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  • Wildshadow 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into a whirlwind of flavors with Wildshadow by Liquid'arom. This creation from the Modjo Vapors range transports you to a world where muffin, vanilla, macadamia, and caramel notes intertwine harmoniously. Let yourself be enchanted by the subtle balance between each ingredient, offering an unparalleled vaping experience. Unleash your senses and...

  • Strawbomber 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into a whirlwind of explosive flavors with Strawbomber by Liquid'arom, from the Modjo Vapors range. This exquisite fusion of juicy strawberry and tangy pomegranate transports you to a world where every puff is an explosion of fruity pleasure. Let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of the strawberry paired with the vivacity of the pomegranate....

  • Mokka Rock 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into the exhilarating experience of Liquid'arom's Mokka Rock, a masterpiece from the Modjo Vapors range. Let yourself be enchanted by the perfect balance of intense coffee and smooth caramel. Each puff is a captivating dance of flavors, capturing the very essence of freshly ground aromatic coffee. The Mokka Rock is a gustatory symphony that instantly...

  • Ananamorphe 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Immerse yourself in an exotic paradise with Ananamorphe by Liquid'arom, a delightful e-liquid from the Modjo Vapors range. Let yourself be carried away by an explosion of tropical fruits flavors, where the sweetness of mango meets the zestiness of pineapple. Each puff transports you to a sun-soaked beach, offering you an exhilarating vaping experience....

  • Doctor Berry 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into fruity ecstasy with Doctor Berry by Liquid'arom. This exhilarating fusion of blackcurrant, blackberry, and blueberry transports you to a world of intense flavors. From the Modjo Vapors range, this e-liquid delivers an unmatched gustatory experience. Let yourself be intoxicated by the sweet freshness of this exquisite blend. Discover a new...

  • Mad Blaze 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into a whirlwind of flavors with Mad Blaze by Liquid'arom, an e-liquid from the Modjo Vapors range. The perfect balance of juicy peach and sweet apricot transports you to a world where vapor becomes art. Let yourself be enveloped by the intensity of this creation, enhanced by exquisite fruity notes. Mad Blaze is the ultimate expression of elegance...

  • Miss Purple 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Dive into the extravagance of Miss Purple by Liquid'arom. This bold creation from the Modjo Vapors range seamlessly blends juicy raspberries with the floral elegance of violet. Let yourself be carried away by this unique sensory experience, where each puff unveils a perfect balance between fruity and floral. Savor the intensity of this symphony of...

  • Beard Berry 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    There is a fairground atmosphere in the vaposphere ... What is going on? Beard Berry, a new e-liquid from the Modjo Vapors range, is making its debut. Available in a 50 ml bottle, this potion from Liquidarom carries the magic of a cotton candy flavoured with red berries. Each puff is as sweet as it is fruity and will bring back your best memories of...

  • Pink Samourai 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Liquidarom's Modjo Vapors range is back in force with this new colourful and flavourful recipe. Thirst-quenching, Pink Samurai is a 50 ml e-liquid that promises to quench your thirst at every vaping session. Its well-balanced taste, mixing the freshness of green tea with the sweetness and juiciness of watermelon and melon will undoubtedly seduce you....

  • Furious Stach 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    It's impossible to resist this delicious, fizzy vaping mixture! With Furious Stach, Modjo Vapors by Liquidarom offers vapers a fresh and daring drink. Presented in a 50 ml vial, this lemonade with tangy notes of cola and red fruits will make you shiver with pleasure with every puff. Enjoy unforgettable vaping sessions at any time of the day with this new...

  • Frozy Bear 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Brrr! It's freezing in the vaposphere! The vapoteurs are grafted to their radiators, a cup of tea at hand and a scarf riveted around their necks. And for good reason! The e-liquid Frozy Bear 50 ml from Modjo Vapors by Liquidarom has woken up from its wintering. Like an icy wind blowing over the entire vape community, this mint and vanilla candy pours a...

  • Dready Flower 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    No more monotonous vape compositions! Liquidarom's Modjo Vapors range has found the ultimate formula to give your vaping breaks a boost. In a generous 50 ml bottle, it has let a succulent cactus juice rest, which is enhanced with a delicious touch of freshness. Dready Flower e-liquid will not only delight your taste buds, but will also brighten up your...

  • Blend Killer 50ML - Modjo Vapors

    Looking for a new fragrance to spice up your vaping breaks? No need to look any further, Blend Killer has arrived in the vaposphere to satisfy you. This e-liquid from Liquidarom's Modjo Vapors range will enchant your taste buds with its authentic taste of traditional classic with delicious notes of rum and vanilla. With this generous 50 ml bottle, you...

Modjo Vapor, Fabricant français de e-liquides.

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