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  • Mahi 100ML - Mawix

    It is always a pleasure for Mawix to bring back new flavours from its quests to amaze the vaposphere. After leaving a dungeon, the brand loaded its trunk with blackcurrants, redcurrants and strawberries. All of these fruits have been blended together to create Mahi, a luscious and exquisite e-liquid that is just waiting to quench the thirst of vapers....

  • Edja 100ML - Mawix

    The magnificent Edja has emerged from her lair to unleash a wind of freshness on the vaposphere. This beautiful enchantress, who rules the Mawix kingdom with an iron fist, has set her sights on vapers in search of sparkling, invigorating flavours. Adorned with a giant 100 ml bottle, she intends to make all those who cross her path shiver with pleasure,...

  • Thormel 100ML - Mawix

    Mawix has created a fantasy sphere especially for vapers. Elves are beautiful and noble creatures who aim to enhance vaping sessions with their magic. Thormel is one of those iconic characters of great elegance who have mastered the art of vaping. In its pretty 100 ml vial, it hides a stunningly fresh e-liquid that consists of frosted lemons and blue...

  • Drack 100ML - Mawix

    Mawix has created a world of fantasy in which wizards, paladins and adventurers join forces to search for THE recipe that will satisfy the vaping community. In this noble quest, Drack, the powerful e-liquid mage, has decided to go it alone. Despite the obstacles that stood in his way, this enchanter returned from his expedition with a curious parchment...

  • Aurus 100ML - Mawix

    In the fantasy world of Mawix, one quest follows another to find the ultimate recipe that will satisfy all vapers. Aurus, a valiant e-liquid warrior born of the brand, arms himself with the flavours of a delicious pineapple and soursop-flavoured ice candy to succeed in his unprecedented mission. Against all odds, this hero, presented in a giant 100 ml...

  • Waria 100ML - Mawix

    Waria is a warrior who has more than one trick up her sleeve to defeat her enemies. Don't be fooled by her angelic face and innocent looks, this woman of character is capable of bewitching you from the very first whiff. Moreover, Mawix is known for its fanciful and original preparations that conquer the vapors without any effort. This time, the range...

  • Etsu 100ML - Mawix

    Among the great warriors of the Mawix fantasy world, Etsu e-liquid is the one that stands out the most for its freshness and its punchy notes. This valiant fighter of the vape has travelled day and night through arid deserts and distant lands to find the perfect formula that could quench the thirst of vapers. It was in an oasis, in the middle of an...

  • Yamis 100ML - Mawix

    Beautiful and bewitching, like a rose with thorns, the high priestess Yamis guides vapers along the paths of fruity pleasures. For centuries, the queen of the kingdom of Mawix has been quenching the thirst of her subjects with a drink expertly concocted in their honour. This remarkably fresh mixture consists of a delicious watermelon and blackcurrant...

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