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  • Raisin Energisant - Ma Petite Vape

    A fan of fruity flavours, Ma Petite Vape launches the Energising Grape disposable pod into the world of vape. Automated, it detects your inhalation and immediately releases a cloud. Enjoy a relaxing vape enhanced by the roundness of a bunch of intensely sweet grapes. With each inhalation, you will also find the fizzy side of an energy drink without...

  • Pomme Fruits Rouges - Ma Petite Vape

    Ma petite Vape combines sweetness and freshness with its Apple Red Fruit. Characterised by the bewitching cocktail contained in its tank, this electronic cigarette guarantees you an unforgettable hit! Through these 2 ml of e-liquid, you will discover the tangy note of a sparkling apple and the smoothness of a juicy mix of red fruits (strawberry,...

  • Caramel Popcorn - Ma Petite Vape

    Enjoy a big bowl of popcorn with the disposable Caramel Popcorn pod from Ma Petite Vape. This all-in-one disposable device comes with a 550 mAh battery and 2 ml of ultra greedy e-liquid. A real treat for vapers, this mix offers a sumptuous popcorn coated with salted butter caramel. Very intuitive, the electronic cigarette releases its succulent clouds as...

  • Tropical Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    Want to treat yourself to a sweet and exotic break? Discover the Tropical Ice disposable electronic cigarette from the Ma petite vape brand. With its fruity flavor, with a sweet blend of coconut and fresh pineapple, this e-cigarette will please gourmet vapers.With an autonomy of 550 mAh, this vape pen offers you 600 sumptuous puffs, which will keep you...

  • Tabac Menthe - Ma Petite Vape

    The Tobacco Mint disposable e-cigarette from Ma petite vape is a blend of full-bodied and uplifting flavors. Indeed, you will enjoy the freshness of mint and the penetrating taste of tobacco.Like all Ma petite vape vape pen, the Tabac Menthe is equipped with a 550 mAh battery and can deliver an average of 600 puffs. Your disposable e-cigarette does not...

  • Watermelon Ice - Ma petite vape

    Bring a note of freshness to your vape with the disposable e-cigarette Pastèque Ice signed Ma petite vape. In addition to the smooth sensation you will have in the throat after each puff, you will enjoy the pleasant smell of watermelon from your clouds. This inhaler embeds a battery with an autonomy of 550 mAh and can deliver an average of 600 puffs...

  • Watermelon Strawberry Lushy Ice - Ma petite vape

    Watermelon Strawberry Lushy Ice is one of the references for vapers who love gourmet flavors. This disposable e-cigarette offers you the incredible freshness of watermelon mixed with the sweetness of strawberries.You will have 2 ml of creamy e-liquid, the ratio of which is 50PG / 50VG. You can also choose between two levels of nicotine (10mg / ml -20mg /...

  • Menthe - Ma Petite Vape

    This disposable e-cigarette from the Ma petite vape brand will bring you the freshness you are looking for. The minty taste that you will have in your throat will go very well with the scent of your cloud.This vape pen carries with it a battery with an autonomy of 550 mAh to allow you to vape for a long time during the day. Also, you can use it for more...

  • Mangue Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    My little vape makes you discover the flavors of the tropics through its Mango Ice disposable electronic cigarette. Indeed, the smoothness of the mango contrasts perfectly with the sweet aftertaste that this e-cigarette leaves in the throat after each puff.This vape pen contains 2 ml of e-liquid of 100% vegetable origin and has a 50PG / 50VG ratio. So you...

  • Fraise Banane - Ma Petite Vape

    The Strawberry Banana disposable electronic cigarette from Ma petite vape is ideal for vapers looking for fruity flavors. You will have at your disposal a delicious cocktail of smooth bananas, mixed with the delicacy of some frosted strawberries.In addition, this vape pen has an autonomy of 550 mAh. Also, the 2 ml of e-liquid contained in this e-cigarette...

  • Cola Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    If you're looking to add some fizz to your vape, choose the Cola Ice e-cigarette. Indeed, you will enjoy the freshness of the coke and its hydrating side. Similar to its sisters, the Cola Ice has a battery life of 550 mAh. Its cartridge contains 2 ml of e-liquid to offer you 600 puffs on average (equivalent to ten days of use). Moreover, this e-liquid is...

  • Cassis Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    The Cassis Ice vape pen, from the Ma petite vape brand, carries with it all the freshness and smoothness of blackcurrant. Indeed, with this disposable e-cigarette, you can enjoy 2 ml of e-liquid deliciously boosted with nicotine salt (10mg / ml or 20mg / ml). Added to this, it has a battery life of 550 mAh to accompany you for a long time on a daily...

  • Bubble Gum - Ma Petite Vape

    Disposable electronic cigarettes today represent an innovation in the world of vaping. In the case of Bubble Gum, from the Ma petite vape brand, you can directly enjoy a gourmet flavor, without having to refill the cartridge.Indeed, with its autonomy of 550 mAh, this vape pen accompanies you on approximately 600 puffs. You will also be entitled to 2 ml of...

  • Banane Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    If you are a fan of fruity sensations, the disposable electronic cigarette Banane Ice, from the brand Ma petite vape, is made for you. In addition to a beautiful flavor of frosted banana, you will be entitled to 600 puffs, the equivalent of ten days of use. You will enjoy a good vape thanks to its autonomy of 550 mAh. The PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid...

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