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  • Concentre Paris Brest 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    A cult French pastry, Paris Brest is now found in our vapers thanks to this homonymous e-liquid created by La Fabrique Française. Enjoy this dessert in the shape of a bicycle wheel at each vaping session and immerse yourself in the excitement of the most beautiful cycling race in France. Whether you're in the living room, office or on the street, each...

  • Concentre Le Pain d'Epices 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Lots of honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and many other spices with an intoxicating scent, these are the ingredients of the new e-liquid from La Fabrique Française. Packaged in a 30 ml DIY concentrate, Le Pain d'Épices offers a pleasant and balanced taste on the palate. From the first puffs, the taste buds discover intense flavors that are accompanied by a...

  • Concentre Le Mille Feuille 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Bring a touch of gluttony to your vape with Le Mille Feuille, a delicious dessert signed La Fabrique Française. Through this gourmet e-liquid, the brand's flavourists intend to spoil lovers of sweetness. In a concentrated aroma of 30 ml (DIY) several flavors intermingle: three layers of puff pastry, two layers of pastry cream and a sumptuous sugar icing...

  • Concentre Opera 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Welcome to the gourmet world of La Fabrique Française! The brand's cooks have concocted a delicious dessert in the form of a gourmet e-liquid to accompany your vaping sessions. With L'Opéra, you will savor a classic and refined chocolate and coffee dessert. Your clouds will fill the whole room with their scent, while your puffs will have the emblematic...

  • Concentre Le Petit Beurre 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Once again, La Fabrique Française hoists the tricolor high! For once, the brand faithfully reproduces in its e-liquid Le P'tit Beurre the flavors of the famous dry cakes of the same name. Who would forget the snacks and breaks accompanied by these delicious shortbread biscuits? For vapers, it will be in a completely different setting, through vaping...

  • Concentre Crumble 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Everyone knows the croustade, a pudding-style dessert adopted by all pastry shops worthy of the name. For the pleasure of gourmet vapers, La Fabrique Française has chosen to reproduce this succulent recipe through its new e-liquid: Le Crumble. For its part, the brand accompanies its shortcrust pastry with a tasty layer of sweet apples. Imagine all this...

  • Concentre L'éclair au café 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Summary La Fabrique Française invites vapers to meet on the terrace of its tea room. On the programme, the tasting of its brand new recipe: L'Éclair au Café. As its name suggests, this is a delicious treat that the brand's master pastry chefs have faithfully transcribed into a 30ml DIY aroma concentrate. When you moisten your lips with this potion, you...

  • Concentre L'Ile Flottante 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    La Fabrique Française shows what it is capable of with its latest creation: L'île Flottante. Faithfully transcribed in a 30ml bottle of concentrated aroma for DIY, this dessert recipe leaves vapers speechless with its puffs as succulent as they are tasty. How can you remain unmoved in front of a delicious cup of custard and whipped egg whites, covered...

  • Concentre La Galette des Rois 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    It is the turn of La Galette des Rois to amaze the vaposphere. Expert in pastry, La Fabrique Française brings back to life a traditional recipe that will delight more people. By tasting this gourmet beverage, you will have the impression of crunching your teeth into a crispy puff pastry that contains a delicious frangipane.In contact with this exquisite...

  • Concentre La Perle de Coco 30ML - La Fabrique Francaise

    Have you ever tasted La Perle de Coco? La Fabrique Française invites vapers to discover this Chinese specialty by creating an e-liquid of the same name. You will thus find this typically Asian dessert in each of your puffs. With each suction, it will be like biting straight into a sticky rice cake.Your treat will then release a luscious heart of sugar and...

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