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  • Duo Framboise 50ML - Tornado Attack/Aromazon

    Explore the deliciously fruity world of e-liquid with Duo Framboise from the brand Aromazon, part of the Tornado Attack range. This exquisite nectar, available in a 50ML bottle, offers an intoxicating combination of several carefully selected raspberry varieties. Immerse yourself in a unique tasting experience, where the juicy and sweet flavors of...

  • Jus de Grenadille 50ML - Tornado Attack/Aromazon

    Dive into the delightfully exotic world of e-liquid with Jus de Grenadille from the brand Aromazon, part of the Tornado Attack range. This enchanted potion, available in a 50ML bottle, transports you to the heart of a unique tasting experience with the authentic flavor of Jus de Grenadille. Let yourself be carried away by this symphony of tropical...

  • Passion Pastèque Fraise 50ML - Tornado Attack/Aromazon

    Dive into the captivating world of e-liquids with Passion Watermelon Strawberry from the brand Aromazon, part of the Tornado Attack range. This magical potion, available in a generous 50MLbottle, blends the delights of passion fruit, watermelon, and strawberry. Let yourself be carried away by an explosion of exquisite flavors that will awaken your taste...

  • Ananas 50ML - Tornado Attack/Aromazon

    Dive into the captivating world of e-liquids with Pineapple from the brand Aromazon. Part of the Tornado Attack range, this e-liquid delivers an explosion of exotic Pineapple flavors. Its generous 50ML capacity ensures an extended and delightful experience. Let yourself be carried away by the exceptional quality of Aromazon, where the art of vaping meets...

  • Bubble Gum Fruits Rouges 50ML - Tornado Attack/ Aromazon

    Experience the flavor explosion of Bubble Gum Red Fruits e-liquid from the brand Aromazon, belonging to the bold Tornado Attack range. Presented in a 50ML bottle, this vaping masterpiece offers an exquisite combination of the sweetness of Bubble Gum paired with the intensity of Red Fruits. Dive into a whirlwind of sweet delights with every puff, creating...

  • Sucette Citron 50ML - Tornado Joker/Aromazon

    Dive into the enchanting world of e-liquids with "Lemon Lollipop" from the Aromazon brand, a star of the "Tornado Joker" range. This creation offers you an exceptional taste experience, revealing the authentic flavor of the famous lemon lollipop. With a capacity of 50ml, this liquid is an invitation to indulgence. You'll be immediately captivated by the...

  • Bonbon Fraise 50ML - Tornado Joker/Aromazon

    Dive into the fascinating world of e-liquids with Bonbon fraise from the Tornado Joker range by Aromazon. This exquisite liquid offers you an unparalleled taste experience, with flavors of strawberry candy that will remind you of the sweet pleasures of childhood. The generous 50ML capacity ensures you'll have plenty of this delightful liquid to vape. Let...

  • Bubble Gum Pastèque Melon 50ML - Tornado Joker/Aromazon

    Dive into the delightfully eccentric universe of the Bubble Gum Pastèque Melon e-liquid by Aromazon, part of the Tornado Joker range. This bold creation skillfully combines the sweet flavors of bubble gum, juicy watermelon, and ripe melon. Let yourself be seduced by a whirlwind of fruity and sweet sensations with every inhale. The Bubble Gum Pastèque...

  • Bonbon Pomme 50ML - Tornado Joker/Aromazon

    Introducing Bonbon pomme from the brand Aromazon, a creation from the Tornado Joker range that will take you on a journey through a sweet and fruity universe. This 50ML e-liquid is a genuine invitation to savor a delicious apple-flavored candy. Its authentic flavor will captivate you, and its Joker-inspired theme will add a touch of madness to your...

  • Bonbon Cerise Bleue 50ML - Tornado Joker/Aromazon

    Dive into the captivating world of e-liquids with Bonbon cerise bleue from the brand Aromazon. Part of the Tornado Joker range, this liquid takes you on a whirlwind of flavors. Picture the sweetness of a blue cherry candy dancing on your palate, awakening your taste buds with every puff. With a 50ml capacity, this liquid ensures a lasting experience. The...

  • Candy Bar Marshmallow 50ml – Aromazon

    Aromazon gives pleasure to gourmands with its Candy Bar Marshmallow e-liquid. This simple candy at first sight hides in its 50 ml vial an intensely rich juice. Just like at a campfire party, you'll discover a soft, chewy confection with a terribly enticing aroma with each inhale. You'll feel like you're swallowing a marshmallow that's just been roasted...

  • Candy Bar Fraise Lactée 50ml – Aromazon

    Back to childhood guaranteed with the latest novelty from the giant Aromazon! On the menu, you'll be treated to a succulent strawberry candy, accompanied by a nice bowl of fresh milk. Enough to make your mouth water! Indeed, nothing is left to chance in the recipe of the Candy Bar Strawberry e-liquid. The flavours as well as the scents are carefully...

  • Bubble Juice Cerise 50ML - Aromazon

    What could be more appetizing than delicious, terrifically sweet and intensely chewy cherry chewing gum? Aromazon grants the wish of big children by delivering them Bubble Cerise, an e-liquid that faithfully reproduces the flavor of this little treat. Much appreciated, this succulent recipe will tickle your taste buds and awaken your fondest memories of...

  • Bubble Juice Pomme 50ML - Aromazon

    It is at the bottom of its crypt, away from curious eyes, that the giant Aromazon has concocted the Bubble Apple e-liquid. This mixture adored by fine gourmets is among the most flavored and delicious in its collection. With its half-fruity, half-gourmet flavor, you will fall back into childhood for a memorable vaping session.This recipe, after coating...

  • Bubble Juice Raisin 50ML - Aromazon

    Take a summer walk in the heart of the most beautiful vineyards in the world of vaping with Aromazon's Bubble Raisin e-liquid. This nectar perfectly transcribes the sweetness of a grape-flavored chewing-gum. From the first inhalations, its delicate sweet touch will take over your taste buds and its melting coulis will surprise your throat.Your vaping...

  • Bubble Juice Cola 50ML de Aromazon

    With Aromazon's Bubble Juice Cola, allow your child's soul to succumb to a fierce fight between two coveted flavors.A true gem of the gourmet generations, this e-liquid is the result of a duo between the taste of bubble gum and that of cola candy which mingle to perfection. Let your taste buds delight in the perfect reproduction of this famous chewing gum...

  • Bubble Juice Power 50ML 0MG - Aromazon

    Do you have drawn features? Boost your tone and immerse yourself in a torrid atmosphere with Aromazon's Bubble Juice Power.Very popular, this e-liquid is the successful marriage between an energy drink and a famous pink bubble gum which has created unanimity among toddlers. With this sumptuous 50 ml cocktail, delight your taste buds, through the sparkling...

  • Bubble Juice Mint 50ML 0MG - Aromazon

    Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the world of vaping, please your taste buds by diving into a bath of freshness with the Bubble Juice Mint. Aromazon spoils thrill seekers with this e-liquid which perfectly reproduces the recipe for the famous Hollywood mint chewing gum.Thanks to its powerful aromatic power, this small confectionery guarantees...

  • Cactus Sunrise 50ML 0MG de Aromazon

    Want to escape without moving from your deckchair? Discover the sandy expanses of Mexico through this refreshing and tangy e-liquid.Thanks to Cactus Sunrise from the Aromazon brand, you will enjoy a deliciously fruity and fragrant mix, ideal for a thirst-quenching break during the day. This original beverage combines the sweetness of a juicy strawberry...

  • Basil Smash 50ML 0MG de Aromazon

    Stimulate your vape with this intensely fruity e-liquid from the French laboratory of Aromazon. If you are a fan of Mediterranean flavors, the Basil Smash will satisfy you.As its name suggests, you will be treated to an explosion of freshness in the mouth, thanks to the unique and irresistible properties of basil. To sweeten the taste, freshly picked...

  • Bubble Juice 50ML 0MG de Aromazon

    Does it tell you to go back to the playground and relive the best moments of your childhood? Let yourself be tempted by Bubble Juice, an ultra-gourmet calorie-free e-liquid signed Aromazon.This revisited recipe for the famous pink chewing gum will make you feel a bit nostalgic, thanks to its light and sweet note. At any time of the day, it will allow you...

  • Candy Bar 50ML 0MG de Aromazon

    Recognizable for miles around by its gourmet scent, the caramel candy makes a sensational entry into the world of vaping with the Candy Bar e-liquid from Aromazon.Thanks to this tasty recipe, you can enjoy the confectionery that rocked your childhood at your leisure without being afraid of catching a cavity. Yes, this treat signed Aromazon does not stick...


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