Liquid Arom - Le Flamant gourmand (FR)

Liquid Arom - Le Flamant gourmand (FR)

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  • Sydney 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    With the Big Flamant brand, the French distributor Liquidarom never ceases to surprise you with its e-liquids with flavors inspired from the four corners of the world. This time it's off to Australia, with a new product called Sydney! This fruity blackcurrant cocktail, followed by a crunchy apple and juicy grape, will awaken your senses from the first...

  • London 50ML - Big Flamant/Liquid Arom

    The smoothness of a ripe banana is captured to perfection through the London e-liquid from Big Flamant. You will thus enjoy the intense flavor of this fruit, which goes perfectly with the sweetness of brown sugar, after each puff.With this gourmet e-liquid, create imposing and scented clouds during your vape sessions. It is not only boosted in flavors,...

  • Le Fameux 50ML - Le Flamant Gourmand

    Get ready to melt with Le Fameux! With this recipe, the Le Flamant Gourmand range intends to whet the appetite of vapers with the intoxicating scents of a homemade pie. Imagine the flavours of a delicious shortbread pastry topped with pecans and buttercream delicately deposited on your taste buds... In a flash, Liquidarom's flavourists have perfectly...

  • Le Formidable 50ML - Le Flamant Gourmand

    You are rather greedy or fruity vapes? With Le Formidable e-liquid, you won't have to choose between the two. This new confectionery from French manufacturer Liquidarom offers you with each inhalation the worked flavours of a melting meringue accompanied by a few slices of sour pitaya. No more monotonous recipes! With this formula packaged in a 50 ml...

  • Le Généreux 50ML - Le Flamant Gourmand

    Gourmet alert in the vaposphere! Liquidarom welcomes a newcomer to its excellent Le Flamant Gourmand range. As stunning as it is irresistible, Le Généreux is the e-liquid version of a freshly baked cheesecake. Enjoy this moist cheesecake covered in a sumptuous caramel melt and enjoy a heart-warming vape session with every puff. Available in a 50 ml...

  • Le Raffiné 50ML - Le Flamant Gourmand

    Always listening to vapers, Liquidarom completes its Le Flamant Gourmand range with a new recipe that reminds us of the good desserts of our grandmothers. In concocting the e-liquid Le Raffiné, the French manufacturer has used all its know-how. It has transformed, for the happiness of gourmets, a delicious lemon pie into a potion ready to vape. With each...

Liquid Arom - Le Flamant gourmand

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