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  • Polaris Shadow Drop 10ML - Le French Liquide

    Introducing Shadow Drop 10ml, a captivating e-liquid from the Polaris range by Le French Liquide. Immerse yourself in a refreshing experience with this enchanting blend of juicy grape, tangy blackcurrant, and zesty lime, all accompanied by a polar chill freshness. Let yourself be transported into a whirlwind of intense flavors that will awaken your taste...

  • Polaris Woody Wood 10ML - Le French Liquide

    Discover Woody Wood 10ml, a captivating e-liquid from the Polaris range by Le French Liquide. Immerse yourself in an icy experience with this exquisite blend of blackberry, strawberry, dragon fruit, all enhanced with a polar chill freshness. Let yourself be enchanted by this delicious and refreshing combination that will transport you to a world of...

  • Polaris Woody Wood 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Discover Woody Wood 50ml from the Polaris range by Le French Liquide. This captivating e-liquid combines the delicious flavors of succulent blackberry, juicy strawberry, and exotic dragon fruit, all wrapped in an icy coolness. Each puff transports you to a fruity and invigorating paradise. The generous 50ml format allows you to fully enjoy this unique...

  • Polaris Shadow Drop 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Discover Shadow Drop 50ml from the Polaris range by Le French Liquide. Immerse yourself in an icy experience with this captivating e-liquid that combines the delicious flavors of juicy grapes, tangy blackcurrants, and zesty lime, all wrapped in a refreshing polar chill. Let yourself be transported to a world of fruity delights enhanced by the intense...

  • Polaris Tropical Beach 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Turquoise sea, white sand and coconut palms... this is what each puff of the Tropical Beach e-liquid from the Polaris range has in store for you.This summer recipe cleverly concocted by Le French Liquide invites you to explore the most beautiful beaches of the South Pacific for a vaping session. For this unique trip, you will not have to bring your...

  • Polaris Sunset 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Polaris has not finished surprising vapers! The ultra-fresh range of the manufacturer Le French Liquide welcomes a newcomer: the e-liquid Sunset.Like a magnificent sunset on the beach, each puff of this frosted preparation is soft, exotic and soothing. Moreover, the recipe consists of two sweet fruits, the peach and the pear.To top it off, a few mint...

  • Polaris Intense 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Bring power to your vape with the Intense e-liquid from the manufacturer Le French Liquide! As its name suggests, this ultra-icy mixture is the strongest in the Polaris range.Its puffs with pungent mint flavors will make you shiver with cold and quiver with pleasure! No more heatstroke! From now on, you will be able to surf on a wave of freshness at any...

  • Polaris Garden Party 50ML - Le French Liquide

    The tastiest and juiciest fruits of the summer have come together to give life to the Garden Party e-liquid from the Polaris range.For once, the reception took the form of a vape session, in the garden of the manufacturer Le French Liquide. Peaches, kiwis and lychees, from the first puffs, graced the festivities with their sweet presence. The touch of...

  • Polaris Berry Mix 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Did you know that the four main red fruits are strawberry, raspberry, cherry and gooseberry? Le French Liquide, to satisfy gourmets, has brought together these summer stars in the recipe for the Berry Mix e-liquid.The brand's flavourists, to round things off and bring balance to the mix, have also added the acidity of lime and the freshness of a few...

  • Polaris 50ML - Le French Liquide

    Spearmint is back in force at Le French Liquide with a toning e-liquid with an indescribable freshness. Discover all the beauty of a great vape classic through this slightly sweet, powerful and frosty recipe.Proudly bearing the name of its range, Polaris blows a deliciously scented icy breeze onto the vaposphere to stimulate and invigorate vapers.Its...


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