Which wholesaler for electronic cigarettes to choose?

Increasingly more of you are setting up to supply the users with electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. And you are right: the e-cigarette market is buoyant and dynamic and offers very good prospects for those who know how to meet consumer expectations. And this is where your supplier comes in. Choosing an electronic cigarette wholesaler is above all about finding a partner who will allow you to select and obtain the best and latest in the world of electronic cigarettes. In a market that is concentrating year after year, innovation, transparency and reliability are key criteria in choosing a wholesaler. These are the commitments we make, at GreenVillage, to support you in the management of your store.

GreenVillage: a continuous exploration of novelties

The role of a wholesaler does not stop at offering electronic cigarettes and e-liquids at wholesale prices to supply at low cost. It goes much further. While we obviously offer our products at wholesale prices, we consider our role to be much broader. In direct contact with suppliers, we are honored to be the first to discover and be able to try out new products and new brands of electronic cigarettes. Choosing a wholesaler means choosing the service provider who will put you in direct contact with new products. To retain your audience, this is a necessity. This is therefore our first tip: make sure that the wholesaler you choose is up to date with new products and that their stock appears to be renewed regularly and in line with market innovations.

In-depth knowledge of the market

For our second tip, this time we turn to the other side of the mirror. A wholesaler is also a service provider in contact with many customers. An electronic cigarette wholesaler must be close and attentive to a dense network of customers (stores, boutiques, resellers, etc.) to have a good vision of the e-cigarette market and to understand market trends. It is this unique position between supplier and customer that provides the electronic cigarette wholesaler with such knowledge of both upcoming innovations and consumer preferences. It is therefore important to make sure that your e-cigarette wholesaler is serving many customers, as this will ensure that his advice is based on extensive experience in the field. At GreenVillage, we realize the importance of listening to the field every day, thanks to our more than 4,000 clients across France and Europe.

Exemplary traceability

Fraud is unfortunately present in a market as juicy as that of the electronic cigarette. These counterfeits pose a risk to the health of your users (poor quality e-liquids and electronics) as well as to your brand image. It is out of the question, therefore, to have the slightest doubt about the origin of your products.

Our third tip is to check how your electronic cigarette wholesaler ensures the origin of their products. At GreenVillage, we order directly from manufacturers or their official partners to limit intermediaries and affix a manufacturer authenticity number to ensure the authenticity of our products.

Customer service reviews and availability

Our final tip is to check the reliability of the e-cigarette wholesaler you want to choose. A quality wholesaler is a wholesaler who is confident in his customers' feedback, and who is keen to take them into account.

Check out what warranties are offered, Google reviews, and how easy it is to contact the company. At GreenVillage, we provide the after-sales service phone number right on the home page and have a five-star rating on Google. Still hesitating? Contact us: our advisers are at your disposal.

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