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  • Concentre Zikoko 30ML - Religion Juice

    Religion Juice's Zikoko is a thick cream on which crunchy cereal petals are placed with a touch of coconut. An impressive recipe that has aged in oak barrels for 30 days!

  • Concentre Faat Jay 30ML - Religion Juice

    The Religion Juice brand surprises the vaping community once again by giving birth to Faat Jay. This popular concentrate faithfully reproduces the flavor of a bowl of cereal topped with a smooth cream, for a delicious Caucasian breakfast.Terribly gourmet, this recipe is not to be vaped alone. Instead, you will need to dilute it to 15% in a DIY base. To...

  • Concentre Crypt Spirit 30ML - Religion Juice

    Combine pleasure and sweetness with Crypt Spirit by Religion Juice, a concentrate that has conquered the hearts of fine gourmets. Crafted out of sight, in the greatest secrecy, this bewitching 30 ml elixir will surprise you with its unique taste. The melting sweetness of vanilla cream and the earthy flavor of hazelnuts will coat your palate, while a good...

  • Concentre Yakuza Sweet Edition 30ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Arômes et Liquides has unlocked the secret of the Japanese mafia by delivering the Yakuza Flavor, a DIY concentrate that reveals the personality of a Japanese warrior.Ultra fresh, this recipe is to be diluted in a neutral base with a dosage of 10% for a maturation period of 5 days. To sublimate your clouds, the red dragon of the Ultimate range unfolds a...

  • Concentre Japura 30ML - Amazone/E. Tasty

    The e.Tasty brand e-liquids all have an ultra-fruity formula. Japura is not to be outdone, as it consists mainly of lime lemonade. Add to that, enjoy the smoothness of blackcurrants whose exquisite taste stays in your throat after each puff.Overall, Japura is suitable for vapers looking for freshness.

  • Concentre Huallaga 30ML - Amazone/E. Tasty

    e-Tasty brings you the most exotic fruits of the Amazon rainforest through the Huallaga e-liquid. Indeed, this is a lemonade-based cocktail with bursts of blue berries, in which you will find the creaminess of pitaya, all sweetened with a delicious touch of guava.If you are a vaper looking for a balanced e-liquid, go for the Huallaga.

  • Concentre Coari 30ML - Amazone/E. Tasty

    e.Tasty brings the freshness of the Amazon in its e-liquid Coari. Indeed, this bewitching mangosteen-peach-raspberry blend will bring an explosion of flavours in your vape. You will discover through Coari the greedy side of mangosteen blending with the sweetness of peach and the delicate sweetness of raspberry. In addition, this e-liquid is suitable for...

  • Concentré Granite Rouge 30ML - Le Coq qui vape

    The scorching heat is over! Timeless, this flagship summer dessert makes a sensational debut in our vaping sessions, thanks to the famous Red Granite from the Le Coq qui vape brand. If you are looking for a glittery and extremely refreshing sorbet to brighten up your summer breaks, this e-liquid is for you.Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, it allows you to...

  • Concentré Fruit Tropical 30ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Go on a trip to the hottest part of the world, and let yourself be intoxicated by the sweet flavors of this exotic cocktail signed Le Coq qui vape. The Tropical Fruit is an e-liquid reminiscent of the hot sand of the Caribbean and the frenzied atmosphere of Central America.With each puff, you will succumb to the exquisite sweetness of mango, the...

  • Concentré Cassis Melon 30ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Aimed at fans of exotic flavors, the brand Le Coq qui vape is once again turning the world of vaping upside down with a totally captivating recipe. This time, you will be treated to a bold alliance based on melon and red berries.Packaged in a 30 ml vial, the Cassis Melon e-liquid invites you to live an unprecedented fruity experience. With each puff, this...

  • Concentre Tanoshi 30ML - Sekai Vape

    Sekai Vape combines the gluttony of a chewing gum with the fruity notes of cherry for the making of the concentrated aroma Tanoshi. The latter features the delicious sweet and tender coulis of bubble gum that will take place in your mouth after each puff. The cherry on the other hand brings an extremely tender touch invading the throat. In addition, the...

  • Concentre Sanko 30ML - Sekai Vape

    A trio straight out of the tropics has been transcribed in the concentrated Sanko flavor from the Sekai Vape brand. Indeed, this cocktail mixes a fleshy mango with juicy passion fruit and tender lychees. This intensely fruity juice will bewitch your taste buds after each puff. This exotic side is accentuated by the fresh scent of the clouds that will be...

  • Concentre Mesai 30ML - Sekai Vape

    Sekai Vape decides to please coffee lovers with its e-liquid Mesai. Indeed, it perfectly transcribes the full-bodied taste of coffee, accompanied by a creamy milky foam. Find this comforting drink after each puff of the Mesai.The smell of coffee will also be there with each draw and your clouds will be scented. This concentrate comes in a 30ml plastic...

  • Concentre Kori 30ML - Sekai Vape

    Quench your thirst with this concentrated Kori aroma from Sekai Vape. This cocktail is a mixture of fresh lime and some blackcurrant seeds. In addition, after each puff you will benefit from the sweetness of blackcurrant contrasted by the tangy hint of lemon. In addition, the exotic smell of lemon will perfume your clouds.Sekai Vape packages this Kori...

  • Concentre Jonki 30ML - Sekai Vape

    An intensely fruity cocktail is presented by Sekai Vape, the Jonki Concentrate. Indeed, the latter has the exotic flavors of strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackcurrants. This unique blend is thus an explosion of flavors that will invade your palate after each puff.Added to this, the sweet scent of the clouds produced will bring a gourmet touch to...

  • Concentre Dr Shiba 30ML - Sekai Vape

    Do you like pastry and strawberries? The Sekai vape brand has the perfect composition for you, the Dr Shiba concentrate. Indeed, the latter has the flavors of a delicious strawberry pie. Then find after each puff of this e-liquid, the sweetness of a pie contrasting with the sweet taste of the strawberry. Added to this, an exquisite smell will embalm your...

  • Concentre Aka 30ML - Sekai Vape

    An intensely sweet and gourmet recipe is transcribed through the Aka concentrate from the Sekai Vape brand. Indeed, this cocktail features the creamy flavors of popcorn topped with a gourmet caramel coulis. Also, after every puff of this e-liquid, the sweetness of popcorn will settle in your throat. Then the delicious smell of caramel will fill your...

  • Concentré Eve 30ML Eden - Full Moon

    When the most adored fruits meet the Full Moon brand, intensely tasty e-liquids are born. Among these, the e-liquid Eve attracts many vapers.This is a delicious fruity cocktail of watermelon, apple and raspberry. The thirst-quenching side of watermelon blends perfectly with the tangy sweetness of apple and the tenderness of raspberry, all to offer you an...

  • Concentré Désir 30ML Eden - Full Moon

    A fresh and invigorating cocktail has been designed by Full Moon through the Desir e-liquid. This one features a shocking trio of grapes, lemon and ginger. The freshness of lemon blends perfectly with the sweetness of grapes; as for the ginger, it brings a full-bodied touch to the mixture.With each puff, your taste buds will delight in this irresistible...

  • Concentré Adam 30ML Eden - Full Moon

    Does a heavenly “apple-peach-cactus” combination appeal to you? Discover, through Full Moon's Adam concentrate, a juicy apple embellished with a fleshy peach and a very fresh cactus.With this irresistible cocktail, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with exquisite flavors with every puff. Moreover, Full Moon spoils you with 30 ml of intensely fruity...

  • Booster CBD 10ML - Liquideo

    Add a Booster to your DIY recipes to obtain a CBD e liquid.

  • Booster de CBD 10ML - Marie Jeanne

    Thanks to this CBD Booster, you will be able to make your own CBD e liquids. Add the Booster in a neutral Base or in an e liquid without nicotine.

  • Concentré Owen 30ML - Xcalibur

    With its sweet and fruity flavour, Owen concentrate, from the Xcalibur range, will quickly become an essential in your bags. Indeed, this sweet potion, born from the fusion of banana and strawberry, but also from the French Lab, will make you spend magical and pleasant moments.  Available in a 30 ml bottle, this flavour is only reserved for DIY e-liquid...

  • Concentré Kay 30ML - Xcalibur

    Kay, a "Diy and Vap" creation from the French Lab, is an invitation to boost your energy for a little break. With its lemon and tangerine flavour, the magic of this concentrate from the Xcalibur brand allows you to make an impressive and invigorating discovery. Indeed, this mix leaves a tangy aftertaste in the back of your throat that you won't soon...

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