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  • Raisin - Elfbar

    Dress up your ballroom, Elf Bar invites you to its gourmet banquet! The manufacturer has concocted a refreshing mixture rich in flavours. Available in a disposable pod, this drink will surprise you with its carefully studied taste, its slightly pulpy texture and its delicately woody aromas. The Grape puff is indeed reminiscent of the feasts of the Roman...

  • Pomme Pêche - Elfbar

    It's picking season at Elf Bar! The best fruits of the orchard have lent their flavours to the disposable Apple Peach pod. This small electronic cigarette with a pre-charged battery of 550 mAh keeps a succulent summer mix in its 2 ml cartridge. With each inhale you'll experience a soft, fresh feeling, complemented by the sweet and sour notes of peach and...

  • Pêche Glacée - Elfbar

    Looking for a change of scenery? The Elf Bar brand offers you the mini electronic cigarette Frozen Peach. Thanks to its small size, you can take this 600 puff disposable pod anywhere you want. Moreover, you don't have to worry about technical details: its 550 mAh battery is precharged, while its cartridge already contains 2 ml of e-liquid. Sit in a quiet...

  • Passion Kiwi Goyave - Elfbar

    Elf Bar has put its new Passion Kiwi Guava cocktail on the shelves: a 600-puff disposable pod that, by its name, already reveals exotic scents. For this concoction, the manufacturer has taken care to marry the acidity of passion fruit with the sweetness of guava and the dapper side of kiwi. With such flavours in your mouth, how can you not imagine...

  • Pastèque - Elfbar

    Like an oasis in the desert, watermelon is known for its moisturizing properties. That's why Elf Bar has chosen it as the main ingredient in their disposable watermelon pod. With this refreshing recipe, you can quench your thirst at any time of the day. As an added bonus, you'll enjoy its fruity, slightly sweet notes with each inhalation.Capable of...

  • Noix de Coco Melon - Elfbar

    Who said that gluttony was a bad habit? For the manufacturer Elf Bar, the satisfaction of vapers is combined with beautiful flavors and combinations as exquisite as complex! This is why the brand has created the Coconut Melon 600 puff disposable pod. This puff with a battery of 550 mAh has something to make the mouth water for lovers of exotic...

  • Myrtille Framboise Acidulée - Elfbar

    The Elf Bar brand has opted for a sumptuous blend of berries and red fruits for its new disposable Blueberry Raspberry Acidulated pod. Mmm, what a delight! In this mini electronic cigarette, you will find 2 ml of e-liquid with a sweet and slightly acidic taste. Believe it or not, this balanced combination is the touch of freshness that was missing in your...

  • Myrtille - Elfbar

    The adventure continues for red fruit lovers at Elf Bar! The manufacturer has used small, fleshy and delicate berries to flavour its new disposable Blueberry pod. You will be completely satisfied with the 600 or so puffs that this mini electronic cigarette promises you. With each inhale, you'll feel the sweet and tart taste of a perfectly balanced...

  • Milkshake Mangue Glacée - Elfbar

    The Elf Bar brand takes you on a journey with its Milkshake Mango Ice puff. With each inhalation, you'll find yourself lying in a hammock, lulled by the breeze and the sound of waves dying on the sand. You'll have nearly 600 puffs to savour this fruity, gourmet mixture. On the menu, there will be plenty of ice cream and milk with the added bonus of sweet...

  • Mangue - Elfbar

    The Elf Bar brand has decided to satisfy gluttonous vapers by manufacturing the disposable Mango pod, a device that is both practical and delicious. Ready to use, this disposable mini electronic cigarette is easy to use and can provide you with up to 600 puffs depending on your vaping habits. Its cartridge already contains 2 ml of creamy e-liquid, while...

  • Menthe Verte - Elfbar

    Come and pick some herbal leaves in the private garden of the Elf Bar brand, with this all-in-one 600 puff disposable pod. A favourite of neo-vapers, the Green Mint mini electronic cigarette hides a pleasantly scented concoction in its 2ml cartridge, with an indisputable freshness. What better way to spice up your vape sessions than with this summery...

  • Mangue Glacée - Elfbar

    A getaway to the tropics, does that tempt you? Elf Bar has come up with a new recipe to delight lovers of fruity vaping! The manufacturer has filled the tank of the disposable pod Iced Mango with 2 ml of smooth and frosty liquid. With each inhalation, you will enjoy a creamy and ultra-fresh mango pulp that will not leave you indifferent. Beyond the...

  • Litchi Glacé - Elfbar

    New at Elf Bar! The brand is launching the Iced Lychee puff, an exotic recipe straight from the tropics. With this disposable pod of 600 puffs, you will enjoy a fluid and slightly pulpy nectar with each inhalation. You'll have a simple mini electronic cigarette that you can take anywhere and that doesn't require any settings. The battery has an autonomy...

  • Limonade Rose - Elfbar

    Satisfy your thirst with Pink Lemonade, a 600 puff puff by Elf Bar. This disposable pod contains 2 ml of sweet and delicate e-liquid made from sparkling lemon juice and grapefruit. This is the perfect summer drink, to be enjoyed at any time, alone or with friends. No need for adjustment: the device is ready to use. It has a generous 550 mAh battery that...

  • Limonade Framboise Bleue - Elfbar

    As usual, the Elf Bar brand reinvents itself to make your vaping sessions unforgettable. With the disposable Blue Raspberry Lemonade pod, each inhalation transports you under the sun, in the shade of a palm tree. Imagine yourself lying on a beach chair with a delicious fruity cocktail of sparkling lemon juice, raspberry syrup and a few ice cubes in your...

  • Glace à Fraise - Elfbar

    Delicious little wild fruit with a strong flavour and subtle taste, the strawberry is undoubtedly the favourite ingredient of the giant Elf Bar for its disposable pods. Today, the manufacturer offers you the Strawberry Ice puff, with its pronounced flavour and its very refreshing touch. This mini electronic cigarette, like its counterparts, is capable of...

  • Fraise Kiwi - Elfbar

    Dare the smooth juice of strawberry spiced up with the spiciness of kiwi for a vape break full of freshness! Equipped with a 550 mAh battery and a cartridge filled with 2 ml of e-liquid, the disposable Strawberry Kiwi pod from Elf Bar is a 600 puff puff that combines ergonomics and good flavours.How can we not appreciate its sun-drenched recipe when we...

  • Fraise Glacée - Elfbar

    The Elf Bar brand unveils its new creation: the disposable Frozen Strawberry pod. From the name alone, you can already tell that the recipe combines irresistible freshness with the timeless flavour of strawberries. With every vape session, you'll be transported to a greenhouse where you'll enjoy a berry as exquisite as it is frosty. Want to know more...

  • Fraise Energisante - Elfbar

    Take the time to breathe and revitalise yourself. With the disposable Strawberry Energising pod from Elf Bar, your vaping sessions will give you the boost you need. This fruity and invigorating preparation combines, in its 2 ml cartridge, the smooth flavour of strawberries with the invigorating character of an energy drink. With each puff (you will have...

  • Fraise Banane - Elfbar

    Holidays, beach, sun... That's what comes to mind when you think of the new disposable pod from the Elf Bar brand: the Strawberry Banana puff. Very practical, this small single-use electronic cigarette, ready to use, has a tank pre-filled with 2 ml of fruity nectar. Its battery has an autonomy of 550 mAh for a capacity of approximately 600 puffs. The...

  • Energy Ice - Elfbar

    Bring an extra boost to your vaping sessions with the Energy Ice disposable pod from Elf Bar! This all-in-one device is ready to use and requires no adjustment on your part. To vapour, all you have to do is suck on the drip tip, and you're done! In its 2 ml tank, you will find an e-liquid with unique energy drink flavours. Depending on the frequency of...

  • Cola - Elfbar

    Timeless taste and unparalleled freshness... These are the words that can describe the recipe contained in the 2 ml carton of Elf Bar's pod Cola. This emblematic drink will transform your vaping sessions into a daily journey of the senses. With its fizzy and highly hydrating nature, you'll enjoy a pleasurable experience that blends the flavours of a...

  • Classic Crème - Elfbar

    Find in this puff by Elf Bar the favourite flavour of first-time vapers. Classic Crème is a disposable pod that will conquer your taste buds with its slightly earthy and full-bodied classic blonde taste, but not only. The 2 ml of e-liquid it contains also contains the aroma of a vanilla cream as smooth as greedy. Very balanced, this unusual combo will...

  • Banane Glacée - Elfbar

    Are you a big fan of sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture? Well, you can enjoy such gourmet flavours by vaping the Elf Bar Banana Ice Disposable Pod. Small, this ready-to-use electronic cigarette is ultra-discreet and can accompany you everywhere. Its 2 ml tank contains a remarkably fresh e-liquid. Each inhalation will give you the impression of...


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