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  • Full Kit Kroma Nova - Innokin

    he Innokin Kroma Nova electronic cigarette epitomizes the perfect blend of elegance and performance. With a 3 ml tank, this device offers an unparalleled vaping experience. The design, inspired by the iconic Kroma Z format, captivates with its sleek aesthetic. Featuring a maximum power of 60W and a built-in 3000 mAh battery, the Kroma Nova ensures...

  • Full Kit Zyon - Innokin

    The Innokin Zyon electronic cigarette is the epitome of elegance and performance in the vaping world. With a 4.5ml reservoir, the Zyon Cartridge offers an exceptional vaping experience, catering to enthusiasts of rich and diverse flavors. Featuring adjustable airflow, this electronic cigarette ensures a personalized inhalation, whether you prefer direct...

  • Full Kit EZ Tube - Innokin

    The Innokin EZ Tube electronic cigarette offers a versatile vaping experience, perfect for beginners looking to dive into the world of vaping. With a compact and modern design, it embodies the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. The Zenith Minimal clearomizer, with a 4 ml capacity, provides an outstanding flavor delivery. Equipped with...

  • Full Kit Cool Fire Z60 - Innokin

    The giant Innokin signs its return to the vaposphere with a remastered version of its legendary electronic cigarette. Located halfway between the Z50 and Z80, the full kit Coolfire Z60 allows first-time vapers to start in the vape with ease. Compact and ultra-manageable, this device survives all the clumsiness with a lightly anodised metal shell made of...

  • Full Kit Klypse Zip - Innokin

    The Klypse Zip from Innokin is an essential MTL electronic cigarette, offering a complete kit that will seduce you. With its minimalist design, this pod does not require any adjustment to operate. Simply inhale through the driptip to enjoy your e-liquid. The 2ml capacity reservoir can be refilled easily with a side entry on the pod, and is secured with a...

  • Box Gozee - Innokin

    The Gozee Innokin box, which is part of the Gozee kit, is an electronic cigarette that offers you remarkable autonomy with its 2100 mah battery!Made of polycarbonate and ABS, the Gozee box is distinguished by its robustness and lightness.Available in 13 colors, the Innokin electronic cigarette incorporates an electronic card that allows you to benefit...

  • Full Kit Endura Apex de Innokin

    La sigaretta elettronica a tubo è tornata con il kit completo Endura Apex di Innokin. Ideale per una dolce introduzione allo svapo, questo grande classico, robusto ed elegante, si affida alla semplicità per conquistare i principianti. Il suo formato sottile, simile ad un "bastoncino", è sinonimo di discrezione e ottima presa. A questa ergonomia si...

  • Box Cool Fire Z60 - Innokin

    The Coolfire Z60 box is a mixture of compactness and lightness. Inspired by the Z50, its robustness combines with great performance to satisfy you. Indeed, this mod embeds an integrated battery of 2500 mAh of autonomy. In addition, the chipset of this one can deliver a power of 60 watts. With a height of 75.1 mm and a width of 27.2 mm, this pod can...

  • Full Kit Sceptre 2 - Innokin

    With his new Sceptre in hand, the great king Innokin is setting out to conquer the vape empire! The Sceptre 2 pod, as sparkling as a jewel, is majestic like its predecessor. It has a generous 1400 mAh battery that can be easily recharged via USB-C cable and is equipped with an LED indicator to show the remaining battery life. Through this LED indicator,...

  • Full Kit Gozee - Innokin

    In developing the GoZee kit, the Innokin brand has left nothing to chance. This electronic cigarette is as compact as it is efficient and comes in several original and cheerful colours to suit all tastes. It is also suitable for beginner vapers, as it offers a single variable wattage vape mode (from 6 to 60 watts). The kit owes its name to the GoZee box,...

  • Full Kit Klypse - Innokin

    The Klypse electronic cigarette by Innokin has everything to please! Minimalist, the pod Klypse does not need any adjustment to operate. Indeed, you just have to inhale through the driptip to vapourise your e-liquid. The latter is poured into a 2 ml tank through a side entry on the pod. This is secured by a removable magnetic cap when you are not using...

  • Box Kroma R - Innokin

    A high-performance electronic box was produced by the giant Innokin. Named Box Kroma R, it is both efficient and practical. Indeed, the Kroma R works with an 18650 battery (not supplied) and provides a maximum power of 80 W. In addition, the Kroma R box offers several operating modes with which you could easily juggle.Thanks to an ergonomic shape and a...

  • Full Kit Cool Fire Z80 5.5ML - Innokin

    The Coolfire Z80 Zenith 2 kit from Innokin combines performance and ergonomics. Indeed, the box is composed of a box operating with an accumulator 18650 (Not supplied). This allows the kit to output a power of up to 80 watts. The kit also innovates the world of the vape, because you can set the frequency of the supply of the resistors in Hertz. In...

  • Full Kit Limax - Innokin

    As its name suggests, the Limax Zenith 2 full Kit from Innokin is a complete set. It contains a built-in 3000 mAh battery rechargeable directly through a USB-C input (cable included). A resistance that offers a good synthesis of the recipe of your e-liquid, from where an optimal restitution of flavors. The atomizer contained in this module consists of a...

  • Box Limax – Innokin

    The Limax box of the Innokin park has an integrated 3000 mAh battery, rechargeable by USB-C cable (already supplied). It delivers a maximum power of 50 W, thus, you benefit from a great autonomy and a great power.Compatible with atomizers from 22 to 24mm in diameter, this minimalist design is ideal for beginners. The atos functions it offers are:...

  • Full Kit Goz - Innokin

    The Innokin brand offers you its new range of electronic cigarettes, the Full Kit Goz. With a tubular, compact and elegant structure, this e-cigarette is suitable for both beginners and more experienced vapers. To accompany you all day long, it incorporates an ergonomic Goz 1500 mAh battery, rechargeable via USB-C cable. With its power of up to 13 watts,...

  • Full Kit Kroma Z - Innokin

    Discover the new dimension of vaping with the Innokin Kroma Z kit in your hands. This Pod will satisfy you thanks to a design allowing a pleasant grip with performance and robustness. Indeed, the shape of the body of this e-cigarette and its height of 114 mm will allow you to grasp it easily. On the other hand, the kit consists of an integrated battery...

  • Full Kit Kroma-R Zlide 4ML - Innokin

    Discover the elegance of an e-cigarette signed Innokin through the Kroma R full kit. This one not only has a beautiful design, but also a great performance.Indeed, the mod contained in the box accommodates an 18650 battery (not supplied) which allows it to produce a power of 80 watts. In addition, you will have at your disposal a Zlide D24 clearomizer...

  • Full Kit Zlide Tube D24 4ML - Innokin

    There are several reasons that may lead you to adopt the Zlide Tube kit from Innokin. Whether for the discretion that its size brings or its exceptional performance, this pod oriented MTL draws has it all.Indeed, the Zlide box contained in the box has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 24 mm allowing it to find its place in your bag. In addition, this...

Innokin Technology

Innokin is one of the most recognized manufacturers of e-cigarettes in the world. The brand focuses on innovation to provide the best vaping experience for users. Their R&D teams work continuously to create at least four new products per year. Innokin also emphasizes demanding control in accordance with the required norms and standards. In recent years, Innokin has established itself as an important manufacturer in the world of vaping.

Innokin wholesaler -

We offer a wide range of products as an Innokin wholesaler. You will find in our catalog the Kroma-R, Kroma-A as well as the Endura kits. You will also find resistors, clearomizers, Innokin wicks so that you can meet the demand of your customers. All our products come directly from the manufacturer's factories and are certified authentic.

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