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  • Concentré La Chose 30ML - Le French Liquide

    Explore La Chose by Le French Liquide - An extraordinary concentrated flavor for e-cigarette enthusiasts. Let yourself be carried away by a whirlwind of tastes, combining delicious salted butter caramel, rich roasted hazelnut, strong coffee, sweet pecan nut, and subtle vanilla. Create an unforgettable vaping experience with La Chose.

  • Concentré Atlas 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    In the vast universe of exceptional flavors, discover the concentrated Atlas aroma by Swoke. Let yourself be transported to a world of sweetness with the harmonious blend of Densuke watermelon and bubblegum. Allow your taste buds to explore the infinity of delights, like a Knight of the Zodiac on a quest for flavor. Atlas is the ultimate choice for your...

  • Concentré Milo 30ML - Saint Flava/Swoke

    Embark on an epic flavor adventure with the concentrated Milo aroma from the Saint Flava line. Let yourself be enchanted by the harmonious blend of melon, honey, and yellow pitaya. Like a Knight of the Zodiac in search of gustatory treasures, explore extraordinary and delicious flavors. Milo is the perfect embodiment of the vaping art.

  • Concentré Churosso 30ML - Graham Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Immerse yourself in the delectable world of vaping with Churosso concentrated flavor from the Graham Fuel range by Maison Fuel. Savor every drop of this delight, featuring the flavors of sweet churros and creamy vanilla ice cream, for an exquisite vaping experience.

  • Concentré Dulce 30ML - Dictator/Savourea

    At the heart of the Dictator range by Savourea lies a treasure trove of wonder named Dulce. Picture yourself in an enchanted boudoir, where the sweetness of vanilla dances with the elegance of caramel and the mystique of whisky. Every drop of concentrated aroma tells a tale of enchanting flavors, ready to be captured in your customized e-liquid. Let...

  • Concentré Orange Passion 30ML - Le Petit Verger/Savourea

    Embark on a journey of new taste dimensions with the Orange Passion concentrated flavor from the Le petit verger range by Savourea. Craft your own DIY e-liquid masterpieces by skillfully blending the flavors of vibrant Orange and exotic Passion fruit. Unleash your creativity to concoct customized blends that will captivate your senses with each inhale....

  • Concentré Nectarine Fruit Du Dragon 30ML - Le Petit...

    Let yourself be swept away in a whirlwind of exotic flavors with the Nectarine Fruit Du Dragon concentrated flavor from the Le petit verger range by Savourea. The harmonious balance between the sweetness of Nectarine and the boldness of Dragon Fruit creates an enchanting dance on your taste buds. Each puff is an invitation to a tropical feast, where...

  • Concentré Melon Fraise 30ML - Le Petit Verger/Savourea

    Discover the Melon Strawberry concentrated flavor from the Le petit verger range by Savourea. Immerse yourself in an exceptional vaping experience with this concentrated flavor, boasting the delicious taste of Melon and Strawberry. Combine these two fruity flavors to craft unique e-liquids that will awaken your senses with every puff. Unleash your...

  • Concentré Kiwi Mangue 30ML - Le Petit Verger/Savourea

    Let yourself be carried away by a tropical symphony of flavors with the Kiwi Mango concentrated flavor from the Le petit verger range by Savourea. The refreshing combination of juicy Kiwi and sweet Mango creates a perfect balance that dances on your palate. Each puff is an invitation to a fruity paradise, where the aromas blend into a gentle gustatory...

  • Concentré Kiwi Cactus 30ML - Le Petit Verger / Savourea

    Dive into an exceptional gustatory escapade with the Kiwi Cactus concentrated flavor from the Le petit verger range by Savourea. The harmony between the fruity notes of Kiwi and the refreshing essence of Cactus creates a symphony of flavors that dance upon your palate. Each puff transports you to an exotic garden, where the flawless fusion of these...

  • Concentré Fruit du Serpent Grenade 30ML - Le Petit...

    Discover the Fruit du Serpent Pomegranate concentrate aroma from the Le petit verger range. Immerse yourself in an exceptional vaping experience thanks to this concentrated aroma with the unique taste of Snake Fruit and Pomegranate. Create personalized e-liquids by mixing these bewitching flavors for a rich and intense taste experience. Transform your...

  • Concentré Fruit Du Dragon Fruit Rouge 30ML - Le Petit...

    At the heart of Le Petit Verger, a mysterious fusion between worlds has occurred, giving rise to the Concentrated Red Fruit Dragon Fruit aroma. Ancient dragon fruit and bewitching red berries came together in a mesmerizing dance, creating pure aromatic energy. Brave vapers who venture to discover this delicate aroma are transported to fantastic lands,...

  • Concentré Cerise Pastèque 30ML - Le Petit Verger/Savourea

    Awaken your senses with our Cherry Watermelon concentrate aroma, a gourmet dance between sweet cherry and juicy watermelon. Each drop reveals a universe of intense freshness and velvety sweetness, a captivating culinary journey for connoisseurs. Create blends worthy of a vape maestro by infusing this fruity symphony into your e-liquids, for exquisite...

  • Concentré Ananas Coco 30ML - Le Petit Verger/ Savourea

    Explore the perfect balance between the sunny freshness of pineapple and the elegant smoothness of coconut with our concentrated Pineapple Coco aroma. An exquisite sensory ballet orchestrated by Savourea, master of flavours. Create tasteful works of art by blending these two gems to treat your palate to a tropical symphony. Let yourself be seduced...

  • Super Booster 30ML - Greeneo

    Here is the Greeneo Booster. Not intended to be vaped alone, it is useful for creating your own DIY e-liquids. You also have the possibility to mix it in your favorite e-liquid.

  • Concentré Kobura 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Created by the master alchemists of Maison Fuel, this precious concentrate contains the power of black fruits and the mysterious snake fruit, balanced by a breeze of freshness. According to legend, each drop of Kobura has the power to transform your base into a wonderful e-liquid, capable of delighting your senses and transporting you to unexplored...

  • Concentré Caraibes 30ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Do you dream of going on an adventure on the South Seas, in search of hidden treasures and thrills? So embark on Full Moon's Caribbean, an exotic and refreshing blend that will give you unforgettable moments.Le Caraïbes offers you a gourmet and fruity recipe, based on rum, pineapple, coconut and a touch of freshness. A tasty combination that will remind...

  • Concentré Bahamas 30ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Bahamas is a concentrated aroma that transports you to a world of pirates and adventures. You sail the South Seas, in search of hidden treasures and exotic fruits.You land on a paradise island, where you discover coconuts, bananas, kiwis and a touch of freshness.You mix them in a big bowl and you get a delicious and refreshing cocktail. Welcome to the...

  • Concentré Baléares 30ML - Pirates/Full Moon

    Baleares is a concentrated aroma that invites you on a gustatory journey to the paradise islands of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the world of pirates, this e-liquid makes you discover exotic and refreshing flavors, worthy of a hidden treasure.With Baléares, you will vape a delicious blend of lemon, cinnamon, raspberry, peach and freshness. An original...

  • Concentre Yellow Pik 30ML - Kyandi Pik

    Remember the retro and vintage sweets that accompanied your breaks and recreations, through Kyandi Pik's yellow confectionery. Yellow Pik is a DIY aroma whose familiar flavors are reminiscent of a tart candy with an irresistibly fruity taste.Its recipe composed of juicy mango slices and crunchy blackcurrant seeds will amaze you with its sweetness and...

  • Concentre Red Pik 30ML - Kyandi Pik

    Do you like the fresh and light flavors of red fruits in your vape? The Kyandi Pik range invites you to prepare your own vaping elixir through its DIY Red Pik concentrate.This tangy concoction reminiscent of the star candies of our childhood will go perfectly with a neutral base of your choice.Sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, it will delight your taste...

  • Concentre Purple Pik 30ML - Kyandi Pik

    The specialist in punchy and fruity DIY aromas is back! Kyandi Pik intends once again to upset the vaposphere with a spicy preparation with powerful and balanced notes.The range has selected, for this umpteenth candy to vape, the exotic flavors of pitaya and the surprisingly invigorating character of blue raspberry.But beware, this summer duo is not to be...

  • Concentre Pink Pik 30ML - Kyandi Pik

    In the gourmet universe of the Pik by Kyandi Pik series, it is not the colors that are lacking. The range with spicy candy flavors offers you this time to see life in pink with the concentrated aroma Pink Pik and its scent of bubble gum coated with cotton candy.Nothing better to fill up with a good mood every day than this sweet mixture specially designed...

  • Concentre Blue Pik 30ML - Kyandi Pik

    A gourmet throwback, that's what Kyandi Pik offers you through its countless DIY vape recipes.Dive back into childhood with Blue Pik by rediscovering the irresistible flavor of a grape and red fruit candy. In addition to its deliciously fruity fragrance, this mixture leaves you with a succulent spicy aftertaste in the mouth.Not to be vaped directly, it...

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