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  • Princess Leya 50ML - Smoke Wars/E. Tasty

    Let yourself be charmed by the Princess Leya e liquid from the Smoke Wars range by E tasty while savoring this delicious strawberry cereal recipe.

  • Gummy Ball 50ML - Loly Yumy/E. Tasty

    The Gummy Ball from the Loly Yumy range by Etasty is a liquid that will take you back to childhood. A bubble gum larger than life.

  • Droïde V4PE 50ML - Smoke Wars/E. Tasty

    Make room for the Etasty V4PE Droid and fully savor this delicious vanilla madeleine, with pistachio and some chocolate chips.

  • Sub'a 50ML Deep Seas/E.Tasty

    If Sub'a e-liquid from the Deep Sea range had to be defined by words, it would be "hydrating, fruity and fresh". Indeed, the recipe of this swirling cocktail is based on a mixture of raspberries and lemon, all marinated in cactus juice. The Sub'a brings a smoothness in the throat after each puff, to which is added the sweetness of the blue raspberry. Lime...

  • Squida 50ML Deep Seas/E.Tasty

    The brand e.Tasty allows you to bring a part of the tropics to your vape with the e-liquid Squida. This e-liquid is a mixture of fruits as sweet as sweet. Indeed, it is composed of a smooth mango married to a juicy peach, all spiced up by the exoticism of passion fruit. If you are a fan of generous vaping, let this explosive mixture deposit its greedy...

  • Scafaya 50ML Deep Seas/E.Tasty

    If you are looking for an ultra-fruity vape session, you can opt for Scafaya. This e-liquid embarks with a trio that is surprising, namely pitaya, watermelon and strawberry. Indeed, you will have at your disposal a cocktail mixing sweetness and deliciousness, all with a balanced sweet taste. Moreover, the sensations in the throat after each puff are...

  • Raqua 50ML Deep Seas/E.Tasty

    The house of e.Tasty launches a cocktail of fresh citrus fruits through their e-liquid Raqua. In addition, you will discover after each puff of this e-liquid, the sweet taste of tangerine preceded by the invigorating juice of orange. Added to this, the tangy side of lemon highlights the freshness of the mixture. Moreover, vaping Raqua will make you...

  • Balea 50ML Deep Seas/E.Tasty

    Balea is perfect for vapers who want to bring some freshness to their vape. Indeed, e.Tasty has deliciously mixed apple, cherries and cactus juice. This e-liquid is an oasis of flavour, thanks to the tangy and melting taste of the apple, combined with the sweetness of the cherries. To complete the package, a sweet cactus juice will take place in your...

  • Bower 50ml Game Over/E.Tasty

    Meet the Bower of E Tasty. This is an e liquid made with Lime Lemonade, Pomegranate and Cupuçu. The very fruity set will be accompanied by a touch of freshness.

  • Kipick 100ML - Summer Spicy/Tasty

    To the fans of strong sensations ! Kipick is a tonic mix of cactus and lemon

  • Himalaya 50ML - Freezy Crush/E. Tasty

    The Himalayan from eTasty is crispy liquid with slightly tangy lemon and sweet blue raspberry all iced over. Are you ready to conquer this ultra fresh liquid ?

  • Limorosso 50ML - Freezy Crush/E. Tasty

    To satisfy your thirst for freshness, don't ignore the Limorosso from eTasty. Enjoy a lemonade where watermelon and lime blend wonderfully.

  • Paloma 50ML - Freezy Crush/E. Tasty

    Treat yourself with the Paloma from eTasty. An exquisite blend of citrus and frosted cranberry.

  • Pishi 50ML - Freezy Crush/E. Tasty

    ETasty Pishi is a lemonade with a taste of peach tea. Can you resist the sweetness of this delicious recipe?

  • Yosh 100ML - E. Tasty

    What could be better than vaping a mixture of pineapple, dragon fruit and corrosol? Let yourself be amazed by the Yosh!

  • Coari 50ML - E. Tasty

    e.Tasty brings the freshness of the Amazon in its e-liquid Coari. Indeed, this bewitching mangosteen-peach-raspberry blend will bring an explosion of flavours in your vape. You will discover through Coari the greedy side of mangosteen blending with the sweetness of peach and the delicate sweetness of raspberry. In addition, this e-liquid is suitable for...

  • Sky vaper 50ML - E. Tasty

    Sky vaper is a knight liquid that will make you a hero with its melting and shell-like blueberry crumble accompanied by its smooth and sweet vanilla custard cream.By your side like a lightsaber. May the VAPE be with you ...

  • Fresh Kipick 50ML - E. Tasty

    The Kipick is back in its new extra fresh formula that will freeze your pucks.Its invigorating lemon cactus taste, stings before icing.Are you ready to savor such a delight ...

  • Oario 50ML - E. Tasty

    Merciless and Gourmand blend of cherry, crunchy raspberry and juicy blackberry with a touch of lily flower. Dario's evil double will leave us speechless.My name is Oario!

  • Rob Ouest 50ML - Call Me Biggy/E. Tasty

    Rob Ouest one of the best liquid of his generation, sparkling lemon cola with a freshness that only he has the secret ... This liquid will awaken your taste buds ...

  • Dr Fresh 50ML - Call Me Biggy/E. Tasty

    Dr Fresh e-liquid from the Call Me Biggy range perfectly combines the freshness of lemon with the sweetness of blue raspberry and the incomparable taste of blackberries.When you vapourise this e-liquid, you will receive on your palate a smooth and sweet coulis letting the subtle taste of raspberries and blackberries shine through. The lime will bring a...

  • 2 Vap 50ML - Call Me Biggy/E. Tasty

    The e.Tasty brand is known for its fruity flavoured e-liquids. 2 Vap from the Call Me Biggy range promises a blend of ripe cherries and smooth raspberries, all bathed in a fresh mixture. This e-liquid offers not only the sweet aftertaste of cherries, but also the sweetness of raspberries. Therefore, it will be perfect for you if you are one of the...

  • Black Down 50ML - Freezy Crush/E. Tasty

    The Black down is the perfect e-liquid to refresh you. Find a frosted Cassis accompanied by a sweet violet

  • Yosh 50ML - Game Over/E. Tasty

    What could be better than vaping a mixture of pineapple, dragon fruit and corrosol? Let yourself be amazed by the Yosh!


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