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  • Résistance M-coil - Smoktech (Par 3)

    Explore the M-coil resistance by Smoktech, available in 0.4 ohm, 0.6 ohm, and 0.8 ohm. Specifically designed for the Tech247 cartridge, it delivers excellent flavor reproduction and impressive vapor production. Choose quality and innovation in the world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Résistance PnP X - Voopoo (Par 5)

    The PNP-X resistances from the brand Voopoo deliver an exceptional vaping experience. Available in various versions of 0.15 ohm, 0.2 ohm, 0.3 ohm, and 0.6 ohm, these resistances are compatible with PNP X MTL and PNP X DTL mods. Thanks to their advanced technical design, they ensure excellent flavor reproduction and abundant vapor production. The build...

  • Resistance RPM3 - Smoktech (Par 5)

    Looking for an unparalleled vaping experience with your e-cigarette? Discover the RPM3 resistances from Smoktech. Compatible with Smoktech's Nord GT kit, these resistances are designed for direct-to-lung (DTL) inhalation, providing excellent flavor reproduction. Pair them with Nord GT cartridges for an optimal vaping experience.

  • Resistance (A Series) - Geekvape

    Resistance for Z MTL Tank atomizer. A 0.8 ohm: 12 - 16W A 1.2 ohm: 8 - 12W

  • Resistance Serie B - MPV (PACK 5)

    MPV coils are coils compatible with Geekvape atomizers using B Series coils. Each coil is carefully crafted by a factory expert in coil design to provide vapers with denser clouds and richer flavor. Each of the resistors is built in MESH for better air and steam circulation. They also feature 100% organic and natural cotton as well as a vertical MESH...

  • Cartouche Slibox - Kangertech (Par 2)

    The Kangertech Slibox 0.8ohm cartridges are the perfect choice for all vaping enthusiasts. Each cartridge comes with a 0.8ohm Mesh coil, providing a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. With a 2ml capacity, you can enjoy your favorite e-liquids to the fullest. The Mesh coil technology ensures even heating of the e-liquid, resulting in rich and intense...

  • Résistances SII - Lyss (Par 5)

    Pack of 5 Resistors LC1 1.2oHm and LC2 0.7oHm for LYSS SII kit. LC1: 9W - 10W - 11W LC2: 17W - 18W - 19W

  • Resistance Serie Z - MPV (PACK 5)

    MPV resistors are resistors compatible with Zeus sub ohm. Each coil is carefully crafted by a factory expert in coil design to provide vapers with denser clouds and richer flavor.Each of the resistors is built in MESH for better air and steam circulation. They also feature 100% organic and natural cotton as well as a vertical MESH construction for added...

  • Resistance Serie PnP VM - MPV (PACK 5)

    MPV coils are recognized as the new benchmark in vaping.They are carefully designed by a factory specialized in the manufacture of coils in order to provide denser clouds and a richer flavor.All MPV coils are subject to strict quality standards. They are all made of MESH to ensure even distribution and an optimal heating surface.In addition, the cotton...

  • Résistance PnP DW60/80 - Voopoo (Pack 5)

    Pnp-DW resistors are compatible with all devices accepting PnP resistors. DW60: 18W - 23W DW80: 12W - 16W

  • Résistance DotCoil - Dotmod (Par 5)

    Resistors for DotAIO V2, DotTank 25, Dotstick Revo models- 0.15 O, in SS316L mesh, to be used between 60 and 80 W. (dotAIO V2 and dotTank 25 only)- 0.3 O, in SS316L mesh, to be used between 25 and 40 W.- 0.7 O, in SS316L mesh, to be used between 14 and 20 W.- 0.9 O, in SS316L mesh, to be used between 12 and 16 W.

  • Resistance UB Mini - Lost Vape (PACK 5)

    The Lost Vape UB Mini 5-Coil Pack is essential for vapers seeking faithful flavor reproduction. Made with the best materials available in the vape industry, the UB Mini coils offer optimal performance on the Ursa Baby Pro, Ursa Nano Pro, Ursa Baby and Ursa Nano. They have a superior capillary capacity and considerable vapor production, making this product...

  • Résistance UB Lite - Lost Vape (PACK 5)

    Coil L1 0.4ohm (20-30W), balanced RDL vapeCoil L3 0.8ohm (12-17W), tight RDL vape focused on "flavors"Coil L6 1ohm (10-15W), tight MTL vapeCoil L5 1.4ohm (8-10W), very tight MTL vape

  • Résistance X35 -Moti (Pack5)

    The Moti X35 resistors are designed to be used with Vaporesso X Mini pods. They are made from mesh, which promises generous vapor production and excellent flavor restoration. They have a resistance of 0.35 ohm, making them ideal for use with powers of 30 to 40 watts. These resistors are also easy to install and replace for convenient use.

  • Resistance BP - Aspire (Par 5)

    BP Mesh 0.15 ohm to be used between 60 and 80 watts.BP Mesh Pro 0.15 ohm to be used between 80 and 100 watts.BP Mesh 0.17 ohm to be used between 45 and 55 watts.BP Mesh 0.3 ohm to be used at 30 and 40 watts.BP 0.60 ohm to be used at 15 and 25 watts.BP 1.0 ohm for use at 10 and 16 watts.

  • Resistance UB Ultra - Lost Vape (PACK 5)

    Do we really need to present one of the pillars of vaping? Lost Vape has long conquered the vaposphere with its high-flying products. The brand suggests, this time, its famous pack of 5 Ultra Boost coils to transcend the flavors of your favorite e-liquids.These are compatible with the Ultra Boost X clearomiser, the Gemini Hybrid pod and the Thelema...

  • Resistance UB Max - Lost Vape (PACK 3)

    Here are the UB Max resistors that can be installed on the Lost vape Centaurus atomizer. Sold in sets of 3, you will have the choice between 3 variations.3 resistors NI80 X1 0.15 ohm to be used between 80 and 120 watts.3 resistors NI80 X2 0.20 ohm to be used between 60 and 80 watts.3 Kanthal X3 0.30 ohm resistors to be used between 40 and 60 watts.

  • Résistance Feelin / Mini /X / Pagee - Nevoks (Pack 5)

    Do you want to vary the sensations and the pleasures with your Feelin or Pagee kit from the Nevoks brand? This set of Feelin SPL-10 coils, designed especially for the Pagee, Feelin, Feelin Mini and Feelin X pods, will certainly restore vigor to your puffs! Sold in packs of 5 (value of your choice), these resistors allow you to enjoy a vape à la carte: in...

  • Resistance MTX - Vaporesso (Par 5)

    The MTX Coils are compatible with the Gen Fit Kit and the iTank M Clearomiser by Vaporesso. They are designed for an indirect inhaling (MTL) vape with excellent flavor rendering.MTX resistors exist in 1.2 ohm, usable on a range from 8 to 12W.They are made with a mesh which is a resistive mesh surrounded by a quality cotton selected for its absorbent...

  • Resistance Z Force - Innokin (Par 5)

    Innokin Zforce atomizer coils

  • Resistance GTI - Vaporesso (Par 5)

    The GTI coils for the Vaporesso iTank atomizer are designed with a Mesh resistor to bring you a large production of vapor and an excellent restitution of flavors. Several versions are available:0.15ohm: wattage range 75W-90W0.2ohm: wattage range 60W-75W0.4ohm: wattage range 50W-60W0.5ohm: wattage range 30W-40W

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