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Wholesaler SuperVape: the top products for DIY e-liquids

Your SuperVape wholesaler offers you the range of bases, nicotine booster and other additives for the e-liquids DIY preparation: Easy 2 Mix. Supervape is the DIY rangefrom LIPS, the manufacturer of the famous brand The French Liquide. The manufacturer always offers quality products so that vapers can create their own e-liquids. Their range has multiple formats to better match each person's vape.

Supervape: DIY e-liquid bases for perfectionnist creators

Supervape Easy 2 Mix e-liquids are flavorless and therefore have a neutral taste so that vape apprentice creators can obtain flavor as close as possible to the aromas they used. It is all the more true when they wish to create an e-liquid with a simple aroma or an already existing product. These bases are therefore very appreciated by perfectionnist users for their DIY creation.

In addition to respecting the tastes and flavors of the aromas, these PG/VG bases are guaranteed GMO-free and extra pure, to respect their quality commitment.

The bases are available in 120ml and 250ml. PG/VG rates are as follows: 100VG, 20/80 and 50/50.

Supervape nicotine boosters are also available in 20/80 and 50/50. They will be very important for adding nicotine to bases.

Easy 2 Mix base and booster pack: making life easier

You will find, in our Supervape liquid DIY wholesaler's catalog, the complete Easy 2 Mix packs including a bottle of Supervape base and nicotine to mix with aromas (sold separately) to prepare its nicotine bases in 3mg or 6mg. Except for the e-liquid aromas, everything needed is there to make your own nicotine base. Making your own e-liquids is easy. How to do it? Just empty the nicotine booster vials into the base bottle and you get a bottle with the desired nicotine levels. Nothing easier than that.

The Supervape e liquid base packs are available in several formats and PG/VG ratios. There is something for all budgets. First of all, in large bottle format, the Easy 2 Mix 200ml pack is available in 20PG / 80VG and in 50PG / 50VG in 3mg and 6mg of nicotine. Then LIPS launched a smaller pack: the DIY Mini Easy 2 Mix 100ml kit in 50/50 and 20/80 in several levels of nicotine 4mg, 6mg, 10mg and 12mg.

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