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  • Limonade Citron Vert Myrtilles sauvages 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into a whirlwind of freshness with Biggy Bear's Wild Blueberry Lime Lemonade e-liquid. This flavor explosion combines the fizzy tartness of lime, the juicy sweetness of wild blueberries, and the zesty kick of ice-cold lemonade. Each puff transports vapers to an effervescent universe where bubbles dance on the tongue and taste buds awaken. A cocktail...

  • Limonade Fruits Rouges 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into a whirlwind of freshness with Biggy Bear's Red Fruit Lemonade e-liquid. This explosive flavor blends the sparkling tanginess of an icy lemonade with the sweet lusciousness of sun-kissed red fruits. Each puff transports you to a summer orchard, where strawberry, raspberry, and currant aromas dance on your taste buds. A refreshing cocktail that...

  • Fruits Rouges givrés Light Edition 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into an icy whirlwind of fruity flavors with Biggy Bear's Fruits Rouges Givrés - Light Edition. This bold e-liquid blends the sweet tenderness of red berries with a striking frosty freshness. Each puff transports vapers to an enchanted orchard, where strawberries, raspberries, and currants dance on the tongue, enveloped in a veil of frost. A light...

  • Grenadine Framboise Fraise 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into a fruity whirlwind with Biggy Bear's Grenadine Framboise Fraise e-liquid. This flavor symphony enchants taste buds, blending the tangy sweetness of grenadine with the juicy freshness of strawberries and raspberries. Each puff transports vapers to a summer orchard, where red fruits dance on the tongue. A vaporous cocktail that awakens the senses...

  • Cerise Framboise Frais 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into a fruity whirlwind with Biggy Bear's Cherry Raspberry Fresh e-liquid. This captivating flavor symphony blends the juicy sweetness of cherries with the tangy zest of raspberries, all wrapped in a cool breeze that awakens the taste buds. Each puff transports you to a summer orchard, where sun-drenched fruits burst in your mouth. A sensory journey...

  • Gum Bull 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into the sweet universe of Biggy Bear with the Gum Bull from the Baby Bear range. A e-liquid that skillfully combines the taste of bubble gum with the refreshing sparkle of this famous energy drink. A unique and explosive taste experience!

  • Melon Berry Lychee 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into a festival of flavors with the Melon Berry Lychee by Biggy Bear. This e-liquid from the Baby Bear range takes you to a summer garden where juicy melon, sweet berries, and exotic lychee blend perfectly.

  • Red Iceberg 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into the icy universe of Red Iceberg by Biggy Bear. The Baby Bear range unveils an audacious blend of red fruits and an intense freshness. A unique taste experience in its kind.

  • Strawberry Granate 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into a festival of flavors with the e-liquid Strawberry Granate by Biggy Bear. The sweet strawberry and the tangy pomegranate juice blend perfectly in the Baby Bear range. A unique taste experience for vaping enthusiasts.

  • Watermelon Peach Lychee 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into an exquisite fruit cocktail with the e-liquid Watermelon Peach Lychee by Biggy Bear. The Baby Bear range takes you on a gourmet journey where the juicy watermelon, sweet peach and exotic lychee blend perfectly. Let yourself be seduced by this fruity flavor explosion!

  • Berry Fusion 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into a fruit whirlpool with the Berry Fusion e-liquid from the Biggy Bear brand. This creation from the Baby Bear range skillfully blends the sweet flavors of raspberry and blueberry. A tangy balance perfects this symphony of tastes, for a unique and intense vaping experience.

  • Crazy Mojito 100ml - Baby Bear

    Dive into a whirlwind of freshness with Biggy Bear's Crazy Mojito! An e-liquid with hints of lime and sugar, enhanced by an icy mint. A tasty and refreshing experience, brought to you by Baby Bear.

  • Mix de Fraises Acidulées 200ML - Biggy Bear Evo

    Discover the e-liquid Mix of Tart Strawberries from the brand Biggy Bear, in the Evo line. An irresistible blend of juicy and tart strawberries, for a fruity and intense vaping experience. Indulge in this e-liquid with delicious and refreshing flavors.

  • Grenade Fraise Kiwi 200ML - Biggy Bear Evo

    Dive into an exhilarating fruit cocktail with the Grenade Fraise Kiwi e-liquid from the Biggy Bear brand. The Evo range promises you an unprecedented taste experience, where the sweet notes of the pomegranate intertwine with the softness of the strawberry and the acidity of the kiwi. An e-liquid with intense and balanced flavors for a high-color vape.

  • Fruits Rouges Givrés 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of e-liquid with Biggy Bear. Discover the Fruits rouges givrés, an exquisite creation from the e-liquid range. The Biggy Bear brand offers you a unique sensory experience with this blend of red fruits enhanced by a delicate touch of freshness. The generous 200ML capacity promises intense and extended vaping...

  • Caramel Frosted Flakes 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into a sea of flavors with Biggy Bear's Caramel Frosted Flakes e-liquid. Let yourself be carried away by the perfect blend of crispy Corn Flakes, smooth caramel, and sweet frosting. Each puff awakens your taste buds with an explosion of indulgence. This e-liquid is a true invitation to a unique flavor adventure. Available in a 200ML bottle, it...

  • Crunchy Sesame Biscuit 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Dive into the delectable world of Biggy Bear's Crunchy Sesame Biscuit e-liquid. This delightful fusion of crunchy biscuit and sesame seeds takes you on a unique flavor journey. Each puff evokes the sensation of a freshly baked pastry. Crunchy Sesame Biscuit is available in a 200ML bottle, providing you with a generous serving of sweetness. Indulge in...

  • Dulce Caramel Sensation 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Experience the ultimate sensation of Dulce Caramel Sensation from Biggy Bear, a true ode to the indulgent flavors of creamy caramel and vanilla. Each inhale of this e-liquid engulfs you in a whirlwind of sweetness, reminiscent of the nostalgia of creamy caramel candies. Let yourself be captivated by this unparalleled taste journey. Available in a 200ML...

  • Cassis Framboise Bleue 200ML - Biggy Bear

    The Cassis Raspberry Bleue e-liquid from Biggy Bear is a real delight for the taste buds.Imagine walking through an enchanted forest filled with ripe, juicy berries. You bite into blackcurrant and blue raspberry berries, their flavors blending harmoniously on your palate.This is exactly how you will feel vaping this premium e-liquid.

  • Cassis Mûre 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Biggy Bear's Cassis Mûre is a succulent e-liquid that will seduce lovers of black fruits. The blackcurrant notes, both sweet and tangy, are enhanced by the sweet and juicy flavors of the blackberry.When you vape Cassis Mûre, you are transported to a fruit garden in summer, where blackcurrant and blackberry bushes abound and each puff reveals an explosion...

  • Cassis Cerise 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Let yourself be carried away by the delicacy of this fruity blend that is sure to make your mouth water. The sweet flavor of the cherry is balanced by the subtle acidity of the blackcurrant, thus creating a perfect taste harmony.Cassis Cerise is the perfect addition to your e-liquid collection. With abundant vapor production and an authentic taste, you'll...

  • Vanilla Crunch 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Get ready for an explosion of flavors with Biggy Bear's Vanilla Crunch e-liquid. This e-liquid is a real delight for the taste buds, perfectly combining vanilla cream, crunchy peanuts and whipped cream for an absolutely divine result.Imagine the delicious taste of vanilla, the crunch of peanuts and the sweetness of whipped cream, all brought together to...

  • Pop Corn Toffee Caramel 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Let yourself be tempted by a unique vaping experience with the Pop Corn Toffee Caramel e-liquid from Biggy Bear. This e-liquid combines the irresistible flavors of caramelized popcorn and vanilla cream to create a truly delicious taste.Imagine a movie night at home, you relax on your couch and you exhale a cloud of vapor of Pop Corn Toffee Caramel, it's a...

  • Macadamia Nut Brittle 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Imagine an e-liquid that would awaken your senses with irresistible flavors of melting salted butter caramel, sweet vanilla and crunchy macadamia. Biggy Bear, the renowned e-liquid manufacturer, created the Macadamia Nut Brittle e-liquid to satisfy the taste buds of lovers of sweet and savory flavors.Each sip of this e-liquid is a symphony of flavors that...

  • Lemon Cake 200ML - Biggy Bear

    Once upon a time there was a lemon cake so delicious it inspired Biggy Bear to create an e-liquid that would capture all the flavor and aroma of this iconic dessert. After many tests and adjustments, Biggy Bear finally created Lemon Cake e-liquid.Each sip of this e-liquid transports you to a world of fresh lemon flavors, accompanied by a chewy cake aroma...

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