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  • Full Kit Slibox - Kangertech

    The Kangertech Slibox is the perfect vaping companion for pod enthusiasts. With a 2ml refillable tank, it's ideal for holding your favorite e-liquids. The powerful 500mAh battery ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to vape worry-free all day long. Thanks to its Mesh coil technology, the Slibox delivers intense flavors and abundant vapor...

  • Full Kit Ursa Baby Pro - Lost Vape

    The Ursa Baby Pro is a premium pod system that features a maximum output of 25 watts.It is equipped with an upgraded URSA V2 cartridge which increases the coil life by 50% and the flavor by 50%, bringing a refreshing vaping experience to the next level.The pod also has an OLED screen displaying all the information you need for your vape and a 900 mAh...

  • Full Kit Ursa Baby - Lost Vape

    Discover the Kit Ursa Baby from Lost Vape, a few e-cigarettes with a unique and modern design. With a power of 18Watts and a battery of 800mAh, it offers you a satisfying vaping experience all day long. The color system for the battery allows you to easily verify the battery level.The Ursa Nano cartouche offers a serré Mtl tirage for a more realistic...

  • Fraise à la Crème 50ML - Tasty/Liquid Arom

    If you like fruity and gourmet desserts, you will love the Strawberry Cream e-liquid.This delicious blend of juicy strawberries and creamy cream will transport you to a world of sweetness and pleasure. With each puff, you will feel the authentic and savory taste of this classic dessert, which will delight your taste buds and your palate.The Strawberry...

  • Full Kit Iore Crayon - Eleaf

    The Eleaf iCrayon kit is a little gem of technology that stands out for its compact size and elegant design. With its built-in 1000mAh battery, rechargeable via USB-C (1A), you will never run out of power. Plus, a handy LED shows you the remaining battery life.With a maximum power of 15 watts and a 2ml cartridge equipped with an integrated 0.8ohm mesh...

  • Full Kit Centaurus Q200 - Lost Vape

    Enter the intergalactic universe with the Lost Vape Centauraus Q200 electronic cigarette! Equipped with 200 watts of power and intelligent temperature control, this e-cigarette is the perfect solution for space warriors looking to vape on the go.Don't let running out of battery hold you back! The Centauraus Q200 works with two 18650 batteries (not...

  • Full Kit Cyber X - Aspire

    Take a leap into the future with the Cyber X full kit from Aspire! This forward-thinking pod lives up to its name by offering the optimal balance between style and mobility, incorporating transparent cyber elements into its slim, portable design. Available in six fashionable colours, this e-cigarette is perfectly designed to fit easily into your palm,...

  • Kay 50ML - Xcalibur

    With its lemon and tangerine flavor, the magic of this e-liquid from the Xcalibur brand allows you to make a discovery that is both impressive and invigorating. Indeed, this mix leaves at the back of the throat a tangy aftertaste that you will not soon forget.

  • Carallow 50ML - Bakery Shake

    Candy signed Bakery Shake, Carallow is an e-liquid highly adored by the most gourmet. His recipe: soft marshmallows coated with a soft melting caramel coulis.Vaping this marvel available in the 50ml format will remind you of the joys of camping evenings with your friends. Not only will this exquisite topping tantalize your taste buds, but the clouds that...

  • White Park 50ML - Wilkee/Eliquid France

    A small novelty from the Eliquid France brand, the White Park is a gourmet and frozen drink from the Wilkee range.If you are a fan of creamy and tangy mixtures, this e-liquid will suit you perfectly! With this atypical cocktail, discover the joys of a milky beverage slightly enhanced with a zest of lime with crisp flavors. With each puff, your throat will...

  • Gallo Way 50ML - Wilkee/Eliquid France

    Eliquid France takes you on a trip to the tropics through its Gallo Way e-liquid from the Wilkee range. A veritable explosion of flavors, this smooth blend combines a succulent glass of milk with ripe mango flesh.With each puff, the Gallo Way promises you a treat of indulgence and exotic scents. For your greatest pleasure, this e-liquid is packaged in a...

  • Grappe de Raisin - Big Puff

    Among the products of the Big Puff brand, the Grappe de Raisin disposable pod is the most fruity. With this deliciously scented vape pen, rediscover the sweetness of grapes freshly picked from their vine with each puff.Thanks to a cartridge that contains 2 ml of e-liquid, this electronic cigarette can offer you nearly 600 puffs. Depending on the frequency...

  • Full Kit Drag Nano 2 - Voopoo

    No one can stop Voopoo and the Chinese manufacturer continues to expand its Drag range! The Drag Nano 2 Kit is easy to use with a minimalist design. All the same, find a power of 800 mah and a maximum power of 20 watts. Easy to use, it only takes one button to start vaping. This will also be used to select the power level and its LED lights will indicate...

  • Anis Cassis Eucalyptus - Vaze (Pack 4)

    A blend of ripe blackcurrant and fresh eucalyptus with a touch of anise. This fruity recipe will accompany you all day long. Juul compatible cartridge

  • Menthe Glaciale - Wpod/Liquideo (Pack 4)

    Do you know the Liquideo Wpod? It is a very practical mini electronic cigarette in a flat shape. It works thanks to an integrated battery which is recharged using a universal USB cable provided in its pack.This time, to accompany this little device and to vary the pleasures, the manufacturer has created the Wpods Ice Mint capsules.These e-liquid refills,...

  • Pink Dragon - Wpod/Liquideo (Pack 4)

    Welcome Liquideo's Pink Dragon e-liquid with open arms. Instead of spitting fire, this fantastic creature pours a deliciously fruity potion onto the vaposphere.For once, watery red fruits and juicy black grapes have come together to seduce your palate with each puff.But not only that, you will also notice a sweet scent of anise in the top note and a...

  • Cartouche Origin X - Oxva (Pack 2)

    Replacement pod for the Origin X Oxva Kit

  • Ultra Lemon - Vaze (Pack 4)

    Looking for an ultra-lemon drink to liven up your vaping sessions? Vaze offers you a good dose of tone and pep through the Ultra Lemon e-juice.In its composition, you will find generous slices of lemon bathed in a sparkling lemonade.Displaying the colors of summer, this recipe with a deliciously tangy flavor will transport you, in a few puffs, to a...

  • Peach Orange - Vaze (Pack 4)

    Good news for fans of exotic flavors! White peaches and oranges meet with a few ice cubes to create Peach Orange.Concocted by the specialists at Vaze, this tropical potion will bring the sea and the sun to each of your vaping sessions.Your puffs, both sweet and juicy, will take on the flavor and color of summer. Each inhalation will remind you of the...

  • Apple Berry - Vaze (Pack 4)

    Stay fresh all day with Appleberry from Vaze.Thanks to the succulent apple juice and berry nectar that compose it, this sun-drenched mixture will easily quench your thirst.In addition to its gourmet touch, this preparation offers your palate an irresistible fruity note. During your vaping breaks, its summer scents will make you think of holidays and the...

  • American Dream 50ML - Solana

    The French brand Solana immerses you in a gourmet universe with a hint of fruit, through the American Dream recipe.This refreshing cola-flavored drink will quench your thirst from the first touch, thanks to its sparkling, thirst-quenching and subtly sweet side.To awaken your senses, the French manufacturer adds a slightly acidic lime zest to the mixture....

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