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  • Full Kit Aegis Nano 2 (AN2) - Geekvape

    Dive into the captivating world of vaping with the Geekvape Aegis Nano 2 (AN2) electronic cigarette. This little marvel is equipped with a single-use AN2 cartridge with a capacity of 2 ml, offering an immersive and convenient vaping experience. The design of the AN2 is both compact, ergonomic, and adorned with original patterns, making it the ideal...

  • Full Kit Digi Q - Geekvape

    The Geekvape Digi Q electronic cigarette revolutionizes the vaping experience with its innovative design and advanced features. The disposable Q cartridge, with a capacity of 2 ml, offers a practical and easy solution for beginner vapers. With adjustable airflow, the Digi Q allows for total customization of the draw, suitable for both MTL (Mouth to Lung)...

  • Orange Sanguine - Ma Petite Vape

    Journey to the Heart of Citrus: Each puff of the Blood Orange Single-Use E-Cigarette is like a stroll through a sunny orchard of juicy blood oranges. The combination of the sweet and tangy taste of blood orange creates an exquisite harmony that awakens your taste buds. Let yourself be enchanted by this natural fragrance and let the energy of citrus...

  • Full Kit Klypse Zip - Innokin

    The Klypse Zip from Innokin is an essential MTL electronic cigarette, offering a complete kit that will seduce you. With its minimalist design, this pod does not require any adjustment to operate. Simply inhale through the driptip to enjoy your e-liquid. The 2ml capacity reservoir can be refilled easily with a side entry on the pod, and is secured with a...

  • Crazy Frost 50ML - Savourea

    Immerse yourself in an icy explosion of flavors with Crazy Frost e-liquid! Savor each puff of an intense icy mint that invades your taste buds with freshness and vigor. This liquid from the Crazy range, created by Savourea, offers a unique and refreshing taste experience. Let yourself be seduced by its incredibly fresh taste and invigorating aroma that...

  • Crazy Cola 50ML - Savourea

    Get ready for a mind-blowing taste experience with Crazy Cola. This precious nectar, imagined by the masters of vaping in the Crazy de Savourea range, transports your senses into a whirlwind of flavors. Savor the exquisite combination of Cola drink and cola candy, a sweet and sparkling mixture that will delight your palate. Let yourself be carried away...

  • Pod Feelin A1 - Nevoks

    The Feelin A1 from Nevoks is an innovative e-cigarette that offers an incomparable vaping experience. With its elegant design and advanced features, it is designed to satisfy all vapers. The Feelin A1 allows you to customize your vaping experience with direct or indirect inhaling. Its built-in 1000 mAh battery provides extended battery life for all-day...

  • Pod Minican 3 Pro - Aspire

    The Aspire Minican 3 Pro e-cigarette is a go-to choice for e-cigarette enthusiasts looking for a high-quality vaping experience. Carefully crafted by Aspire, a reputable brand in the vape industry, this e-cigarette combines exceptional performance, sleek design and ease of use to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. Equipped with a 900mAh built-in...

  • Kingdom Frost 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Discover the icy realm with Kingdom Frost by Solana, a 50ml e-liquid from the Walking Red Frost range. This captivating liquid skillfully blends exotic flavors of succulent lychee and tangy raspberry, enhanced by a refreshing coolness. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where the kingdom of the dead intertwines with an explosion of flavors.Each puff...

  • Full Kit DotPod Nano Edition Limitée - Dotmod

    Discover the ultimate vaping experience with the new Dotpod Nano electronic cigarette from Dotmod, a compact and sophisticated pod that will elegantly accompany you in your vaping routine.Getting started with the Dotpod Nano is very intuitive. Simply fill the integrated Dotpod cartridge and insert it into the device's magnetic slot to start vaping simply...

  • Litchi Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    Dear first-time vapers, Ma Petite Vape offers you a smooth entry into the world of electronic cigarettes with its new Litchi Ice puff. In addition to being discreet, this disposable pod has the merit of being remarkably efficient: it is triggered by aspiration and needs no adjustment. Its battery has a comfortable autonomy of 500 mAh, while its tank...

  • Full Kit Vilter Fun - Aspire

    The Vilter Fun full kit is a great way to get the most out of your vaping experience. Sober and intuitive, this e-cigarette is aimed at first-time vapers as well as the more experienced. In addition to its small size and its peach skin coating with a particularly pleasant touch, the Vilter Fun pod can boast of offering a simple and no fuss vape to its...

  • Tahiti 50ML - High Creek/Liquid Arom

    Give free rein to your holiday desires with the e-liquid Tahiti by High Creek/LiquidArom. Destination French Polynesia with each vaping session, to experience a unique journey in an enchanting setting! You don't need a passport or visa for this escape: all you have to do is take your 50 ml bottle and find a quiet place. Once you've settled in, fasten...

  • Grape Star 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Designed by Dinner Lady, for its Moments range, Grape Star e-liquid is making a triumphant entry into the vape community. This fruity mix with an original recipe stands out from the others by its particularly intense taste. To make its potion a success, the brand from across the Channel has extracted the juice from the finest bunches of red and black...

  • Raisin Energisant - Ma Petite Vape

    A fan of fruity flavours, Ma Petite Vape launches the Energising Grape disposable pod into the world of vape. Automated, it detects your inhalation and immediately releases a cloud. Enjoy a relaxing vape enhanced by the roundness of a bunch of intensely sweet grapes. With each inhalation, you will also find the fizzy side of an energy drink without...

  • Kit Pod Avocado Baby 2ML 1100mAh - Vaptio

    Discover elegance in a different way through the Pod Avocado Baby. Easy to use, this kit signed Vaptio enjoys a great performance. Indeed, it has a 1100 mAh battery that you can recharge with a USB-C cable.Besides that, it has a 2ml capacity cartridge with side filling. A resistance of 0.7 ohm is already integrated in it. Thanks to this resistance, you...

  • Tropical Ice - Ma Petite Vape

    Want to treat yourself to a sweet and exotic break? Discover the Tropical Ice disposable electronic cigarette from the Ma petite vape brand. With its fruity flavor, with a sweet blend of coconut and fresh pineapple, this e-cigarette will please gourmet vapers.With an autonomy of 550 mAh, this vape pen offers you 600 sumptuous puffs, which will keep you...

  • Le Thé Fruits des Bois 50ML - Maison Distiller

    The gourmet and tangy flavors invite themselves into the bottles of e-liquids from the French manufacturer Maison Distiller. Strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or even blackcurrants...Red berries, also called berries, are essential in the world of vaping. In addition to being delicious and refreshing, these little nuggets of...

  • Kanzi Iced 50ML de Twelve Monkeys

    Live a magical experience with Kanzi Iced. Imagine strolling through an enchanted orchard, where juicy strawberries, exotic kiwis and sweet candies mingle harmoniously. Feel the freshness icy your taste buds with each inhalation. Kanzi Iced transports you to a magical world of deliciously refreshing vapour.

  • Papio 50ML de Twelve Monkeys

    Let yourself be enchanted by the magical story of Papio, an e-liquid that transports you to a secret jungle where monkeys delight in the tastiest pineapple. Discover the bewitching flavors of this exotic fruit and let Papio give you an unforgettable vaping experience.


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