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  • Yakuza 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Notice to all vapers looking for adrenaline! Arômes et Liquides teleports you to the heart of a legendary fight with Yakuza e-liquid. This delicious elixir like never before immerses you in a torrid atmosphere.Armed with his sharp katana, a melting pineapple will conquer your taste buds with its powerful tangy flavor. To crown its victory, a fleshy lychee...

  • Sweety Monkey 50ML - Les Créations/Aromes et Liquides

    In summer as in winter, the fruits will be at the rendezvous thanks to the Sweety Monkey signed Les Créations d'Arômes et Liquides. Creamy, this mixture, both sweet and powerful, will give you a unique experience combining the exquisite taste of bananas with the sweet and tangy note of strawberries.Much appreciated by vapers, this little gorilla will...

  • Queen Peach 50ML - Les Créations/Aromes et Liquides

    Make way for the centerpiece of the Arômes et Liquides brand! Queen of the Les Créations range, Queen Peach e-liquid enchants lovers of sweet and tangy notes, thanks to its fresh and velvety cocktail. Juicy as you wish, the sovereign of fruity e-liquids offers you a majestic blend that lives up to her stature.For this summer snack, you will enjoy a plump...

  • Kro-Mignon 50ML - Les Créations/Aromes et Liquides

    True to its reputation, the French manufacturer Arômes et Liquides offers you this new nugget from its famous Les Créations range. Adorable and irresistible, the Kro-Mignon e-liquid will charm you with its wild raspberries and fragrant notes.This creation will invite you to enjoy an invigorating walk under the century-old trees of a national forest. On...

  • Kawaii 50ML - Les Création/Aromes et Liquides

    Notice to all followers of Japanese culture! The Arômes et Liquides brand has thought of you by developing the Kawaii e-liquid from the Les Créations range. Cute as hell, this little novelty from the French manufacturer offers you an exquisite recipe made from exotic delicacies.The lonely days are over! From now on, the charming Kawaii-chan will accompany...

  • Freezy Cola 50ML - Lescréations/Aromes et Liquides

    On the way to the country of Uncle Sam! With the Freezy Cola e-liquid from the Les Créations range, you will take off straight for the United States. Featuring the flavors of the drink most adored by young people, this frosted confectionery from the French laboratory Arômes et Liquides will delight your palate!Both soft and creamy, its melting coulis will...

  • Diabolik 50ML - Les Créations/Arômes et Liquides

    No more boring e-liquids that you get tired of after a few puffs! Arômes et Liquides knows what fans of fruity flavors lack and has decided to prepare a cocktail that is both sweet and powerful, the Diabolik. Through this recipe, lovers of sweet berries will feel the acidity of citrus pierce their taste buds and the addictive sweetness of red fruits...

  • Cinematik 50ML - Les Créations/Aromes et Liquides

    The Arômes et Liquides brand revives your cinephile side through its Cinematik e-liquid from the Les Créations range! This mixture is a gourmet recipe made with caramelized popcorn, perfectly transcribing a bowl of crispy popcorn. After a long day, sit back on your couch and enjoy this tender yet crunchy treat in front of your favorite movie.This mix will...

  • Biiiiatch 50ML - Les Créations/Aromes et Liquides

    The latest in the Les Créations range, this characterful e-liquid, signed Arômes et Liquides, reveals a nice fruity combo to vape. Powerful in the mouth, Biiiiiatch serves you a sumptuous cocktail composed of pink grapefruit and strawberry. At the counter of the best bar on the beach, savor this daring blend which sometimes tickles your taste buds with...

  • Alucard 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Do you have a little peckish? Satisfy your inner gourmet with Alucard d'Arômes et Liquides, a very complete recipe that perfectly reproduces the flavors of a milkshake.Highly prized by older children, this e-liquid will make you blush with pleasure with its caramelized notes and terribly creamy milky coffee. The sweet vanilla scent of the delicious warm...

  • Shiva 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Do we still need to present this emblematic figure of the world of vaping? Fearsome divinity, the goddess of destruction pierces your taste buds and cools your veins through the Shiva e-liquid from the Arômes et Liquides brand.With this frosty blend of mint, an ice storm will conquer your palate, while a powerful minty scent will captivate your throat....

  • Ryan USA 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Nothing more tempting than a drizzle of sweet caramel coated with an intensely flavored vanilla pod? The Arômes et Liquides brand grants the wish of fine gourmets with Ryan USA, the e-liquid so much sought after by gourmet vape lovers.This time, heading to America and its famous classic blond leaves! Through this succulent recipe, sweet scents married to...

  • Red Pineapple 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquide

    The most exquisite flavors are found in nature! The Arômes et Liquides brand proves it through the Red Pineapple e-liquid from the Hidden Potion range, a beverage extracted from a mixture of exotic pineapple and ripe strawberries. A true delight, this sparkling duo will give your vape a boost and fill you with a powerful fragrance like a love potion.Let...

  • Secret Mango 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquide

    An exotic getaway, does that tempt you? For Arômes et Liquides, it is always a pleasure to take you on a journey through flavors each more fruity than the next. This time, the French manufacturer has asked its magicians to prepare a recipe that takes you on an unprecedented adventure: the Secret Mango e-liquid.Through this little gem, your taste buds will...

  • Seven Sins 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquide

    The Arômes et Liquides brand surprises us once again with a bewitching creation. In the range of secret potions (Hidden Potion), the French manufacturer offers us a striking cocktail: the Seven Sins. Give in to temptation and let yourself be carried away on a unique journey to the heart of a mysterious land with this enchanted elixir. Fragrant and...

  • Green Oasis 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquides

    In the heart of the vape desert hides a water point: the Green Oasis. A small thirst-quenching nugget signed Arômes et Liquides, this paradise for vapers is made up of frosted red fruits, delicious slices of lemon and cactus pulp. Both juicy and fresh, these fruity flavors harmonize with sweet notes to satisfy your sweet tooth!Yes, this exotic cocktail...

  • Green Banana 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquides

    With the Green Banana, the Arômes et Liquides brand arrives with an enchanting mix and makes a sensational entry into the vaping community. Part of the Hidden Potion range, this cocktail combines the creamy taste of a fresh banana with the atypical flavor of kiwi pulp.Let yourself be tempted by this beverage and please your senses with each puff. To top...

  • Explosive Melon 50ML - Hidden Potion/Aromes et Liquide

    For some time now, an exotic cocktail signed Arômes et Liquides has been turning the vaposphere upside down. It is neither more nor less than the famous e-liquid Explosive Melon, one of the formidable elixirs of the Hidden Potion range. Its strong point, the terribly fruity scent of the clouds it produces. To this aromatic explosion is added the melting...

  • Ragnarok Zero 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    The hour of gluttony has come, the great warrior Ragnarok invites all lovers of fruity vape to his table. To satisfy fans of natural flavors, Arômes et Liquides was inspired by this formidable Viking to make the Ragnarok Zero e-liquid.On the menu, you will have the choice between several red berries ripened to perfection under a blazing sun. Their sweet...

  • Spartacus 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    Meet the most famous gladiator in the history of the vape thanks to the Spartacus e-liquid from Arômes et Liquides. Retracing the power of a lemon ripened in the sun and the almost bewitching sweetness of nectarine, this rebellious warrior will conquer your taste buds from the first puffs.Its fresh and unctuous taste will melt in your throat, while its...

  • Jiraya 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    The Arômes et Liquides brand immerses you in the mythical universe of Naruto through this tender and exquisite dessert. The Jiraiya e-liquid proves its supremacy by revisiting the famous floating island of our grandmothers.In his recipe, you will find a fluffy vanilla custard and a few whipped egg whites. To make it even more gourmet, a creamy topping of...

  • Nagato 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    This is the secret weapon of the giant Flavors and Liquids, Nagato will remind you of the festive atmosphere of the circus! This gourmet e-liquid traces the smoothness of a crème brûlée sprinkled with crispy popcorn, on which a torrent of caramel pours.With a remarkable sweetness, this terribly succulent nectar is a real reference within the vaposphere!...

  • Shinigami 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    With its Shinigami e-liquid, the Arômes et Liquides brand introduces you to an emblematic creature of Japan. With the sparkling taste of a green apple, this mixture takes you to other dimensions of the vape.True to its reputation, the God of Death demonstrates its power in just a few puffs and shares its freshness with you in one go! To complete the set,...

  • Oni 50ML - Aromes et Liquides

    The citrus militia reaffirms its tangy power through the lemony recipe of the Oni e-liquid. Featuring the freshness of a zest of lime and a slice of lemon, this sun-drenched mix guarantees a unique sensation in the mouth. From the first puffs, your taste buds will awaken and make you salivate!Its exoticism, the Oni also owes it to the scent of the clouds...

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