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  • Caraibes 50ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Do you dream of going on an adventure on the South Seas, in search of hidden treasures and thrills? So, embark with Full Moon's Caribbean e-liquid, an exotic and refreshing blend that will make you live unforgettable moments.The Caribbean e-liquid offers you a gourmet and fruity recipe, based on rum, pineapple, coconut and a touch of freshness. A tasty...

  • Bahamas 50ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Bahamas is an e-liquid that transports you to a world of pirates and adventures. You sail the South Seas, in search of hidden treasures and exotic fruits.You land on a paradise island, where you discover coconuts, bananas, kiwis and a touch of freshness.You mix them in a big bowl and you get a delicious and refreshing cocktail. Welcome to the Bahamas.

  • Baléares 50ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Baléares is an e-liquid that invites you on a gustatory journey to the paradise islands of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the world of pirates, this e-liquid makes you discover exotic and refreshing flavors, worthy of a hidden treasure.With Baléares, you will vape a delicious blend of lemon, cinnamon, raspberry, peach and freshness. An original and...

  • Blue 50ML - Full Moon

    Discover the ultimate taste pleasure with Full Moon's Blue e-liquid! An exquisite blend of fruity flavors of juicy peach, sweet banana and sweet, delicious bubble gum. It's like you've just enjoyed a freshly made tropical fruit salad, topped with tangy chewing gum.Each puff of this delicious e-liquid will transport you to a world of unforgettable flavors...

  • Désir 50ML Eden - Full Moon

    Let yourself be enchanted by the irresistible power of Full Moon Desire e-liquid! A luxurious blend of fruity and spicy flavors that will transport you to a world of intense desires. Each puff of this delicious e-liquid will leave you feeling warm and cool at the same time, for an incredibly satisfying vaping experience.The unique blend of juicy apple and...

  • Green Infinity 50ML - Full Moon

    Discover the fresh and exhilarating taste of Green Infinity, the latest sensational e-liquid from Full Moon! With a fusion of vibrant citrus and exotic flavors, each puff of Green Infinity will transport you to a universe of freshness and delicious flavors.Let yourself be transported to a tropical oasis with a skillfully balanced mix of tangy lemon and...

  • Happy 50ML - Full Moon

    Enter a universe of happiness with Happy, the latest sensational e-liquid from Full Moon! Let yourself be carried away by a delicious blend of crunchy apple, juicy red fruits and tangy lemon for an explosion of fruity flavors that will put you in a good mood with every puff.Each inhalation of Happy will take you into a world of indulgence and happiness....

  • Hypnose Infinity 50ML - Full Moon

    Close your eyes and let yourself be hypnotized by the sweetness of cotton candy, the intoxicating scent of violets and the freshness of blueberries and red fruits. But that's not all: a touch of ginger adds a spicy and refreshing dimension that will awaken your senses.You won't be able to resist the call of this unforgettable taste experience, where...

  • Purple 50ML - Full Moon

    Imagine the rich, savory taste of ripe red grapes mixed with the juicy sweetness of freshly picked apples. A symphony of flavors that blend perfectly to offer an incomparable gustatory experience. Each inhalation will plunge you into an ocean of fruity sweetness, with a slightly tangy touch that will awaken your senses.

  • Silver 50ML - Full Moon

    Discover Silver, the e-liquid from Full Moon that will take you on a journey of exotic flavors. The subtle combination of pear and cactus on a background of dragon fruit offers you a unique gustatory experience. You will be amazed by this delicious and original blend that will awaken your taste buds. Let yourself be tempted by this unforgettable...

  • Dark Infinity 50ML - Full Moon

    Combine indulgence and fruity pleasures with this delicious treat from Full Moon. Dark Infinity surprises with its familiar notes and summery flavours. If you want to relive your childhood memories during your vaping breaks, this e-liquid can take you on a journey back in time. From the very first puff, you'll be reminded of the laughter of the...

  • Eve 50ML Eden - Full Moon

    When the most adored fruits meet the Full Moon brand, intensely tasty e-liquids are born. Among these, the e-liquid Eve attracts many vapers.This is a delicious fruity cocktail of watermelon, apple and raspberry. The thirst-quenching side of watermelon blends perfectly with the tangy sweetness of apple and the tenderness of raspberry, all to offer you an...

  • Adam 50ML Eden - Full Moon

    Does a heavenly “apple-peach-cactus” combination appeal to you? Discover, through Full Moon's Adam concentrate, a juicy apple embellished with a fleshy peach and a very fresh cactus.With this irresistible cocktail, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with exquisite flavors with every puff. Moreover, Full Moon spoils you with 50 ml of intensely fruity...

  • Diabolo Pomme 50ML - Full Moon

    An explosion of flavors invites itself into your vape through the Diabolo Apple e-liquid from Full Moon. Perfectly representing an exquisite apple juice, this e-liquid offers you a refreshing and invigorating break at any time of the day.The Apple Diabolo will bring the tangy taste of a green apple to your throat, with each puff, and its delicate smell...

  • Diabolo Grenadine 50ML - Full Moon

    A fresh and sparkling lemonade, flavored with pomegranate, inspired the e-liquid Diabolo Grenadine signed Full Moon. Besides the sweetness of grenadine, you will appreciate the thirst-quenching side of the sweet lemonade that you will feel in your throat.Moreover, the exquisite fragrance that emerges perfectly reveals the exotic side of the e-liquid and...

  • Diabolo Citron Pamp 50ML - Full Moon

    Is the sparkle of citrus fruits something you love? If so, the Full Moon brand offers you, through its e-liquid named Diabolo Citron Pamp, an intensely fresh cocktail inspired by lemon juice and pink grapefruit.Vaping this thirst-quenching and energizing drink guarantees you an extremely fruity freshness break. With each puff, you will thus appreciate the...

  • Sunset 50ML - Full Moon

    Full Moon releases the e-liquid version of its Sunset concentrate for the pleasure of vapers. This ready to vape formula, packaged in a 50 ml bottle, offers an exotic cocktail that smells like summer. A huge advantage is that the vial can be easily stored in your pocket or bag. The recipe, like its sun counterparts, is distinguished by its enchanting...

  • Sunrise 50ML - Full Moon

    True to its reputation, Full Moon takes care of vapers. With juicy pineapple slices, pretty diced papayas and ripe peach pulp, the brand has concocted Sunrise, a most exotic e-liquid. To bring a breath of fresh air to your vaping sessions, the manufacturer has packaged this fruit salad in a 50 ml vial that can accompany you everywhere. So what are you...

  • Sunny 50ML - Full Moon

    Embark on Full Moon's dream liner with the Sunny e-liquid, the manufacturer takes you to lounge in the deckchairs, in the shade of colourful parasols. This time he has combined the properties of fruit and plants to create a refreshing potion of 50 ml that is full of sun. With every whiff, you'll feel the creamy, fleshy texture of the mango with the...

  • Red 50ML - Full Moon

    Looking for your next all-day vape? Try Red, the new tropical recipe from Full Moon! For this e-liquid, the brand has picked the cream of red fruits and mixed them with mango slices: the ultimate combo! Moreover, the Malaysian manufacturer can boast of being generous, as it has packaged this pretty mixture in a large 50 ml vial. Whether you're a lover of...

  • Hypnose 50ML - Full Moon

    Dive into the bewitching world of Hypnose, the mysterious elixir made by Full Moon. This e-liquid is different from the others and includes violets, candyfloss and red fruits in its recipe. Strange combo, isn't it? And yet, that's what makes it so charming! The unique taste of this potion is tinged with blueberries, a floral touch, wild berries and a...

  • Green 50ML - Full Moon

    Get out of the ordinary and add some spice to your vape sessions! With the Green e-liquid, dare an innovative recipe signed Full Moon. The manufacturer has combined, as usual, very distinct notes to give birth to a harmonious taste. When you inhale, you'll feel the tangy sweetness of pineapple on your taste buds, combined with the brightness of lime and...

  • Enjoy 50ML - Full Moon

    The brand Full Moon shows ingenuity in concocting the e-liquid Enjoy. Terribly rich in flavour, this mixture consists of a myriad of fruits such as lemon, blackcurrant, cherry and strawberry. For a little extra indulgence, the manufacturer has added candyfloss to the mix. You will feel a wave of flavours, from acidic to sweet, on your taste buds. Enjoy...

  • Dark 50ML - Full Moon

    Fans of overpowering vapes are served with Dark, the brand new concoction from Full Moon. This disturbing e-liquid is housed in a mysterious 50 ml vial. In its composition you will find red fruits, blueberries, blackberries and a surprisingly fresh touch. With each puff, you will feel a remarkable sweetness enhanced by a touch of acidity. With this new...

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