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Avap's e-liquid wholesaler: essential ​​for your shop

Avap has created e liquids since the beginning of vape in France and has become one of the major French manufacturers in the e liquid market. The brand's teams are dedicated to offering only best sellers. Since the launch of their mono-aroma in the market, they have stood out with their flagship product: Red Devil, a red fruit flavor tinged with absinthe, a slight touch of liquorice and this little sensation of freshness. The reputation of this e-liquid is no longer to be proven since an increasing number of shops offer it in their catalog. The most popular ranges from Avap are all available from Greenvillage wholesale's catalog.

E liquids Devil: Red Devil, the one that started it all

In the continuation of its success, all the products in the Devils range are eagerly awaited and shops almost fight for them when launching. The small colorful devils of AVAP have therefore been successfully declined in several flavors and your wholesaler Avap introduces them to you.

- White Devil: the color-free version of the famous Red Devil
- Blue Devil: a fruity mixture based on blue raspberry, blackcurrant and a hint of liquorice. A formula that has its effect!
- Sunny Devil: Following the steps of the previous liquids is not an easy task, but the Sunny Devil has also made its place thanks to the sunny flavor of yellow and exotic fruits and always that little touch of freshness to brighten up each puff.
- Green Devil: While everyone thought it was not possible to continue the momentum of the first Devils, AVAP launched a cactus, lemon, fresh lime flavour. An e-liquid that surprised and which rose among the best sales of e-liquids.
- Pink Devil: The latest addition, it is an incredible quartet where raspberry and cherry mingle accompanied by a delicious apple and a lime flavor. He sits proudly next to his friend the Red Devil.

As these liquids made people sweat by their top sales, an even fresher "Fresh Summer" version was launched to refresh the wildest summers of vapers. The heat wave has become a little spring.

The Devil Squiz e liquids range: fruity duos

Summer is the opportune season for liquids for electronic cigarettes manufacturers. And it was during this period that the Devil Squiz range's duos appeared. Fruity overtones full of peps and there are seven of them. A frosted "µICE' variation is also available. For your wholesaler in e-liquid AVAP, it becomes essential to introduce them: Lemon Cassis, Lemon Mandarin, Double Mango, Strawberry Rhubarb, Watermelon Melon, Mandarin Orange, Apple Pineapple.

AVAP Bollywood e-liquids: Frantic bubblegum dance!

At your wholesaler, you will also find one of the most requested type of flavor: bubblegum. Within the wildest melodies from Bollywood with a touch of Hollywood chewing style. These e-liquids stand out in the catalogs. Here come the bubblegum stars on the e-liquid's red carpet:

- Tikassis: A bubble gum with very cool blackcurrant which will remind some people of chewing gum which has the effect of a wave of air.
- Mahal Abar: He is not an Indian Marajah but he is very strong and shows his muscles. Flavor? a liquid with a strawberry and red fruit taste.
- Holigum: The most US of AVAP's bubblegum e-liquids. Its particuliarity? it is chlorophyll flavoured.

And there you go! AVAP e-liquids are not to be missed and prove to be essential for your shop. They are available in 10ml, 50ml and 90ml. If you need the best e-liquids, your e-liquid wholesaler advises you to have them in the catalog.

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