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  • Concentré Menthe Polaire - Mexican Cartel

    Explore the captivating world of "Polar Mint Concentrate" by Mexican Cartel, your ticket to crafting custom e-liquids. This concentrate delivers the icy essence of "Polar Mint," marrying freshness and intensity. Immerse yourself in the world of the Mexican cartel with every drop.

  • Concentré Passion Citron Vert Cactus 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    Crossing all borders, Mexican Cartel manages to sneak a cargo of fruit into a thirsty vaposphere. Thus, the Passion Lime Cactus concentrate is born, leaving a delicious icy breeze in its path.A tangy hint, lime and passion combine with the delicacy of the cactus to accentuate the thirst-quenching side of the mixture.Stay cool throughout the day as you...

  • Concentré Limonade Citron Vert Cactus 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    Lemonade Lime Cactus concentrated has been created by Mexican Cartel to bring you the flavours of Latin America. The tangy aftertaste of the lemon contrasts perfectly with the hydrating side of the cactus. This means that a pleasantly cool sensation will fill your throat after each puff.  

  • Concentré Ananas Fraise Pêche 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    The Mexican Cartel house took up the challenge of creating a fruity, yet fresh e-liquid. It is through the pineapple, strawberry peach flavor that we discover the full potential of the brand. Indeed, the tangy hint of peach goes perfectly with the sweetness of strawberries and the moisturizing side of pineapple.

  • Concentré Cactus Citron Corossol 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    How about a good dose of energy and freshness for your vaping breaks? Mexican Cartel's Cactus Citron Corossol aroma has it in spades.This potion is an explosion of flavors! In addition to a few ice cubes, you will find in its composition cactus pulp, soursop flesh and lemon zest.This sometimes sweet, sometimes tangy concoction gives you, with each puff, a...

  • Concentré Cassis Framboise Cactus 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    The brand Mexican Cartel has created an extravagant recipe through its concentrated Blackcurrant Raspberry Cactus. This mix will bring sweetness and lightness to your vape thanks to its greediness. This mix will spoil you with a sweet touch of cactus juice combined with the smoothness of raspberry and blackcurrant.  

  • Concentré Gâteau Amandes Vanille 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    Mexican Cartel offers a gourmet recipe through its vanilla almond cake e-liquid. This delicious mixture brings a smooth touch and a delicious smell to your vape. Indeed, you will feel the sweet taste of cake and almonds with each puff. As well as the delicate freshness of vanilla that it brings to your clouds. With its ratio of 30PG/70VG, it is especially...

  • Concentré Fruits des Bois Fraise Cassis 30ML - Mexican...

    Welcome to the world of the Mexican cartel, where exquisite flavors are a real obsession. Today, Mexican Cartel presents its latest gem of gastronomy: the "Fruits des Bois Strawberry Cassis" concentrate.Imagine sipping on a cool, fruity drink, with hints of strawberry and black currant, that instantly transport you to a lush forest. This concentrate is...

  • Concentré Fruit Du Dragon Fraise Mûre 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    Enter the world of the Mexican mafia with the "Dragon Fruit Strawberry Blackberry" concentrate to dilute.Made by the famous Mexican Cartel, this concentrate offers a unique taste experience thanks to the audacious combination of fruity flavors and freshness.Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet and slightly tart taste of dragon fruit, juicy strawberries...

  • Concentré Fruits Rouges Cassis Framboise 30ML - Mexican...

    Enter the intriguing and secret universe of the Mexican Cartel with the concentrate to dilute "Red Fruits Blackcurrant Raspberry" from Mexican Cartel.This daring concentrate invites you to discover a blend of flavors of sweet red fruits, full-bodied blackcurrant and tangy raspberries, all enhanced with a touch of freshness for an incomparable vaping...

  • Concentré Limonade Fruits Rouges Bleuets 30ML - Mexican...

    Immerse yourself in the mysterious and bewitching universe of Mexican Cartel with the "Blueberry Red Fruit Lemonade" concentrate to dilute.Discover the tasty marriage between the sparkling freshness of lemonade and the fruity sweetness of red fruits and blueberries, enhanced by a delicate touch of freshness.

  • Concentré Pastèque Fraise Kiwi 30ML - Mexican Cartel

    Enter the dark and mysterious universe of Mexican Cartel with the “Watermelon Strawberry Kiwi” concentrate to dilute.Immerse yourself in a world of bold flavors with this unique blend of watermelon, strawberry and kiwi enhanced with a delicious touch of freshness.With this concentrate, you can make your own e-liquid with ease and you can enjoy an intense...

Arômes Mexican Cartel

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