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  • Unicorn Frappé on Ice 100ML - Juice Man's

    With the Unicorn Frappé on Ice e-liquid, there is a funfair atmosphere in the vaposphere.Indeed, you will find in this gourmet cocktail everything that a gluttonous vaper would love: beautiful fleshy and juicy mangoes, blue raspberries, but especially whipped cream and cotton candy. To complete it all, Juice Man's has not forgotten to add a refreshing...

  • VCT Ripe Vapes 100ML - Ripe Vapes

    Are you taking your first steps into the vaposphere and want to start with something simple?The VCT is just what you need. This frank and honest recipe from the American brand Ripe Vapes perfectly restores the flavors of a sweet and light classic which is enhanced by a deliciously gourmet vanilla custard.Also aimed at experienced vapers who aspire to go...

  • Menthol Ice 10ML - Halo

    Halo makes a splash with Menthol Ice! This premium e-liquid with a flavor as lively as it is realistic will give you an incredible vaping experience!From the first contact, your taste buds will be buried under an intense freshness. Each puff will be pleasantly punchy with its irresistible taste of frosted mint.Concocted with the greatest care by the...

  • Cinema 3 100ML de Cloud of Icarus

    Cloud of Icarus does not change a winning team! In addition, the brand completes the Cinema Reserve saga with Act 3, a new e-liquid that takes on the intensity and delicacy of its elders.This time, vapers will enjoy a delicious cream cake covered with caramelized popcorn. What a treat !Just hearing it makes you want to! Your puffs, of infinite sweetness,...

  • VCT Private Reserve 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    Lovers of e-liquids aged in oak barrels will find pleasure in getting their supplies from the private reserve of Ripe Vapes.The American brand, to satisfy experienced vapers and beginners, has released a Private Reserve version of its VCT vape elixir from its cellar. For this revisited recipe, the basic formula has not changed: a good classic sweet and...

  • Caramel 50ML - Candy Pops

    A bit nostalgic, Candy Pops returns to a delicious treat from yesteryear. This time, the brand is revisiting the recipe for a cult candy to create the Caramel e-liquid.With each puff, its exquisite and gourmet notes will make you quiver with pleasure while sweet clouds will reopen the doors of your childhood.A real vaping version of a caramel-flavoured...

  • Unicorn Frappé 100ML - Juice Man's

    Through the Unicorn Frappé, Juice Man's arrives in the vaposphere with arms full of deliciousness. The manufacturer has concocted an exquisite blend that combines gourmet and fruity.In its bottle, you will find luscious mangoes, juicy blue raspberries, whipped cream and also cotton candy.During a vaping session, immerse yourself in a sweet universe and...

  • VCT 50ML - Ripe Vapes

    Are you taking your first steps into the vaposphere and want to start with something simple?The VCT is just what you need. This frank and honest recipe from the American brand Ripe Vapes perfectly restores the flavors of a sweet and light classic which is enhanced by a deliciously gourmet vanilla custard.Also aimed at experienced vapers who aspire to go...

  • Torque 56 50ML de Halo

    Welcome to the world of premium vaping with the Halo Torque 56. Through this characterful classic, the savviest will be able to go back to basics while new vapers will experience unprecedented vaping sessions.Besides an intense aroma of authentic dark tobacco, your puffs will also be accompanied by a powerful hit in the throat.As soon as you feel like it,...

  • Cinema 2 100ML de Cloud of Icarus

    Prepare your seats and your vapers, Cloud of Icarus returns with the sequel to Cinema Reserve: Act 2.To mark the occasion and once again conquer the hearts of vapers, the manufacturer has used a succulent buttered French toast. As if that weren't enough, we covered it with melting caramel and pecan nuts.Each puff will be a unique taste experience: while a...

  • Flan de Coco 50ML de La Lecheria Vape

    Succumb to temptation with the Flan de Coco e-liquid from La Lecheria Vape. Aptly named, this succulent potion carries in its pretty vial milk mixed with vanilla cream and grated coconut.Nothing but smooth, sweet flavors that will tickle your taste buds with every puff! Terribly gourmet, this little entremet will enhance your vaping breaks with its tender...

  • Turkish 50ML de Halo

    How about a little tour under the Turkish sky? This is what the Turkish from the manufacturer Halo offers you.Whether you are a beginner or a layman, this sublime classic blond will not leave you indifferent. From the first puffs, you will smell this irresistible note of sun-dried tobacco. Opt for this beverage in its raw state that you will have fun...

  • Prime 15 50ML de Halo

    Succumb to Halo's Prime 15. A clever mix of classic and gourmet, this e-juice has a woody fragrance of blond tobacco with a sweet note of cocoa.Your puffs, both intense and velvety, will take you back to your first steps in the world of vaping. If you are just beginning to discover this universe, this potion will reveal all the secrets that make it an...

  • Malibu 50ML de Halo

    Set sail for the tropics with Halo's Malibu e-liquid. In its pretty bottle, this concoction offers you a mixture of pineapple and coconut juice with an irresistible touch of fresh mint.In the company of this succulent exotic cocktail, it will be as if you were at the edge of a turquoise sea for a vaping session. Its mild and sweet flavor will not leave...

  • Cinema 100ML de Cloud of Icarus

    Who says cinema, says popcorn! With its new Cinema Reserve Act 1 e-liquid, Cloud of Icarus has incorporated popcorn into its recipe. But not only ! With each puff, you will also enjoy a succulent vanilla crème brûlée.As soon as the giant 100 ml bottle opens, a sublime custard fragrance is released and intends to seduce everything in its path. In addition,...

  • Sub Zero 50ML de Halo

    Let yourself be tempted by Halo's Sub Zero! With a stunning freshness, this potion will make you shiver with pleasure from the first contact.With each hit, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with a minty ice storm with a slightly tangy flavor.For a few puffs, discover the vaposphere’s ice floe and enjoy a delicious frosty breath that will put you back on...

  • Tribeca 50ML de Halo

    Halo continues its momentum with the Tribeca! Inclined to gluttony, the renowned brand has revisited the recipe for its timeless classic blond. For this, fine flavourists have combined vanilla pods and nuts with tobacco leaves.For even more sweetness, you will also enhance the flavor of a good melting caramel with each puff.Treat yourself and enjoy this...

  • Flan de Leche 50ML de La Lecheria Vape

    A sudden craving for sweets? The Flan de Leche e-liquid from La Lecheria Vape comes to your rescue! This divinely sweet potion pays homage to the delicious Spanish recipe consisting of condensed milk and eggs, all flavored with a vanilla bean.As a dessert or as a snack, this exceptional pastry will satisfy the appetite of vaposphere gluttons. Take a good...

  • Flan de Fresas 50ML de La Lecheria Vape

    Get ready, La Lecheria Vape is coming with a very tasty recipe.This time, the manufacturer has used beautiful strawberries ripened in the sun as well as a bed of milk and egg flan to prepare an exceptional e-liquid: Flan de Fresas.Each puff, embellished with a small fruity note, will make you discover a world of flavors and tenderness.While a pleasant...

  • Flan de Caramel 50ML de La Lecheria Vape

    A little milk, cream and caramel coulis, that's all it took for La Lecheria Vape to create its new Flan de Caramel e-liquid.As soon as you open the bottle, your senses will be seduced by a delicious gourmet scent that will remind you of grandma's stoves.Once you taste it, this succulent nectar will bury your taste buds in an avalanche of sweet flavors,...

  • Classic Chocolate Chip and Graham Crackers 50ML de Smores...

    Have you ever heard of “s’mores”? Contraction of "I (want) some more", in other words "(I want) more", it is a typical delicacy of American campfires.To prepare it, nothing could be simpler: you make a sandwich with two flat cookies, a square of chocolate and a toasted marshmallow. A true delight !It is this succulent recipe that Smores Addict invites you...

  • Churros and Vanilla Ice Cream de Smores Addict

    The expert in American-style gourmet recipes has struck again! Smores Addict releases a new nugget of the vape which, just by its name, already makes you dream of fairgrounds and campfires.Churros and Vanilla Ice Cream is an exquisite e-liquid that combines the freshness of vanilla ice cream with the crunch of two churros covered in white sugar.For a 100%...

  • Chewy Coconut Cookies and White Chocolate 50ML de Smores...

    Smores Addict knows how to do it when it comes to gourmet e-liquids. His new Chewy Coconut Cookies and White Chocolate recipe will surprise your palate with both its bewitching flavor and its intoxicating scent.In addition to the emblematic taste of a soft coconut cake that will settle on your taste buds, you will also notice a sweet sweet note of roasted...

  • Peach n Lychee 60ML de Bubble Island

    Head to a paradise island with Bubble Island's Peach n Lychee e-liquid.With its enchanting flavors and exotic touch, this sun-drenched potion will teleport vaping sessions to a beautiful deserted beach.In the shade of a coconut tree, enjoy exquisite and juicy puffs just like the peaches and lychees they contain. Succumb to a festival of fruity and sweet...

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