognized brands as well as rising brands to offer you a choice refined by our knowledge of the market and the product. We thus offer the most original and efficient E-Cigarette Kits from Vaporesso in Europe. We also offer boxes (batteries) outside the kit to offer a spare part to your customers if necessary. All the products highlighted on the site are available in our premises in the Paris region, to ensure exemplary delivery speed as well as full product traceability.

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