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  • Full Kit Argus Pod - Voopoo

    Find simplicity and efficiency at all times with the Argus Pod by Voopoo. Are you looking for a discreet and easily transportable pod? You will be conquered by this minimalist model.With an 800 mah battery, a maximum power of 20W and a 2ML cartridge, enjoy a quality vape experience with all the technology of the GENE.AI Chipset, ITO technology or even its...

  • Full Kit Drag Q - Voopoo

    Voopoo is revolutionizing vaping with an e-cigarette that is compact, lightweight and high-performance: the Full Kit Drag Q. This features a 1250 mAh battery whose state of charge is displayed on the gradient bar of the box. .A 3.5 ml glass cartridge that you can fill by unscrewing the cap.Focusing on innovation, Voopoo's Drag Q is equipped with a new...

  • Full Kit Argus GT2 - Voopoo

    To satisfy its community of vapers, the Voopoo brand has released a very complete kit, both powerful and ergonomic. Aimed at beginners and veterans alike, the Argus GT 2 Kit stands out with its timeless look.Available in several colors, this kit relies on innovation. In addition to its excellent handling, it scores points thanks to its rectangular design...

  • Box Argus GT2 - Voopoo

    Voopoo is turning the world of vaping upside down with its powerful and compact Argus GT 2 box. IP68 certified, it is the new must-have for nomadic vapers!In addition to its legendary robustness, this electronic mod also has a phenomenal autonomy. Indeed, it can accommodate two 18650 batteries (not supplied), chargeable via the USB-C cable delivered with...

  • Box Drag 3 TPP X - Voopoo

    Voopoo continues its progress in the world of vaping with its Drag 3 TPP X box. The latter combines both performance and compactness. The box works with two 18650 batteries (not supplied) and can deploy a remarkable autonomy. The Drag 3 TPP X incorporates a Gene.fan 2.0 chipset electronic card allowing it to provide 177 watts of power. This chip also...

  • Full Kit Drag 3 TPP X - Voopoo

    Voopoo offers through the Drag 3 TPP X full kit an ultimate combination of performance and robustness. The box includes the Drag 3 box, an electronic mod that works with two 18650 batteries (not included). Therefore, the kit has a colossal energy and can deploy a power reaching 177 watts.This power is shared by the Gene fan 2.0 chipset board. Moreover,...

  • Pod Vinci Q - Voopoo

    Opt for a pod combining the elegance and robustness of Voopoo products, the Vinci Q full kit. Its coating is made of ABS, a material resistant to wear and splashes, this pod is perfect for clumsy vapers. Regarding its performance, the kit has a built-in battery of 900 mAh of autonomy. To this is assembled a Gene chipset which automatically detects the...

  • Full Kit Drag X PnP X - Voopoo

    Voopoo is relaunching its Drag X kit range with the PnP X. This electronic cigarette has it all. It has a mod that can accommodate an 18650 battery (not supplied) and is recharged with a USB-C input (cable provided). The chipset of this box has a smart option that automatically adjusts the power output according to the installed atomizer.You will also...

  • Full Kit Drag S PnP X - Voopoo

    The PnP X series has a new line of Pods, the Drag S Pnp-X kit is a version as compact as its colleagues. Including a built-in 2500 mAh battery with a power of 60 W and a 5 ml clearomizer with an airflow adjustable to your liking (no specific opening).This cartridge is filled from the top to be more efficient. The coils included in the kit are the PnP VM1...

  • Full Kit Drag Nano 2 - Voopoo

    No one can stop Voopoo and the Chinese manufacturer continues to expand its Drag range! The Drag Nano 2 Kit is easy to use with a minimalist design. All the same, find a power of 800 mah and a maximum power of 20 watts. Easy to use, it only takes one button to start vaping. This will also be used to select the power level and its LED lights will indicate...

  • Full Kit Doric 1500mah - Voopoo

    Make way for the Doric 20W kit from Voopoo with a power of 20W and a 1500mAh battery. This pod will accompany you all day long, it can easily be recharged by usb-c in just 1 hour.Practical, its 2ml tank is easily filled on the side and will delight vapers looking for practicality. It is also equipped with the new GENE chipset allowing it to detect the...

  • Full kit Doric 2500mAh - Voopoo

    The Voopoo brand has a considerable reputation in the world of vaping. This is due to the performance of products such as the Doric 60 Full Kit. This box has an integrated battery with an autonomy of 2500 mAh to be recharged using the USB-C cable provided.Also, its chipset delivers a power of up to 60 W. A 4.5 ml cartridge with bottom filling is also...

  • Full Kit Drag X Pro - Voopoo

    The Voopoo brand offers you a pod geared towards direct inhaling draws, with the full Drag X Pro kit. For your greatest pleasure, it enjoys great robustness and consistent performance.The box is equipped with the Drag X Pro box which works with an 18650 or 21700 battery (not supplied) to deploy a maximum power of 100 W. The kit also includes a TPP X...

  • Full kit Drag S Pro - Voopoo

    Practical and modern, the Drag S Pro full kit is a marvel from Voopoo. Geared towards DL prints, its performance ensures thick cloud production.The box is equipped with a Drag S Pro box equipped with an integrated battery of 3000 mAh of autonomy for a maximum power of 80 watts. The pod also has a switch to turn off and secure the box at any time....

  • Box Drag X Plus Pro - Voopoo

    The know-how of the Voopoo brand is highlighted by the Drag X Plus Pro box. Combining innovation and performance, this box is oriented towards direct inhalation draws. The Drag X Plus Pro is versatile, because it works with an accumulator in 18650 or 21700 format (not included). Moreover, it is equipped with Gen Fan 2.0 chipset for stable power output....

  • Full Kit Drag X Plus Pro - Voopoo

    Bearing the same name as its predecessor, the full Drag X Plus Pro kit differs from the latter by greater robustness and power. The box is equipped with the Drag X Plus Pro box, a mod operating with an 18650 or 21700 battery (not supplied) for a power of 100 watts.This box has the magnetic Gen 2.0 chipset for intelligent power management and quick...

  • Full Kit Musket 120W - Voopoo

    Voopoo is proud to present the Musket Kit to you. A box that can go up to 120w thanks to its 2 18650 batteries (Not supplied) and has a Pnp Tank atomizer of 4.5ml compatible with Pnp resistors. Its sleek design and light weight make it a unique kit for exceptional handling.The box contains:1x Musket Mod1x Pnp Tank Atomizer1x VM5 0.2 ohm1x VM6 0.15 ohm1x...

  • Kit Seal 40W - Voopoo

    A brand new pod concept has been created by the Voopoo brand through the Seal kit. This innovation is mainly noticed by the atypical design.Indeed, the Seal consists of an integrated battery of 1200 mAh of autonomy. It is in a fully waterproof pod thanks to its metal alloy coating and silicone finishes. A power range of 5 to 40 watts could also be output...

  • Pod Drag S 4.5ML (New colors) - Voopoo

    The Voopoo brand has an important reputation in the world of vaping. This is due to the performance and ergonomics of their products such as the Drag S pod.This box has an integrated battery with a range of 2500 mAh to be recharged using the supplied USB-C cable. Also, the PnP RBA chipset delivers power reaching 60 watts. In addition, a 4.5 ml cartridge...

  • Pod Drag X (New colors) - Voopoo

    Voopoo makes a formidable kit, the Drag X pod. The latter is equipped with an 18650 battery (not supplied) for considerable autonomy while maintaining its lightness.The TT chipset card contained in the pod allows it to provide 80 watts of power. The Drag cartridge also makes up the box, it has a 4.5 ml reservoir to be filled through the bottom of the...

  • Pod Vinci X 2 - Voopoo

    Voopoo presents the Vinci X to you in its second version: Vinci X 2. It is an electronic cigarette capable of delivering 80W and which is powered by an 18650 battery (not supplied). Its latest generation chipset makes it possible to adapt the power according to the resistance installed in the atomizer. This battery will be accompanied by a 6.5ML cartridge...

  • Pod Vinci - Voopoo

    Once again, Voopoo takes up the challenge of performance and efficiency with the Vinci pod. Equipped with a built-in 800 mAh battery, this Voopoo brand kit provides a constant power of 15 watts. A cartridge of 2 ml capacity is also added to the kit. This offers simplified side filling and incorporates a resistance of 0.8 ohm. The use of this resistance...

  • Full Kit Argus - Voopoo

    Once again, the Voopoo brand has made a kit combining power and practicality. This one is named Argus full kit which is close to perfection thanks to its performance.Indeed, the centerpiece of the kit is its integrated 1500 mAh battery. This ensures the power flow through the chipset of the pod, the maximum value of which is 40 watts. You will also find...

  • Full Kit Argus Pro - Voopoo

    Voopoo decides to hit hard by designing its full Argus Pro kit. As efficient as it is ergonomic, this box oriented towards direct inhalation draws has everything to please.The box is equipped with an integrated 3000 mAh battery, offering enormous autonomy. This powers the Gene.TT chipset, so it deploys a power of 80 watts. The Argus Pro comes with a PnP...

Voopoo Wholesaler: The top electronic cigarettes at the best wholesale prices

Your Greenvillage wholesaler offers Voopoo electronic cigarettes. These are products whose design combines innovation and quality. Their vaping products have become a safe bet and that is why Greenvillage trusts Voopoo products.

Voopoo, an innovative e-cigarette manufacturer

In recent years, Voopoo has stood out from these colleagues by offering electronic cigarettes whose quality is no longer to be proven. Indeed, the brand makes a point of honor and its efforts in innovation to improve the design, ergonomics and quality of their products. To meet the needs of vapers, their R&D department has developed a rapid heating of the resistance in 0.025s and makes it possible to take advantage of e-liquids very quickly. Their teams, made up, carefully selected engineers have also created pods mods, electronic cigarettes with cartridge, among the best on the market in 2019: the Vinci from Voopoo. This particular format greatly simplifies vaping. In addition to the usual advantages of pods, Voopoo has integrated, thanks to its new Gene Chip chipset, the automatic detection of the resistances but also the automatic adjustment of the power according to the resistance used. To limit the hazards faced by vapers, the chipset of their pod mods limits the minimum and maximum power depending on the resistance used. Users of Vinci electronic cigarettes no longer have to be technicians to use them.
Voopoo has a wide range of products from the small pod to the super box for big fans. And all of them are given real attention to detail. And it’s for this reason that your electronic cigarette wholesaler has chosen to distribute Voopoo equipment. It's no wonder that the brand already has over 4 million users.

The different ranges offered by your wholesaler

Voopoo wants to reach all types of vapers and has a wide range from the product for beginners or small vapers to fans of big steam. There is no reason why a person wishing to quit smoking cannot get a quality e-cigarette.
Greenvillage mainly offers you pods from the manufacturer. These pods are essentially easy to use products. The range of products that particularly caught our attention is the Vinci range which consists of 4 products to appeal to all types of users who want products whose ease of use is an important acquisition criterion.
The Vinci is the one by which Voopoo was most successful. Thanks to its large capacity of 5.5ml e-liquid tank, its power of 40W and its autonomy of 1500mAh. His favorite target is the everyday vaper. The one for whom the tight draft is insufficient and for whom the big steam is useless. The only thing he wants is to vape without taking the lead. The characteristics make the Vinci the ideal product for this type of user: Detection of resistance, limitation of power according to resistance, automatic or button pull. There is multiple resistance to grant it for all uses.
The Vinci X incorporates the advantages of the Vinci to which it adds a maximum power of 70W and the use of a battery to give it better autonomy. Always as simple to use, it still allows you to refine the pleasure of vaping from the vaper.
The Vinci R, the simplest electronic cigarette pod in the range. No screen but just 3 LEDs to indicate the 3 power levels used and the level of the integrated battery.
Finally comes the Vinci Air pod mod. Its power and autonomy are more reduced than the Vinci. But his main interest is to be more discreet. Thus the capacity of the tank is 4ml. Its maximum power is 30W and its autonomy is 900mAh. It is suitable for more moderate vapers.

Vinci, products of high values

As a Voopoo wholesaler, Greenvillage offers the Vinci range to extend your range of e-cigarettes for beginners and intermediates. You will find all these Voopoo products at the best price with a quality of service to satisfy you.

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