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  • Green Apple - X-Bar

    Bite into a juicy green apple with the Green Apple pre-filled e-cigarette! This ultra-powerful little wonder has a 500 mAh battery and 2 ml of high-quality e-liquid. Thanks to its perfectly calibrated coil and quick release, you can enjoy a dense and generous vape at any time of the day. Moreover, this disposable electronic cigarette of the X-Bar brand...

  • Apple Ice - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Discover the sweetness of a fresh apple through Liquideo's Wpuff Apple Ice. This puff features the flavors of a slightly tart green apple.Besides the frosty, creamy coulis that will invade your throat, Apple Ice also produces deliciously apple-scented clouds. Like all Wpuffs, the Apple Ice is ready to use. It is equipped with an integrated battery of 600...

  • Caffe Latte - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Taste the flavor of Italian coffees with Cafe Latte from Liquideo's Wpuff range! Indeed, Liquideo reaches the pinnacle of flavors thanks to its Cafe Latte pod. The latter has the creamy taste of coffee with a generous layer of milk. You will find this creamy coulis after each puff. Added to this is a light vanilla scent that will embalm your clouds. Ready...

  • Extract Tobacco - X-Bar

    Discover the flavors of a tobacco macerate through the disposable pod X-Bar Extract Tobacco from French Lab. After each puff, this full-bodied taste will invade your palate while leaving a freshness that will enchant you. This throat sensation will contrast with the atypical cloudy scent that the pod produces. The X-Bar Extract Tobacco is equipped with an...

  • Cool Mint - X-Bar

    Beginner or veteran in the world of vape, ice your taste buds and enjoy the taste of spearmint through the X-Bar Cool Mint. Not only does it give you a cool sensation, it also takes you on a relaxing taste adventure through its sweet note and totally explosive portfolio of flavours.  Relax your airway as you enjoy each sip while enjoying the exhilarating...

  • Gorilla Kush CBD - Wpuff/Liquideo

    The Liquideo brand offers you a disposable pod boosted with 500mg CBD, the Gorilla Kush. The latter proudly sports the full-bodied flavors of CBD.Ready to follow you everywhere, it has a comfortable grip thanks to its small size and its cylindrical shape. This e-liquid has a built-in 500mAh battery and it can provide you with an average of 800 puffs.This...

  • Purple Punch CBD - Wpuff/Liquideo

    The taste of hemp terpenes combines with the sweetness of grapes to accompany Liquideo's Purple Punche. Indeed, a flavor just as fresh as it is intense will settle in your throat after each puff taken by this pod.As it is ready to use, the Wpuff Purple Punch is equipped with an integrated 500 mAh battery and a cartridge filled with 2 ml of e-liquid. In...

  • Grand Daddy Purple CBD - Wpuff/Liquideo

    Liquideo has decided to combine the intense flavors of CBD with the explosion of freshness of the blueberry grape duo in their Grand Daddy Purple disposable pod. After each puff, blueberries like grapes will leave their sweetness in your throat.Meanwhile the CBD will contrast with this explosion of flavors. Find all this in Liquideo's Wpuff, the Grand...

  • Tropical Punch - X-Bar

    The intense flavors of the tropics come to you with the Tropical Punch disposable pod from X-Bar. This exotic fruit cocktail then consists of the intense flavors of pineapple, passion fruit, banana and mango. With a substantial autonomy of 500 mAh, this pod is capable of providing you with 600 puffs.This is also possible thanks to its cartridge previously...

  • Strawberry Milkshake - X-Bar

    A creamy cloud will come to your palate thanks to the Strawberry Milkshake disposable pod from the X-Bar brand. This mixture is a reconstitution of the smoothness of a good strawberry flavored milkshake. You will benefit from this delicacy over ten days because the pod has a capacity of 2 ml. The 500 mAh battery life of the Strawberry Milkshake also...

  • Melon - X-Bar

    X-Bar transcribes the juiciness and sweetness of orange melon through the Melon disposable pod. Then enjoy the Mediterranean sun after each puff provided by this pod. The X-Bar Melon has a capacity of 2 ml and a battery life of 500 mAh. It can thus provide you with more than 600 puffs, the equivalent of ten days of use.The genius of X-Bar assures you a...

  • Lush Ice - X-Bar

    The freshness of a watermelon is transcribed through the Lush Ice disposable pod from X-Bar. In fact, you will find the flavors of a juicy and sweet partek when vaping this pod. In addition, as it is ready to use, it has a cartridge containing 2 ml of e-liquid. A 500 mAh battery of autonomy will also provide you with more than 600 puffs, i.e. a use for...

  • Ice Mango - X-Bar

    X-Bar brings you the tropics through their Ice Mango disposable pod which is a recreation of the taste of a sun-drenched mango. The tender and intensely sweet taste of mango will invade your palate after each puff. In addition, X-Bar provides you with a ready-to-use pod.Thanks to a battery with an autonomy of 500 mAh and a capacity of 2 ml, the pod can...

  • Ice Grape - X-Bar

    Would you like to eat a bunch of grapes differently? X-Bar has created a disposable pod that perfectly transcribes the sweetness of fresh grapes, all with a frosty touch that melts in the mouth. Flavorful and fragrant clouds will then emanate from this pod when you vape. Already equipped with a 500 mAh battery of autonomy and 2 ml of e-liquid, this pod...

  • Energy Drink - X-Bar

    Fill up on energy with the Energy Drink X-Bar disposable pod from French Lab. With its aroma that is both invigorating and invigorating, this surprising blend is your best booster ally that will accompany you throughout your days. With its easy-to-handle structure, it adapts perfectly to all vapers who wish to learn or go further in the vape.In addition,...

  • Cotton Candy - X-Bar

    Discover the sweet and voluptuous taste of strawberry cotton candy in a different way with the Cotton Candy X-Bar vape pen from French Lab. Suitable for both neophyte and experienced vapers, this disposable pod is distinguished by its tubular shape, resembling that of a pen. In addition to its gourmet and fruity flavors, this puff is also appreciated in...

  • Blueberry - X-Bar

    Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use pod to get started in vaping? Opt in this case for the disposable vape pen Blueberry X-Bar from French Lab. Offering an approximate autonomy of 600 puffs and available in nicotine salt, this electronic cigarette in the shape of a pen is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.If you are a fan of fruity...

Disposable e-cigarettes wholesaler

While disposable electronic cigarettes have been around for several years now, they were not unanimous because they were not technologically advanced in a market that was also not ready to receive them. Since then, technologies have advanced and electronic cigarettes have evolved in order to provide vapers with the vape they expected. However, in their use, there was still far too much manipulation to reach more users. Manufacturers have dedicated part of their research to offer products that are even easier to use by going back to an "outdated" product by bringing it up to date. The knowledge of the users allowed them to improve the quality of vape, the tastes, the autonomy and especially the simplicity. The disposable electronic cigarette is making a comeback in its simpler device and better than ever. You can find it at your disposable e-cigarette wholesaler in this category.

A vape worthy of the usual e-cigarettes

When unpacking, all you need to do is vape. No need to refill electronic cigarettes because they are sold pre-filled and not rechargeable. Engineers and marketing departments have studied the products to best match user demand. Flavors, autonomy and simplicity. It is, therefore, just a plastic tube with a driptip. Inside, there is a resistance, a "cotton" soaked in eliquid and a disposable battery. That's all.

To vape, simply put your lips on the driptip and suck in the vapor. The heater starts instantly.

There are many flavors, often fruity or classic. Disposable e-cigarettes generally contain 2ml on the European market and the batteries can last around a week depending on use.

When the battery no longer works or there is no more liquid, simply drop it off at recycling points in shopping centers.

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