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  • Freed 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Immerse yourself in the magical world of Freed, the exceptional e-liquid by Maison Fuel. From the Fighter Fuel range, it embodies elegance and indulgence at their finest. Picture a dance of enchanting flavors where champagne unveils its brilliance, marshmallows melt into sweetness, and a delicate touch of freshness caresses your taste buds. Packaged in...

  • Churosso 100ML - Graham Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Every inhale of Churosso e-liquid from the Graham Fuel range by Maison Fuel is an invitation to an unforgettable taste journey. The subtle marriage of churros and vanilla ice cream creates an exceptional vaping experience for lovers of sweet flavors.

  • Vanilla Pep's 50ML -Pep's/Maison Fuel

    Do you want to enjoy an e-liquid that combines sparkling and creamy, fresh and sweet?Discover the invigorating taste of cola, the creamy sweetness of vanilla, and a touch of freshness that makes you feel good.

  • Kiwi Pep's 50ML - Pep's/Maison Fuel

    You want to discover new and surprising flavors that will take your senses on a journey. You take your suitcase and your e-cigarette, and you embark for paradise. You arrive on a tropical island, where the Kiwi Pep's e-liquid awaits you, from the Pep's range.You pour a few drops into your atomizer and inhale. A wave of sensations overwhelms you: the...

  • Holy Pep's 50ML - Pep's/Maison Fuel

    Discover Holy Pep's 50ml from the Pep's range by Maison Fuel, an exceptional e-liquid that instantly transports you to a sunny holiday atmosphere. With its unique flavors of Cola, Energy Drink, and a hint of Fresh, each puff offers an explosion of refreshing tastes. This e-cigarette liquid is carefully crafted by Maison Fuel, a brand known for the...

  • Cherry Pep's 50ML - Pep's/Maison Fuel

    Imagine yourself on a fine sand beach, under a radiant sun. You want a refreshing and sparkling drink, which will take your taste buds on a journey. You take out of your bag the e-liquid Cherry Pep's, from the Pep's range.You fill your clearomiser and you vape. An explosion of flavors invades you: the tangy taste of cola, the sweet sweetness of cherries,...

  • Kobura 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Get ready to enter the arena with Kobura, an e-liquid that will make you shiver with pleasure. Kobura is a bold and exotic recipe, which combines the power of black fruits, the crunch of snake fruit and the freshness of an icy breeze.This e-liquid will give you an intense and refreshing vape, which will stimulate your fighting spirit. Kobura is a quality...

  • Daddy Sax 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    If you like fruity and fresh flavors, you will love Daddy Sax e-liquid. This juice will take you on a journey to an exotic and gourmet world, where pomegranate, strawberry and snake fruit mingle harmoniously.A touch of freshness enhances everything, for a refreshing and tasty vape.The Daddy Sax e-liquid is a tribute to jazz music, which will make your...

  • Hippie Pop 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    The Hippie Pop e-liquid is an invitation to party and good humor. This juice will make you relive the atmosphere of the 60s, with its notes of apple, blackcurrant, blackberry and cotton candy.A touch of freshness brings a touch of lightness, for a sweet and tangy vape.The Hippie Pop e-liquid is a real festival of flavors, which will make you dance to the...

  • Jazzy Cloud 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    Jazzy Cloud e-liquid is a symphony of exotic and refreshing flavors. This juice will transport you to a tropical paradise, where pineapple, guava and mango will offer you a delicious and sweet cocktail.A feeling of freshness will envelop your palate, for a soft and pleasant vape.The Jazzy Cloud e-liquid is an ode to jazz music, which will make you vibrate...

  • Juke Box 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    The Juke Box e-liquid is an explosion of fruity and icy flavors. This juice will immerse you in the atmosphere of the 50s, with its notes of watermelon, strawberry, red kiwi and freshness.A gourmet and tangy combination, which will make your taste buds sparkle with each puff.The Juke Box e-liquid is a nod to rockabilly music, which will make you dance to...

  • Lenny Rock 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    The Lenny Rock e-liquid is a composition of fruity and icy flavors. This juice will thrill you with accords of cherry, strawberry, dragon fruit and freshness.A delicious and refined association, which will make you discover subtle and exotic nuances.The Lenny Rock e-liquid is a tribute to rock music, which will make you feel the energy and passion of this...

  • Road Trip 50ML - Poppy's/Maison Fuel

    The Road Trip e-liquid is an invitation to adventure and discovery. This juice will take you on the roads of the world, with its notes of red apple, raspberry and freshness.A fruity and light combination, which will make you appreciate the landscapes and the sensations. The Road Trip e-liquid is a nod to country music, which will make you sing along to...

  • Nagashi 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Passionate about martial arts, Nagashi is a mysterious warrior from the Fighter Fuel clan who trained day and night to conquer vapers.Just like its brothers in arms, Fighter Fuel relies on the power of a devilishly fruity potion to defeat its opponents.In his purse, he carries a vial containing a farandole of red berries on a bed of crushed ice.

  • Minasawa 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Fighter Fuel's Minasawa pays homage to an intriguing vaping character.Beneath its air of a ruthless brute, this Japanese warrior is a source of fruity pleasures and captivating flavors. If you like summer flavors, a few drops of this mixture will allow you to obtain an e-liquid flavored with pear and apple, but not only!A delicious cactus juice and a...

  • Hogano 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Fruitier than ever, Fighter Fuel's Hogano warrior is ready to enter the vaping arena. This valiant fighter carries in its large 100 ml vial a magic potion with creamy and sweet flavors to win over vapers. But what is this secret weapon?From the first puffs, this captivating mixture releases the exotic notes of a fleshy mango combined with segments of...

  • Kuroko 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Balance and power, this is what Kuroko e-liquid promises you with each vaping session!Like a warrior ready to conquer the vaposphere with its pronounced and realistic aromas, this masterpiece signed Fighter Fuel has something to satisfy all palates, even the most delicate.Find in its 100 ml recipe the subtlety of a fresh pomegranate juice with a few...

  • Cornitto 100ML - Graham Fuel/ Maison Fuel

    How about a luscious vanilla ice cream on a delicious crunchy cone? That's what Maison Fuel is offering you with Cornitto, a new e-liquid with a bewitching flavour from the Graham Fuel range. Terribly greedy, this recipe will give you pleasantly scented puffs that will be accompanied by an intensely sweet and mild flavor. You'll be able to enjoy a nice,...

  • Pecano 100ML - Graham Fuel/ Maison Fuel

    Maison Fuel brings a touch of sweetness to your vaping sessions. The manufacturer has come up with Pecano, an exquisite e-liquid worthy of a princely table. To make this delicious beverage, the brand's flavourists have used good vanilla cookies coated with delicious pecans. When you vapourise Pecano, you'll be dazzled by the ultra-realistic flavour of a...

  • Puchino 100ML - Graham Fuel/ Maison Fuel

    Start your day with a good cappuccino! Whether you're an early riser or a heavy sleeper, Maison Fuel has created Puchino for you, a new recipe full of sweetness. Imagine on your bedside table, every morning, a cup overflowing with creamy foam and a plate of crunchy vanilla biscuits. Who wouldn't succumb to such a treat? Let yourself be tempted by the...

  • Toshimura 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Renowned for his legendary bravery and courage, this great warrior is a famous character in the world of vape. To honour him, the French manufacturer Fighter Fuel has decided to create the famous Toshimura, an e-liquid that is both powerful and fresh. With each sip of this magic potion, you will discover a succulent blend of crunchy pears, sweet melons...

  • Hizagiri 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Awaken your inner warrior by adopting this terribly refined e-liquid from the Fighter Fuel brand. The ultimate vape fighter, Hizagiri, welcomes you to his fruity world, where sweet and sour flavours come together. Stroll through his lush garden and be intoxicated by the scent of red berries, strawberries and pomegranates. This intensely fresh cocktail...

  • Kansetsu 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Armed with Kansetsu, the fearsome warrior Fighter Fuel shakes up the vaposphere with summery flavours. Designed to bring a breath fresh air of to vaping interludes, this recipe excels in its mission by producing delicious frosted puffs with shards of crushed ice. A cleverly fruity e-liquid that will dazzle the taste buds with fragrant peach pulp combined...

  • Shaken 100ML - Fighter Fuel

    Fighter Fuel takes the mystery out of its Shaken potion and reveals to the vaposphere the ingredients of its recipe. To make this delicious concoction, they had to cross continents to find yellow pitayas, beautiful melons and juicy red watermelons. Like true experts, the flavourists then added a few ice cubes to the mixture to give each puff its share of...

  • The Pink Oil 100ML - Fruity Fuel

    Who said candy was only for kids? French brand Fruity Fuel has revisited the bubble gum recipe to create The Pink Oil, a melon-flavoured sweet for lovers of fruity and gourmet vaping. Each puff will remind you of the atmosphere of the funfair with the merry-go-rounds and sweets at will: a vaping interlude that will put a smile on your lips between two...

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