Zap Juice / Aisu - Sel de Nicotine (UK)

Zap Juice / Aisu - Sel de Nicotine (UK)

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  • Blackcurrant Rosehip 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Aisu Juice

    In the world of e-liquids, there are flavors that transport you to a world of sweetness and delight. Blackcurrant Rosehip from Aisu Juice is one such liquid. This liquid with the taste of blackcurrant, rose and a dose of freshness is a real delight for the taste buds.On the palate, the blackcurrant is intense and sweet. The subtle rose brings a touch of...

  • Cactus 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Aisu Juice

    Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the desert, where cacti stand proudly under a scorching sun. Their sweet sap and unique flavor have been captured in every puff of this e-liquid.The taste of the cactus is subtly enhanced by a touch of freshness, reminiscent of the oases hidden between the sand dunes. This harmonious blend will transport you on...

  • Mango Peach 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Aisu Juice

    It's sunny all year round with the Aisu range from Zap! Juice range. To brighten up the vape community, the collection welcomes Mango & Peach e-liquid, a new summer recipe. Melt-in-your-mouth mango flesh and juicy peach pulp will delight your taste buds when you try this delicious concoction. Each inhalation will give you fruity and sweet puffs,...

  • Yoguruto Peach & Apricot 10ML (Sel de nicotine) - Aisu Juice

    Welcome to the sunny world of Zap! Juice. The British brand invites you to enjoy a walk in the hollow of its magnificent orchard, during your vaping sessions, to recharge your batteries and regain your morale. It is in this fruit garden that she picked the few peaches and apricots that mainly make up the recipe for the Peach & Apricot e-liquid. This...

  • Pink Guava (Nic Salt) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    Through Pink Guava e-liquid, Zap! Juice is for fans of exotic flavors. The British brand opts for a succulent pink-fleshed guava and lots of ice cubes to enhance its recipe. From the first puffs, you will see yourself in a hammock, on the terrace, enjoying a cold drink. While a cold breeze will make you shiver with pleasure, a delicious sweet note will...

  • Blackcurrant (Nic salt) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    The sun is beating down hard on the vaposphere! What better way to keep cool than Blackcurrant e-liquid from Aisu Juice. This brand new recipe features a succulent blackcurrant coulis spread on a bed of crushed ice. Without leaving your sofa, enjoy this dapper and fruity cocktail as if you were at the beach. As you savor each puff of this...

  • Mango (Nic Salt) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    Find the mango in all its splendor with the Mango e-liquid from Zap! Juice. Terribly fresh, this sun-drenched potion takes you on a vaping session in the tropics. By sucking into your e-cigarette, your taste buds will be buried under an avalanche of exotic flavors. You will smell, from the first puffs, a delicious fruity fragrance as well as a bewitching...

  • Green Apple (Nic Salt) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    Enjoy life's simple pleasures with Green Apple e-liquid. From the orchard of Zap! Juice, this concoction transcribes the authentic taste of a green apple as juicy as it is crunchy. The British brand, to bring a nice touch of freshness to the preparation, took care to add a few ice cubes to the mixture. When inhaled, your palate will succumb to a delicious...

  • Aloe Vera (Sel nicotine) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    Quench your thirst with Zap's never-before-seen recipes! Juice. The Aloe Vera e-liquid from the Aisu range is like a spring that gushes out in the middle of the desert. Thirst-quenching, this summer concoction features the slightly acidic flavor with citrus notes of aloe vera. Thanks to this terribly cool drink, you will be able to face the heat and...

  • Dragon Fruit (Sel nicotine) 10ML - Aisu Juice

    Bring a touch of exoticism to your vape with Zap's Dragon Fruit e-liquid! Juice. Juicy and sweet, the flavor of pitaya is reminiscent of summer and holidays, right from the first puffs. For even more pleasure, each inhalation is accompanied by a breeze of freshness that caresses your taste buds and awakens your senses. At each of your vaping sessions, let...

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