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Everyone wants disposable electronic cigarettes! Find the Liquideo Wpuff. Single-use e cigarettes with breathtaking flavors. Vaping has never been so easy. Take the electronic cigarette out of its bag, vape. That's all! When the battery or the e-liquid tank is empty, it is sufficient to dispose of it in the usual recycling points.

Buy the Wpuff wholesale for your store. You will find a multitude of exquisite flavors to offer to your customers. Whether they are rather fruity or greedy, there will be enough to satisfy vapers. Liquideo offers you a wide range of flavors, the best sellers of which are: Wpuff Fruits rouges, Wpuff Marshmallow, Wpuff Raisin glacé, Wpuff Ice Cream Fraise, Wpuff Ananas glacé, Wpuff Mangue glacée

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  • Myrtille Framboyante - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover Myrtille Framboyante - Wpuff/Liquideo, the disposable e-cigarette that artfully blends blueberry and raspberry flavors for an unforgettable vaping experience. Add a touch of coolness to the mix, and you get an irresistible puff. Its integrated battery offers up to 600 puffs, ensuring vaping pleasure throughout the day. With its ease of use, this...

  • Cool Kiss - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover Cool Kiss - Wpuff/Liquideo, a disposable electronic cigarette with a delightful mint flavor, perfect for those who love refreshing experiences. This puff from the Wpuff range by Liquideo is designed specifically for beginner vapers. With its integrated battery, no adjustments are necessary, providing up to 600 puffs of autonomy. Enjoy this...

  • Fruits des Bois - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Experience the exquisite flavors of the forest with the Fruits des bois disposable electronic cigarette from the Wpuff range by Liquideo. This disposable device offers a unique vaping experience with a refreshing blend of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry that delights the senses. Perfect for beginner vapers, this device is equipped with an...

  • Fraise Bull - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Experience Fraise Bull fron range Wpuff by Liquideo, the disposable electronic cigarette that takes you on a journey through fruity flavors. Savor a harmonious blend of juicy strawberry, revitalizing energy drink, and a refreshing touch. With its integrated battery, this disposable offers up to 600 puffs of autonomy to prolong your pleasure. Its...

  • Myrtille Citron - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Myrtille Citron is much more than a simple e-liquid, it is an invitation to live an exhilarating sensory experience. Let yourself be enchanted by this fruity story and succumb to the temptation of Blueberry Lemon.Whether you're a fruit lover or looking for a refreshing vapor, this single-use e-cigarette is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind taste adventure.

  • Fruittles - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover Fruittles, the delicious single-use ecigarette that will transport you to a world of gluttony. Made by Wpuff, this treasure of flavors will make you melt with pleasure without any constraint.Let yourself be seduced by this unique sensory experience, inspired by the famous Skittles candy, and immerse yourself in a world of sweet delights

  • Hawai Hookah - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Direction Honolulu! With the Hawai Hookah puff from the Wpuff range, the Liquideo brand takes you to the Hawaiian paradise beaches. Your vape pen in hand, enjoy each inhalation for a vaping break of the most exotic. Peach, pineapple, coconut and guava combine their flavours to create this fruity cocktail. A huge advantage is that you don't have to...

  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Surprise ! Peasant flavors invite themselves to your vaping breaks through a new concoction signed Liquideo. Admired for its rustic taste, the Strawberry Kiwi Ice mini electronic cigarette will delight lovers of sweetness. Its legendary freshness will awaken your senses from the first puffs, and you will not have to make any adjustments to do so. If you...

  • Love 22 Hookah - Wpuff/Liquideo

    If you don't believe in love at first sight, you will quickly change your mind after testing the latest addition to Liquideo's Magnum Wpuff range: Love 22 Hookah.Beyond its compact and attractive design, the flavors that this mini electronic cigarette sports give it an exceptional charm. With each toke, this disposable pod whisks you away to an exotic...

  • Blonde Sucrée - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Aroma of classic blond and sweet. a Wpuff for blonde lovers.Disposable and recyclable e-cigarette, puff of 600 puffs.

  • Bubble Gum - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Sweetness is an art in which Liquideo excels and, for proof, the manufacturer has designed a legendary pod with Malabar flavor! With the Wpuff Bubble Gum, you will find the timeless taste of the most delicious gum. Ready to use, this small disposable electronic cigarette has a 550 mAh battery and a 2 ml tank pre-filled with sweet e-liquid. Whether you're...

  • Ice Cream Fraise Banane - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Whether you're a foodie or new to vaping, Liquideo's Ice Cream Strawberry Banana disposable pod is for you. Who would not melt in front of this mixture of flavors? This mini electronic cigarette carries 2 ml of creamy e-liquid in its tank. Do you remember the famous Italian ice cream of your childhood? This Wpuff recreates these little treats to...

  • Energy Bull - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Ice Cream Cookie - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Ice Cream Banane - Wpuff/Liquideo (DLUO 06/24)

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Fruit du Dragon - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Grosse Fraise - Wpuff/Liquideo

    To concoct the Big Strawberry, Liquideo called on the queen of red fruits. Just picked from its shrub, this delicious berry is the basis of the most beautiful vape recipes. This is why the French brand has mixed several varieties of juicy strawberries bursting with sunshine in a disposable e-cigarette.Since then, this beverage, as succulent as it is...

  • Pastèque - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Pastèque Fraise - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover without further delay this single-use e cigarette offering the equivalent of 600 puffs.

  • Apple Ice - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover the sweetness of a fresh apple through Liquideo's Wpuff Apple Ice. This puff features the flavors of a slightly tart green apple.Besides the frosty, creamy coulis that will invade your throat, Apple Ice also produces deliciously apple-scented clouds. Like all Wpuffs, the Apple Ice is ready to use. It is equipped with an integrated battery of 600...

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