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  • Hilltop 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Dive into the captivating world of electronic cigarettes with the e-liquid Walking Red by the brand Solana. This delightful creation from the range offers you a unique sensory experience, blending the fresh flavors of Strawberry and Watermelon in perfect harmony. With a generous capacity of 50ml, this e-liquid will allow you to enjoy its exquisite flavors...

  • Woodbury 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Walking Red by Solana, a range of e-liquids that harness the power of red fruits in a unique flavor experience. With strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blackcurrant flavors, each inhale is an explosion of fruity delights. Walking Red by Solana is designed for vape enthusiasts seeking intensity and...

  • Oloko 50ML - Wax/Solana

    Immerse yourself in a magical world with Oloko e-liquid. Its captivating notes of kumquat and pomelo will take you on an unforgettable taste journey. Let the magic happen and discover a universe of exotic flavors with this unique e-liquid. Made with care, Oloko is an e-liquid that will surprise and delight you.

  • KiliKili 50ML - Wax/Solana

    Let yourself be tempted by Kilikili e-liquid. Its delicious aromas of persimmon and rambutan will delight your taste buds. A unique taste experience not to be missed, Kilikili is an e-liquid that combines creativity and delicacy. With its fruity and sweet notes, this e-liquid is a real treat for the senses.

  • Terminus Frost 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic vaping world with Terminus Frost by Solana from Walking Red Frost Range. This electrifying 50ml e-liquid skillfully blends juicy grenade, succulent blackberries, and tangy raspberry for an explosive flavor experience that will leave you breathless, even amidst a zombie invasion. Each puff of Terminus Frost takes you...

  • Sanctuary Frost 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Dive into the comforting chill of Sanctuary Frost by Solana, a 50ml e-liquid from the Walking Red Frost range. This captivating elixir combines the deliciously tangy flavors of raspberry, blackcurrant, and red apple. Let this fruity blend envelop you in a smooth and refreshing vapor.Imagine yourself in the secret sanctuary of Sanctuary, a haven of peace...

  • Kingdom Frost 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Discover the icy realm with Kingdom Frost by Solana, a 50ml e-liquid from the Walking Red Frost range. This captivating liquid skillfully blends exotic flavors of succulent lychee and tangy raspberry, enhanced by a refreshing coolness. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where the kingdom of the dead intertwines with an explosion of flavors.Each puff...

  • Alexandria Frost 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Face the apocalypse with Alexandria Frost by Solana, a chilling 50ml e-liquid. Juicy raspberries, succulent black cherries, and an enchanting coolness combine to create a thrilling taste experience in a world infested with zombies. Each puff transports you into a terrifying whirlwind where intense flavors mingle with horror. Crafted with care by Solana,...

  • Aniwa 50ML - Wax/Solana

    Have you ever tried taste tourism? It consists of discovering the most exquisite tastes without leaving your armchair. That's exactly what Solana is offering with its new Aniwa recipe. This time, the brand intends to conquer vapers with an infernal trio: a nice juicy raspberry, a passion fruit that smells like the sun and a soursop that is as fragrant as...

  • Eneke 50ML - Wax/Solana

    From small stolen breaks to long shared sessions, Solana has always been able to insinuate itself into your favourite moments. So, for sunny vaping interludes, the brand has created Eneke. Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, this potion will release a wave of fruity succulence on your taste buds: the acidity of a good tamarind will be softened by the sweetness of...

  • Malokai 50ML - Wax/Solana

    In a pretty 50 ml bottle is hidden the little treasure of Solana, the e-liquid Malokai. With an intense sweetness, this potion delights the taste buds with its deliciously sweet and refreshing puffs. Indeed, the alliance of a creamy banana and a juicy kiwi will be welded by a thirst-quenching touch of cactus. More exotic than ever, this nectar to be vaped...

  • N'Subra 50ML - Wax/Solana

    Once again, Solana is raising the sails on a concoction with African colours. With its Wax range, it has introduced a new recipe in which Saabga plays the leading role alongside the famous dragon fruit. Spouting from a 50 ml bottle, this nectar to be vaped called N'Subra will moisten dry throats like an oasis in the desert. But not only that, your taste...

  • Alexandria 50ML – Walking Red/Solana

    The French manufacturer Solana is causing a stir in the vaposphere with the launch of its bloody Walking Red e-liquid range. From the first puffs of Alexandria, your taste buds will be buried under an avalanche of bewitching fruity flavours. You'll be under the spell of a smooth, half-sweet, half-sour blend of raspberries and black cherries. You will...

  • Kingdom 50ML – Walking Red/Solana

    Like an empress, Solana invites vapers into her kingdom to enjoy the richness of Walking Red, her new range of e-liquids. Known for its fruity concoctions, the brand has added juicy lychees to its raspberry coulis. This exquisite recipe, named Kingdom, promises a memorable vape session with sweet and tangy puffs. To make the pleasure last, this beverage...

  • Sanctuary 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    Solana, in order to protect its warriors from the zombie invasion, has armed them with Sanctuary, a fruity e-liquid from the Walking Red range. To create this mixture, the French brand has chosen its best raspberries and added blackcurrant and thin slices of red apple. You'll be surprised by the perfectly balanced taste, sometimes sweet, sometimes tart,...

  • Terminus 50ML - Walking Red/Solana

    The zombies that took the vaposphere by storm have retreated. Now those who survived the invasion have gathered in the old train station to regain their strength with Terminus e-liquid from the Walking Red range. To perfect this invigorating potion, Solana has called on a trio of shocking flavours: raspberry, pomegranate and blackberry. At first you will...

  • Orias 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    The show must go on ! Always ready to bring a touch of joy and good humor to the world of vaping, the French manufacturer Solana is expanding its Barnum Show range with yet another gourmet e-liquid.Sporting particular flavors, but perfectly worked, Orias enters the scene.Much more than a simple mixture to vape, this resolutely fruity concoction will take...

  • Lucile 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    Want to find your favorite sweets of yesteryear? Lucile, a new e-liquid from Solana promises colorful and flavorful vaping sessions.This treat to vape offers you beautiful fruity notes with a deliciously sweet and tangy taste with each puff.Scented with Harlequin candy, this sweet and gourmet potion releases nostalgic and intoxicating scents as soon as...

  • Lady Baba 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    No more vapes that lack fun! With the Barnum Show range from the French manufacturer Solana, vaping sessions are transformed into real fairgrounds. The proof: the Lady Baba invites you to take a seat in her marquee for a unique show.On the program, you will be treated to a festival of flavors that features the irresistibly sweet and cloudy notes of cotton...

  • La Créature 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    Have you ever seen The Creature? This curious character from the Barnum Show range by Solana often appears late at night in the vaposphere.Harmless, despite its intimidating appearance, this mythical being of the vape will offer you a funny elixir with a surprising taste, if you meet it.Conditioned in a giant 50 ml vial, this potion displays the...

  • Brain Dead 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    Fill up on indulgence with Solana's Brain Dead e-liquid.With its crunchy and sweet notes, this classic snacking takes on the stunning flavors of caramelized popcorn. From its giant 50 ml bottle springs a succulent nectar to vape that will conquer the taste buds from the first puffs.In front of a good movie, or quite simply during the break at the office,...

  • Big Boo 50ML - Barnum Show/Solana

    The show is in full swing at the Barnum Show in Solana. And for good reason ! A fearsome colossus of the vape enters the arena.Big Boo, under his imposing muscles and his air of a fearless warrior, hides a character with a big heart who only wants one thing: to satisfy vapers.Determined to satisfy demanding taste buds, he armed himself with a 50 ml drink...

  • Vanille 50ML - La Fabrique à Biscuits

    Foodie alert! The French brand Solana reproduces one of your favorite snacks through its Supreme Vanilla e-liquid.The pastry chefs of the La Fabrique à Biscuits range present you with an elixir made from buttery biscuits as crispy as they are melting to enhance your vaping sessions.By vaping this mixture, you are entitled to 50 ml of deliciously sweet...

  • Speculoos - La Fabrique à Biscuits

    The French brand Solana varies the pleasures and releases a new recipe: the e-liquid Speculoos.Thanks to its elaborate composition, this e-juice will surprise you with each puff with its complexity and roundness. Your taste buds will find satisfaction in delighting in the gourmet, spicy and subtle notes that accompany it.From the first inhalations, the...

  • Caramel 50ML - La Fabrique à Biscuits

    Solana responds to the call of gluttonous vapers by offering them Caramel, an e-liquid with sweet and melting flavors.To enhance this recipe, the French brand uses the crumbly texture of a Breton shortbread biscuit covered in caramel.Inhale into your vape, sweet and gourmet notes will caress your taste buds.Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, this nectar promises...


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