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  • Concentré Artemis 30ML - Xcalibur

    Food cravings? Insatiable hunger? Artemis, the goddess of DIY vaping, has disguised herself as a sweet bubble gum flavoured concentrate to answer the call of the great vapers. Not to be vaped directly, this 30 ml mixture signed Xcalibur must be diluted in a neutral base (12% dosage). Like a good wine that is matured to reach its gustatory peak, this...

  • Concentré Ikarus 30ML - Xcalibur

    Icarus will no longer burn its wings in the heat of the sun with Xcalibur's Ikarus concentrate. Not to be consumed directly, this 30 ml preparation for DIY e-liquid carries the invigorating flavours of a fresh lemonade, some yellow lemon peel and an iced cactus juice. To vapourise it, you will need to dilute it in a neutral base (12% dosage) and mature...

  • Concentré Pegaze 30ML - Xcalibur

    Bring out your inner artist by creating ultra-fruity cloudy recipes with Xcalibur's Pegaze 30 ml concentrate! This noble steed of vapers needs your expert hands to release its full aromatic power. To do this, you need to dilute it in a neutral base (12% dosage) and leave it to rest in a dark and humid place for 7 days. Once the wait is over, you will...

  • Concentré Space Men 30ML - Xcalibur

    Do you remember your first steps in the vaposphere? Rediscover those magical moments with Xcalibur's SpaceMen concentrate. Ideal for your DIY recipes, this 30 ml preparation will seduce you with its authentic and realistic flavours. Once diluted in a neutral base of your choice (12% dosage) and left to rest for 7 days, it will release the familiar...

  • Concentré Owen 30ML - Xcalibur

    With its sweet and fruity flavour, Owen concentrate, from the Xcalibur range, will quickly become an essential in your bags. Indeed, this sweet potion, born from the fusion of banana and strawberry, but also from the French Lab, will make you spend magical and pleasant moments.  Available in a 30 ml bottle, this flavour is only reserved for DIY e-liquid...

  • Concentré Kay 30ML - Xcalibur

    Kay, a "Diy and Vap" creation from the French Lab, is an invitation to boost your energy for a little break. With its lemon and tangerine flavour, the magic of this concentrate from the Xcalibur brand allows you to make an impressive and invigorating discovery. Indeed, this mix leaves a tangy aftertaste in the back of your throat that you won't soon...

  • Concentré Gaheris 30ML - Xcalibur

    Set out to conquer the Grail with Gaheris, from the brand Xcalibur! Manufactured by French Lab, this concentrated flavour is the ideal boost you'll need every day. Indeed, thanks to its unprecedented freshness, enhanced by the power of mint, it helps you boost your motivation. If you are a beginner vapourist, you should know that it comes in a 30 ml...

  • Concentré Erec 30ML - Xcalibur

    How about a trip to the tropics? Make it happen with Erec, from the Xcalibur range! Thanks to its sumptuous fruity blend, this purely exotic e-liquid is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their energy. With its mango and pineapple flavour, topped off with a touch of sweetness, this concentrate has other wonderful surprises in store for you at the back...

  • Concentré Lamarok 30ML - Xcalibur

    The Broceliande forest is full of the best berries and Lamarok has selected his favorites for a potion that you will not be able to do without: a mixture of deliciously fragrant and tangy red fruits.

  • Concentré Warcraft 30ML - Xcalibur

    The Warcraft is perfect for vapers fond of fruity flavors. Rich in a watermelon-strawberry-kiwi blend, an unusual trio, this e-liquid leaves a unique and exquisite finish in the throat.As for the scents, you will be spoiled by a delicious smell of strawberries.On the flavor side, you'll be treated to the tangy aftertaste of kiwi fruit that will contrast...

  • Concentré Karadoc 30ML - Xcalibur

    The Karadoc from the Xcalibur range is aimed at gourmet vapers. Indeed, with its popcorn-caramel aroma, it will bring a touch of delicacies to your vape.You'll be treated to a delicate flavor of popcorn, followed by the sweet aftertaste of caramel, not to mention the sweet scent that will scent your cloud.This product is packaged in a 30 ml vial, with a...

  • Concentré Edge 30ML - Xcalibur

    From the Xcalibur range from the French Lab laboratory, Edge attracts vapers thanks to its gourmet lemon-raspberry aroma. Made in PET and with a fine tip, its 30 ml bottle meets European standards.Level scents, you will be spoiled by its lemony and fresh scent. In the throat, the sweetness of the raspberry will offer you a tender and exquisite sensation....

  • Concentré Bediver 30ML - Xcalibur

    The tropics come to you through the Bediver from the Xcalibur range. Indeed, this pitaya or dragon fruit flavoured e-liquid brings a very greedy smell to your clouds. It also leaves a sweet taste in the throat after each puff.Delivered in a 30 ml bottle with a fine tip, the dosage is done in drops for optimal control. For beginners, simply dilute it to...

  • Concentré Accolon 30ML - Xcalibur

    For e-liquid fans with fruity tastes and scents, Xcalibur offers Accolon 30 ml. It is a greedy blend of watermelon and blackcurrant to delight your taste buds. With a beautiful bright red hue, it will bring a touch of passion to your vape.Even when mixed with nicotine salt, Accolon's flavours are still delicious and even better. For a base with a ratio of...

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