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  • Grape Star 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Designed by Dinner Lady, for its Moments range, Grape Star e-liquid is making a triumphant entry into the vape community. This fruity mix with an original recipe stands out from the others by its particularly intense taste. To make its potion a success, the brand from across the Channel has extracted the juice from the finest bunches of red and black...

  • Peach Bubble 50ML - Dinner Lady

    A bit nostalgic, Dinner Lady has revisited one of the confectionery products that most marked our childhood. In a large 50 ml bottle, the brand has registered Peach Bubble. This sweet and fruity e-liquid proudly displays flavours reminiscent of the delicious round chewing gums we used to eat at playtime. To add even more charm to the recipe, the English...

  • Razz Blues 50 ML - Dinner Lady

    Looking for spring flavours for your vape sessions? You've come to the right place. At Dinner Lady, fruit is at the heart of all preparations. Expert in the field, the English brand intends to faithfully reproduce, through its Razz Blues e-liquid, the tender and juicy texture of blueberries and raspberries, without forgetting the hint of acidity that...

  • Bubble Mint 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Dinner Lady brings a little breath of fresh air to the vaposphere with its new Bubble Mint concoction. For this recipe, the English creator has used a winning duo, pink chewing gum and mint. Unsurprisingly, the brand has succeeded in transcribing in its e-liquid the sweet flavour of a chewing gum doubled with the delicately spicy and icy note of...

  • Fruit Splash 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Dinner Lady completes its prestigious "Moments" range with Fruit Splash, an e-liquid that smells like summer. This time, redcurrants and some berries answer the call to give birth to a delicious thirst-quenching cocktail. To perfect the whole, lemon adds its legendary tonicity and its touch of acidity to the mix. Need a holiday? Fill your clearomizer...

  • Sweet Fusion 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Do you remember the delicious multicolored sweets that adorned our breaks and our recreations? It is these little tangy sweet candies of yesteryear that Dinner Lady invites you to rediscover through Sweet Fusion.With its fruity taste and gourmet fragrance, this mixture promises to delight all vapers, even the most demanding. Strawberry, orange, raspberry,...

  • Purple Rain 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Fruitier than ever, Dinner Lady's Purple Rain is ready to conquer the vaposphere. With its bewitching scents, this raspberry and blueberry flavored potion will brighten up your vaping sessions and your days.The acidity of lemon juice associated with the intoxicating sweetness of this succulent cocktail to vape will delight all taste buds, even the most...

  • Pink Wave 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Fancy a vacation in the tropics? Surf the wave of exotic flavors offered by Dinner Lady with the Pink Wave! Simply delicious, this recipe with gourmet and fruity notes carries the sweet scent of a few very ripe strawberries, freshly picked from their vegetable garden.To accompany these, the English brand has opted for a succulent grated coconut and a...

  • Melon Twist 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Expert in fruity concoctions, Dinner Lady adds Melon Twist to her Dinner Lady Fruits collection.Inspired by a succulent melon-kiwi duo, this sun-drenched potion will twist your taste buds on summer flavors. With each puff, you will have sweetness, tanginess, as well as a delicious exotic touch...Nothing but flavors that evoke good weather and holidays. No...

  • Berry Blast 50ML - Dinner Lady

    The intoxicating scent of flowers perfumes the air, the weather is mild and nature is celebrating... With Dinner Lady's Berry Blast, spring extends throughout the year in the vaposphere. And what better way to enjoy the beautiful season than a succulent bigoût cocktail to vape?In the particularly sunny recipe of this e-juice, you will find the...

  • Strawberry Macaroon 50ML - Dinner Lady

    Add a little gluttony to your vape with the Strawberry Macaroon from the English brand Dinner Lady. A real treat for the taste buds, this little round strawberry treat is filled with a succulent almond and coconut cream.The irresistibly sweet aftertaste that each puff will leave in your throat will have you drunk with pleasure with every vaping session....

  • Berry Tart 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Say hello to Berry Tart, the new e-liquid from Dinner Lady. Specially concocted for the gluttons of the vaposphere, this potion takes you on a gustatory journey in the colors of spring.Get ready to enjoy an excellent berry tart made with a crispy, buttery shortcrust pastry and a coulis of freshly picked blueberries and raspberries.Each puff of this...

  • Blackberry Crumble 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Barely out of the oven, the Blackberry Crumble makes a sensational entry into the vaposphere. At each vaping session, this refined recipe signed Dinner Lady offers vapers the opportunity to discover a concoction rich in taste.To prepare it, the brand has chosen the crispiest blackberry crumble. Soft and sweet to perfection, your puffs will be set with a...

  • Lemon Tart 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Do you have a penchant for gourmet concoctions? Find what you're looking for with Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart.This succulent dessert to vape invites you to bite your teeth into a crispy shortcrust pastry covered with a sumptuous lemon cream and a few melting meringues.With each inhalation, this stunningly realistic preparation will gradually deposit its...

  • Suntan Mango 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Need a little freshness? Try the juicy and intoxicating flavors of Dinner Lady's Sun Tan Mango. Deliciously sweet, exotic and perfectly balanced, this recipe carries the intense aroma of a beautiful sun-ripened mango.If you like cold hits in the mouth and throat, this mixture of vape is what you need, because Dinner Lady has added koolada to its...

  • Strawberry Bikini 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Summer is in full swing in the vaposphere! The English brand Dinner Lady, to quench the thirst of vapers, has released Strawberry Bikini from its shelves.This ultra-fresh potion that smells like the holidays features the tangy flavors of a slightly lemony lemonade.Its little extra? The very juicy strawberry quarters and the few ice cubes that accompany...

  • Cola Shades 50ML de Dinner Lady

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dinner Lady takes you on a trip to the United Kingdom, for a vaping session, to live a unique taste experience!On the menu of this getaway with a British accent, the English brand invites you to taste Cola Shades, a preparation with 50 shades of freshness.Whether you are a fan of sparkling drinks or a fervent supporter of fruity...

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