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  • Concentré Milo 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Embark on an epic flavor adventure with the concentrated Milo aroma from the Saint Flava line. Let yourself be enchanted by the harmonious blend of melon, honey, and yellow pitaya. Like a Knight of the Zodiac in search of gustatory treasures, explore extraordinary and delicious flavors. Milo is the perfect embodiment of the vaping art.

  • Concentré Atlas 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    In the vast universe of exceptional flavors, discover the concentrated Atlas aroma by Swoke. Let yourself be transported to a world of sweetness with the harmonious blend of Densuke watermelon and bubblegum. Allow your taste buds to explore the infinity of delights, like a Knight of the Zodiac on a quest for flavor. Atlas is the ultimate choice for your...

  • Concentre Pearl 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    If you are looking for a fruity and delicate flavor, Pearl by Swoke is the concentrate for you.This concentrate to dilute from the Swoke brand is made with aromas of pear, sweet and juicy fruit, for an exceptional taste experience.With Pearl by Swoke, you will get an intense gourmet pleasure with each puff. Taste the perfection of this concentrate to...

  • Concentre Ruby 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Let yourself be seduced by the Ruby concentrate from Swoke, a real delight of flavor. Goji, an exotic and fascinating fruit, is honored in this concentrate to offer you a unique vaping session.The aroma of goji will envelop you in sweetness with each inhalation, for an intense gourmet pleasure.Add a few drops of this potion to your favorite DIY base for a...

  • Concentre Vega 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    With the Saint Flava by Swoke collection, lovers of Japanese culture can enjoy e-liquids in the colors of Japan. Vega, a knight of the zodiac who comes in the form of an exquisite beverage packaged in a 30ml concentrated DIY bottle, intends to preserve the tradition by offering the best of the Land of the Rising Sun to vapers.His recipe recreates the...

  • Concentre Vigo 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Swoke has come at the right time to quench the thirst of vapers. In addition to having created a terribly thirst-quenching drink, the brand is offering an original escapade in the land of the Rising Sun. Through its fruity e-liquid, it takes you to discover the immense yuzu plantations and the "ramune" (Japanese lemonade) factories that produce the two...

  • Concentre Cheryl 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Do you know Cheryl? It is one of the rare gems of the Saint Flava range. Ultra-fruity and icy, this mixture will be a pleasure to make you discover a rich vape in tastes and sensations. Mixed in a 30 ml bottle of concentrated aroma, cherry, acerola, acai and redcurrant will release their juices to give a most exquisite blend. The balance of sweet and sour...

  • Concentre Abel 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Make way for the knight Abel. It will ice you with pleasure with its mint syrup e liquid. This liquid will awaken your taste buds and give you a feeling of freshness ...

  • Concentre Cosmo 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    A heat wave or a little thirst? Nothing stops Cosmo, the new e-liquid from the Swoke brand. With a deliciously sweet flavour, this blackcurrant syrup packaged in a 30 ml bottle of concentrated aroma releases succulent icy puffs. As a bonus, a pleasantly bewitching fragrance will embalm your vaping sessions and lull you to sleep on big clouds with summer...

  • Concentre Yumi 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Swoke has more than one trick up its sleeve. This time, the brand is back from the woods and intends to dazzle vapers with Yumi. Pleasantly seasoned as we like them, this potion will perfume your vaping sessions with a subtle sweet scent. With each draw, you'll discover the succulence of a sweet strawberry coulis topped with beautiful ripe raspberries and...

  • Concentre Xena 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Vapers are invited to a little ride on the island of the Amazons. To welcome them, the queen of the warriors hands them a bottle of Xena. Packaged in a 30 ml concentrated format, this potion by Swoke is a fresh treat for the taste buds. Fruity as can be, the puffs perfectly convey the acidity of limes and the sweetness of juicy blue raspberries. As...

  • Concentre Drago 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    This is it! Swoke has cracked the code. With its new Drago recipe, summer lasts all year round. Discover the most popular flavours in the vapourosphere in a single concentrated 30 ml bottle. Saint Flava invites you on board its boat for a chivalrous epic. On board, the range serves you a terribly fresh cocktail made of Reunion pitayas, fleshy and sweet...

Reconnu par ses pairs pour la qualité de ses e-liquides et les classiques que sont le Clone, le Bisou, Breezer et tant d'autres encore. Swoke arrive avec une gamme de concentré qui va vous scotcher. Retrouvez ici le Drago, le Yumi ou encore le Xena. Du DIY à gogo pour les amateurs de e-liquides fruités.

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