Liquideo Sels de nicotine (FR)

Liquideo Sels de nicotine (FR)

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  • Pastèque 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff Flavors/Liquideo

    Immerse yourself in the refreshing experience of Liquideo's Wpuff Flavors Watermelon E-liquid. Let the succulence of watermelon take you on a fruity freshness journey. Vape the excellence with this intense liquid, perfect for a flavorful break that awakens your senses. Transform every moment into an explosion of fruity flavors, capturing the spirit of...

  • Pom Glacée 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff Flavors/Liquideo

    Explore the icy delight of Liquideo's Pom Glacée E-liquid, blending the crispness of apple with an exhilarating frosty touch. Dive into the refreshing universe of Wpuff Flavors, where each puff unleashes an explosion of intense flavor. Feel the coolness, savor the moment.

  • Raisin Glacé 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff Flavors/Liquideo

    Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with Liquideo's Wpuff Flavors Grape Ice e-liquid. Savor each puff of this exquisite fusion of sweet grape and icy coolness. A symphony of flavors for an exceptional vaping journey. Discover pleasure in its purest form, combining the sweetness of grape with a refreshing explosion. Let yourself be carried away by...

  • Ice Cream Fraise 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Immerse yourself in the delightfully cool world of Liquideo's Ice Cream Fraise e-liquid from the Wpuff Flavors range. Indulge in the exquisite strawberry ice cream, enhanced with sweet notes. A unique experience for enthusiasts of fruity and indulgent e-liquids.

  • Litchi Glacé 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff Flavors/Liquideo

    Dive into the frozen ecstasy of Liquideo's Litchi Glacé, a gem from the Wpuff Flavors collection. Savor the intense freshness of lychee blended with exquisite sweetness. A captivating e-liquid that will awaken your senses. Experience the ultimate vaping journey with this icy treasure.

  • Mashmalow 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff Flavors/Liquideo

    Indulge in the sweet universe of Liquideo's Wpuff Flavors "Mashmalow" e-liquid. Savor each puff of this delightful marshmallow flavor. Let yourself be carried away by the sweetness of Mashmalow, a must-have for enthusiasts of gourmet vaping. The perfect blend of indulgence and vapor, a unique experience with every inhale.

  • Menthe Fraiche 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Dive into a wave of freshness with Liquideo's Menthe Fraîche e-liquid from the Wpuff Flavors range. Its intense mint flavor delivers a unique sensory experience. Vapers, surrender to this icy explosion, perfect for refreshing moments. Experience the extreme freshness and transform your vaping moment into a unique journey.

  • Ice Cream Cookie 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Embark on an enchanting journey with Liquideo's Ice Cream Cookie E-liquid, a symphony of captivating ice cream and cookie flavors. Explore the sensory universe with the Wpuff Flavors range. Let yourself be carried away by clouds of delightfully intense vapor, perfect for an exceptional vaping experience.

  • Grosse Fraise 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Indulge in the freshness of Liquideo's Grosse Fraise E-liquid, an explosion of intense strawberry flavor in the refined Wpuff Flavors range. Immerse yourself in an exhilarating vape, balancing sweetness and fruity intensity. Choose a unique experience, perfect for enthusiasts of gourmet e-liquids.

  • Ananas Coconut 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Embark on an exotic journey with Liquideo's Ananas Coconut e-liquid, a captivating tropical blend. Indulge in the perfect harmony of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut. Wpuff Flavors elevates the experience with this divine concoction. Treat yourself to an exquisite vapor, a sensory getaway with every puff.

  • Fruits Rouges 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Wpuff...

    Embark on a fruity explosion with Liquideo's Fruits Rouges E-liquid from the Wpuff Flavors range. Experience the harmony of intense, juicy flavors that define this vaping gem. Indulge in an exceptional sensory journey and surrender to the passion of Fruits Rouges with elegance.

  • American Mix 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Step into the shoes of a real Texan. Liquideo's American Mix e-liquid offers you a little detour through deep America.Simply divine, this e-liquid will make you taste the unbeatable flavor of classic blond. The sweet and pleasant notes in the mouth of this potion will reflect the colors of the traditional vape both to newcomers and to the most...

  • Kiss Full 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Put on your gloves, the indescribable freshness of the Kiss Full e-liquid will surprise you with every puff.Polar, invigorating and icy... this triple menthol-flavored potion from Liquideo boasts the scents and flavors of mint in all its forms.On inhalation, an intense and captivating flavor will make you shiver with pleasure. This explosive mixture in...

  • Popopom 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    A Granny Smith green apple flavor

  • Jolie Blonde 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Liquideo thinks of everything! The manufacturer has specially created Jolie Blonde, a new e-liquid to cheer up those nostalgic for traditional flavors and show the way to beginners in the vaposphere.This recipe carries an authentic classic blond dry and lightly bodied. With each puff, your taste buds will be conquered by a note of tobacco perfectly...

  • Hollywood 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Among Liquideo's flagship e-liquids, Hollywood shines with its irresistible composition. A perfect replica of a chlorophyll chewing gum, this vaping mixture will give you delicious minty puffs with a striking freshness. From the very first contact in the mouth, this potion from the Fifty Salt range will amaze your senses with its invigorating notes and...

  • Framboyz 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Do you like fruity, slightly gourmand compositions? Liquideo's Fifty Salt range, in order to satisfy fruit addicts, went into the woods to pick a wild berry with an irresistibly explosive taste. From this noble quest was born the e-liquid Framboyz, a raspberry flavoured juice. Its  deliciously tangy notes promise you succulent puffs at every vape session....

  • Bloody Frutti 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Welcome to the Eden of the French manufacturer Liquideo! Through the Fifty Salt range, the brand has concocted a new recipe for you: the Bloody Frutti e-liquid. A few mint leaves combine with a good handful of red fruits to give birth to this 10 ml preparation designed for nicotine salt with its 50PG/50VG base. From the first puffs, this duo invites you...

  • Le M 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Liquideo

    Liquideo returns to the charge with the e-liquid Le M. On the program, a little homecoming for connoisseurs and a great initiation for primovapoteurs.This characterful classic offers the authentic note of dry, neutral tobacco with a slight sweet touch.You will enjoy a pronounced hit and a sweet flavor with each vaping session. This nugget from the...

Liquideo Sels de nicotine

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