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  • Unicorn Frappé 100ML - Juice Man's

    Tasty and sweet mango, with fruity notes of blue raspberry, a creamy whipped cream, all sprinkled with acid candy floss.A blend of flavors for a unique and complex experience ...

  • Strawberry Donut 120ML - Loaded

    Strawberry Jelly Donut has the flavor profile of a delectable sugar glazed donut that has been filled to brim with yummy strawberry jelly. The inhale consist of that sugary glazed donut which will prep the taste palate for the fruity explosion of flavor that is about to occur. Upon exhaling is when the strawberry jelly comes forth and complements the...

  • Smores 120ML - Loaded

    Loaded's Smores concentrate contains the flavor of flambé marshmallow and creamy milk chocolate between two Graham honey biscuits. Let your taste buds remind you of your memories of a marshmallow campfire in this rich summer snack.

  • Raspberry Eclair120ML - Loaded

    Made with scrumptious raspberry filling, Loaded Raspberry Eclair is irresistible, entirely delectable pastry flavor and will make your taste buds run bonkers.On the inhale, Loaded Raspberry Eclair dances across your taste buds with the creamy, buttery taste of a raspberry filled eclair. While you exhale, the flavor of a freshly baked eclair pastry with...

  • Lemon Bar 120ML - Loaded

    The inhale brings forth a sweet lemon flavor sensation that will serenade your taste buds like an angel playing the harp while your laying in bed. The inhale perfectly primes the taste palate for the burstful flavor exhale that is about to occur.Upon exhaling this Loaded E-Liquid vape juice flavor is when the creamy custard dessert bar comes into play and...

  • Glazed Donut 120ML - Loaded

    A hot donut straight out of the oven, topped with a tantalizing icing. When you first inspire Loaded's Glazed Donuts, you'll swear that you've just bit into a hot donut. As the taste envelops your palate, the sweet vanilla icing invades your mouth. At the end, a touch of cinnamon will bring your taste buds to a whole new level.This concentrate has been...

  • Cran Apple One Ice 120ML - Loaded

    Cran Apple Juice Iced ejuice by Loaded Eliquid is the reminiscent flavor of cranberries, crisp apples and a hint of menthol

  • Cran Apple 120ML - Loaded

    Loaded Cran Apple Juice by Loaded Eliquid is the reminiscent flavor of cranberries, crisp apples and cranberries, even if you’re not a fan of cranberries, Cran Apple Juice eliquid just might change your mind, a clean all-day-vape. On the inhale your palate will quiver with joy thanks to the outrageously tartness of fresh cranberries. On the exhale, the...

  • Cookie Butter 120ML - Loaded

    This new Loaded concentrate was inspired by delicious crispy butter cookies, mixed in a creamy spread! Notes of cinnamon sugar and hot biscuits will be sure to please.Sweet, but not excessively, this concentrate packs the pasty and warm flavors of freshly baked cookies. Discover notes of cinnamon and the deeply caramelized sweetness of the well-grilled...

  • Chocolate Glazed 120ML - Loaded

    Loaded Chocolate Glazed by Loaded E-Liquid 120ml is the classic flavor of a chocolate glazed doughnut dipped in powdered sugar. Indulge in this rich chocolate glazed doughnut ejuice by Loaded E-Liquid.

  • Apple Fritter 120ML - Loaded

    Loaded Apple Fritter by Loaded E Liquid tastes just like that iconic fresh out of the oven apple pastry! This flavor was crafted with dessert lovers in mind with its decadent cinnamon infused apples loaded into a buttery pastry and topped of with a nice glaze of caramel.

  • Vanilla Custard Tobacco 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    A blend of sweet and creamy vanilla custard with traditional American tobacco.

  • Vanilla Custard 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    Vanilla rich and creamy that all lovers of custard can enjoy.

  • Strawberry cheesecake 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    This old-fashioned New York cheese cake topped with fresh strawberries.

  • Southern Bread Pudding 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    A dessert of the South sweetened to the old, called bread pudding.

  • Lemon Custard 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    A rich and creamy blend of lemon and custard, creating a sweet and sour treat that will leave you mouth watering.

  • Key Lime Cheesecake 50ML - You Got E-Juice

    A sweet and sour citrus lime lime perfectly matched to a classic New York cheese cake.

  • Angry Banana 120ML - Ferrum City

    At Ferrum City, we’re tired of banana playing second fiddle to other e-liquid flavors like strawberry and cream. Banana is angry, and it’s ready for its day in the sun. Angry Banana puts the banana flavor front and center — as it should be — but this is no ordinary banana e-liquid. The only way to highlight banana’s full range of complex notes is to cook...

  • Cereal Monster Blooberry 120ML - Ferrum City

    We love a big bowl of blueberry monster cereal as much as any cereal lover. What we really enjoy about the experience, though, is drinking the milk at the end. Are you with us? Blooberry combines the flavors of blueberries, milk and marshmallows with a touch of cereal grain.

  • Cereal Monster Scary Berry 120ML - Ferrum City

    Creating the perfect e-liquid representation of the popular berry monster cereal was a challenge for us, but we feel we nailed it. We didn’t stop at creating an e-liquid version of the cereal, though — we’ve actually replicated the flavor of the pink milk at the bottom of the bowl. You’ll also taste sweet marshmallow flavor and a touch of toasted grains.

  • Poured 120ML - Ferrum City

    Poured is a cinnamon-infused funnel cake topped with decadent whipped cream. In creating this flavor, we went to great lengths to capture the taste of funnel cake’s crispy brown exterior as well as its light, airy interior.

  • Smelted 120ml - Ferrum City

    Smelted is the flavor of a delicious vanilla ice cream cone drizzled with melted caramel and topped with pecan pralines. This e-liquid is sweet and complex with notes of sweet cream, nuts, vanilla and brown sugar.

  • Torched 120ML - Ferrum City

    A grilled marshmallow, caramelized between 2 cookies.

  • VCT 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    With a creamy vanilla custard base, finished with fine pipe tobacco and just a hint of toasted almond, VCT’s sophisticated layers of sweet and savory flavors are designed for the enjoyment of all vapers, from novice to connoisseur.

  • Strawberry Crème Brulée 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    This delicious dessert e-liquid features a creamy custard base, finished with toasted caramel and slices of succulent strawberry.

  • Key Lime Cookie 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    Imagine a fresh-baked sugar cookie, infused with sweet and lightly tart key lime. That’s Key Lime Cookie.

  • Honeysuskle Apple Crisp 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    Originally released as a seasonal flavor, Ripe Vapes has made this unique ejuice available all year round. Featuring the warm, bready, lightly tart and floral flavor of an apple crisp drizzled with exotic Asian honeysuckle nectar, Honeysuckle Apple Crisp may make you nostalgic for the changing leaves of autumn, but you’ll want to keep a bottle around no...

  • Rouge 50ML - Pomme

    Rouge teases the taste-buds with a sweet bite of Red Delicious, combined with a mouth-watering apple juice authenticity. A great vape for apple candy fans!

  • Deux 50ML - Pomme

    Deux packs a punch with a Double Apple vape flavour; a sour hit of Granny Smith with a sugary sweet finish. A great adaptation of the classic shisha flavour.

  • Bon Bon 50ML - Pomme

    Bon Bon combines slowly poached sweet fruits with warm, spicy cinnamon, encased in a soft, flaky French pastry to create a unique Baked Apple Crepe vape flavour. An amazing juice for dessert lovers!

  • White 100ML - Anarchist Juice

    Anarchist White is an US e-liquid. The Bestseller of the range with a Cracker and marshmallow flavour! (PG25/VG75)  

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