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DIY e liquid flavoring wholesaler

The new global "do it yourself" trend is spreading to the world of electronic cigarettes. For your stores, it becomes crucial to offer quality ingredients allowing your most expert customers to explore new sensations, new aromas and to personalize their e liquid. Consumers of e-cigarettes are more and more demanding about the quality and origin of the product. Retaining them requires an ability to offer new horizons. Faced with this trend, our team of DIY e-liquid wholesalers went to find the best ingredients to allow your customers to create their e-liquids themselves. In this list of ingredients, the one that attracts the most attention and is responsible for the taste of the final mix: it is the aroma. Discover our selection of flavors for DIY e-liquids at wholesale prices.

The ingredients of a DIY eliquid

An E-liquid is made up of three main parts. The first is made up of the base and nicotine. Almost 80-90% of the final mix is ​​composed of this mixture which will allow the vape and define the nicotine content of the liquid. This mixture is obtained by the alliance of a base and another concentrated nicotine booster liquid, and has no taste or any particular sensation in the mouth. The mouth feel of the e-cigarette, the famous “bite-in-the-mouth” feel, is defined by the additives, which make up about two percent of the blend. This sensation can take many forms (fresh, sweet, sour, etc.) but still has no flavor or aroma.

The crucial role of aroma for DIY e-liquid

However, the aspect most sought after by consumers is this flavor profile. Black fruits, red fruits, exotic fruits, mint, spices, pastries, caramels, etc. : the tantalizing aromas are the origin of the most famous e liquids. The aroma makes up the remaining ten to twenty percent of the do-it-yourself mix. Wholesalers in e-liquid, we have selected a wide range of flavors produced in France and around the world. We have a privileged relationship with our suppliers and have tasted all the products we offer.

Our concentrated aromas for cheap DIY Eliquid

All our DIY concentrated flavors are chosen to allow the design of original and classic e-liquids. We offer a wide range of flavors to help your customers compose their own e-liquids on their own, aware of market preferences. Many customers want to create e-liquids themselves that match their taste or to save money. Some appreciate experimentation and novelty, while others like to head for the great classics and established values. This is why you will be able to find in our catalog of concentrated aroma wholesaler for DIY e liquids, existing and (re) known e liquid aromas, surprising and original aromas as well as simple concentrated aromas for apprentice vapers.

Why choose Greenvillage for your aromas?

Wholesalers in e liquid in France and in Europe, we ensure a direct selection with our producers. Our products come from France, England, Malaysia or the USA and are available in several formats (10ml or 30ml). . Listening to our suppliers, our customers and the market, we have in-depth knowledge of consumer desires and upcoming trends. Experts in the world of e-cigarettes, we have real expertise in creating an effective offer for your consumers. Do not hesitate to contact our advisors if you have any doubts or a question about our selection of flavors for DIY e-liquid.

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