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  • Bubble Juice Raisin 50ML - Aromazon

    Take a summer walk in the heart of the most beautiful vineyards in the world of vaping with Aromazon's Bubble Raisin e-liquid. This nectar perfectly transcribes the sweetness of a grape-flavored chewing-gum. From the first inhalations, its delicate sweet touch will take over your taste buds and its melting coulis will surprise your throat.Your vaping...

  • Bubble Juice Pomme 50ML - Aromazon

    It is at the bottom of its crypt, away from curious eyes, that the giant Aromazon has concocted the Bubble Apple e-liquid. This mixture adored by fine gourmets is among the most flavored and delicious in its collection. With its half-fruity, half-gourmet flavor, you will fall back into childhood for a memorable vaping session.This recipe, after coating...

  • Bubble Juice Cerise 50ML - Aromazon

    What could be more appetizing than delicious, terrifically sweet and intensely chewy cherry chewing gum? Aromazon grants the wish of big children by delivering them Bubble Cerise, an e-liquid that faithfully reproduces the flavor of this little treat. Much appreciated, this succulent recipe will tickle your taste buds and awaken your fondest memories of...

  • Kokokill 50ML - Bakery Shake

    Bakery Shake has put its aromatic know-how at the service of a succulent recipe called Kokokill. This e liquid adored by gourmet vapers is a meticulous blend of flavors as sweet as they are captivating.Through this mixture, let your taste buds appreciate the unique taste of a waffle delight composed of a crunchy hazelnut coated with coconut shavings. This...

  • Oppenheimer 50ML - Bakery Shake

    It is with heart that Bakery Shake put itself in the oven to shape you Oppenheimer, the e liquid so sought after by gourmet vapers.To delight your taste buds, he has concocted a daring blend of equally delicious flavors. On a bed of cookie dough, Bakery Shake spread chocolate chips followed by a layer of vanilla cream, all coated in a smooth custard. This...

  • Carallow 50ML - Bakery Shake

    Candy signed Bakery Shake, Carallow is an e-liquid highly adored by the most gourmet. His recipe: soft marshmallows coated with a soft melting caramel coulis.Vaping this marvel available in the 50ml format will remind you of the joys of camping evenings with your friends. Not only will this exquisite topping tantalize your taste buds, but the clouds that...

  • Sugar Baff 50ML - Bakery Shake

    A myriad of delights , Sugar Baff will titillate the senses of the most daring within the vaposphere. This amber cocktail consists of a large bowl of caramelized popcorn and a creamy vanilla custard cream.Packaged in a bottle filled with 50 ml. Enjoy this dessert any time of the day.

  • Trinitario 50ML - Juicy Shake

    The giant Juicy Shake shakes up the vaping community with its Trinitario e liquid. Enjoy a fruity explosion with this 50 ml mix whose flavors are as exotic as each other.This punchy trio is made up of a sparkling apple, a blackcurrant with a tangy note and a few melting raspberries. Enjoy the delights of Trinitario in all circumstances!

  • Gopher Gang 50ML - Juicy Shake

    Juicy Shake is always keen to delight your palate. To satisfy your appetite, Gopher Gang is released, an e liquid which has been able to convert a large number of gourmet vapers.With the fiery combo of peaches, white and green grapes, and a string of red berries, let yourself embark on a thrilling journey. Packaged in a 50ml plastic bottle, this little...

  • Bariox 50ML - Juicy Shake

    Once again, Juicy Shake turns to vapers who are fond of delicacies. Stronger than ever, the manufacturer draws its arsenal of flavors by releasing one of the most accomplished creations in the vaposphere: the Bariox e-liquid.This meticulous recipe faithfully transcribes the taste of a juicy watermelon and that of a very ripe wild strawberry. Generous as...

  • Pirus 50ML - Juicy Shake

    As always, the giant Juicy Shake pampers its community of fine gourmets. Generous, he releases a delicious fruity blend with an authentic taste, the Pirus concentrate.Sumptuous, this much-loved recipe releases flavors of wild strawberries, white strawberries and candy bananas. It is a gourmet elixir concocted with passion packaged in a 50 ml plastic...

  • Shadows 50ML - Juicy Shake

    Are you a fan of fruity and intensely sweet blends? Juicy Shake has concocted for you an enchanting e liquid named Shadows.This nectar combines sparkling pineapple flesh with juicy peach and deliciously sweet strawberry. Thus, with 50 ml of this elixir, you will benefit from several vaping sessions. Immerse yourself in the exoticism of this cocktail and...

  • Yamagumi 50ML - Juicy Shake

    Intrepid and indomitable, the little ninja Yamagumi invites himself into your vaping sessions! This ultra-fresh e liquid is made up of a delicious chewing gum with peach aromas to remind you of the pretty treats of your childhood.These flavors will only be more exquisite! Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, Yamagumi will give you a sensational vape break.

  • Wonder Orient 50ML - Bakery Shake

    Once again, Bakery Shake upsets the vaposphere with the resounding entry of its Wonder Orient, an e liquid displaying the delights of the lands of the rising sun.Each puff recalls the creaminess of a typical Turkish dessert, baklava. A mixture of pistachios, almonds and butter, the melting coulis of this tasty parade will take your taste buds by storm....

  • Frozen C4 50ML - Saiyen Vapors/Swoke

    Having succeeded in reuniting the crystal balls, the space warriors are back in force, this time with a new version of the C4: the Frozen C4. Just as explosive as its predecessor, this gourmet e-liquid teleports you straight to Namek, in the futuristic universe of the DBZ series.Each puff will be an opportunity for you to discover the revisited flavors of...

  • Easy2Shake Toffee Sins 50/50 60ML - Moonshriners/Le...

    Do not miss Toffee Sins, a recipe developed by the Moonshiners brand to transcribe American gluttony. Having become a reference among premium e-liquids, this amber cocktail mixes two aromas as exquisite as each other.When you taste this delicacy, a sweet scent of melting caramel will invade your mouth, while a delicate note of brown sugar will settle on...

  • Toffee Sins 10ML - Moonshriners/Le French Liquide

    Do not miss Toffee Sins, a recipe developed by the Moonshiners brand to transcribe American gluttony. Having become a reference among premium e-liquids, this amber cocktail mixes two aromas as exquisite as each other.When you taste this delicacy, a sweet scent of melting caramel will invade your mouth, while a delicate note of brown sugar will settle on...

  • Yakuza 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Notice to all vapers looking for adrenaline! Arômes et Liquides teleports you to the heart of a legendary fight with Yakuza e-liquid. This delicious elixir like never before immerses you in a torrid atmosphere.Armed with his sharp katana, a melting pineapple will conquer your taste buds with its powerful tangy flavor. To crown its victory, a fleshy lychee...

  • Fruit Du Dragon Litchi 50ML - Dlice

    If you are a fan of soft vape, you will surely appreciate the brand new Lychee Dragon Fruit from Dlice. Like a basket of exotic treats filled to the brim, this sumptuous 50ml cocktail will be an enchanting break for you to vape at any time of the day. In peace, on your sofa, you will find pleasure in tasting this exquisite e-liquid which will take you...

  • Mangue Glacée - Les Fruits D’Eden/Le Coq qui vape

    The adventure continues with the famous range Les Fruits d'Eden of the French brand Le Coq qui vape! Among these deliciously exotic and sweet blends, the Iced Mango e-liquid makes a triumphant entrance. What does it promise with each puff? The ultimate pleasure of biting into the juicy, sun-filled flesh of a freshly picked mango! Its smooth and creamy...

  • Lemonade Glacée 50ML - Les Fruits D'Eden/Le Coq qui vape

    There's nothing like this ultra-fresh beverage that fizzes in your throat to give your day a boost! With Iced Lemonade e-liquid, the Fruits d'Éden range invites you to rediscover the flagship drink of the summer. Whether under the beating sun or after a little exercise, give yourself a thirst-quenching break with this petrifying mix. A master at...

  • Fruit Rouge Pêche Raisin 50ML - Les Fruits D'Eden/Le Coq...

    The French manufacturer Le Coq qui vape continues its meteoric rise in the world of vaping with this fruity and sweet combo. From the excellent Les Fruits d'Éden range, the e-liquid Red Fruit Peach Grape represents the new trifecta of the vaposphere. With its exhilarating notes, this little marvel sold in a 50 ml bottle will teleport you to the heart of a...

  • Fruits Rouges Glacés - Les Fruits D’Eden/Le Coq qui vape

    Prepare your taste buds, because an avalanche of flavors will fall with the brand Le Coq qui vape and its e-liquid Fruits Rouges Glacés! Refreshing as you wish, this frosted cocktail traces the exquisite taste of the queens of the forest for a bewitching and terribly appetizing! From the very first whiff, an irresistible slush will settle in your throat...

  • Fruit Du Dragon Fraise 50ML - Les Fruits D'Eden/Le Coq...

    Particularly exotic, the strawberry pitaya duo is an irresistible combo! For the greatest pleasure of vapers, the brand Le Coq qui vape has made, in its range Les Fruits d'Éden, an e-liquid reconstituting the flavours of this tempting mix. Using its sweet notes, the strawberry blends perfectly with a juicy slice of dragon fruit, and the whole is enhanced...

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