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  • Fruit du Dragon Givré 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Immerse yourself in a divine taste experience with our Frosted Dragon Fruit e-liquid. Skillfully created by Le Coq qui vape, this liquid gem will transport you to a world of exotic freshness. Delight in the sweet and slightly tart aroma of dragon fruit, accompanied by a pleasant touch of freshness that will awaken your senses with each puff. This...

  • Fruit Tropical Givré 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with the Frosted Tropical Fruit e-liquid. Concocted with passion by Le Coq qui vape, this liquid delight transports you to a world of exotic freshness and captivating summer flavors.

  • Grenade Fraise Givré 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Discover the frozen delight of Pomegranate Strawberry Givré, an exquisite e-liquid that will awaken your senses with every puff. Let yourself be carried away by the harmonious fusion of juicy pomegranate, sweet strawberry and a refreshing touch. This perfectly balanced blend will satisfy lovers of fruity flavors and invigorating sensations. Enjoy...

  • Super Gumgum Ice 50ML - Kyandi Ice

    With Super Gumgum Ice, every puff is a magical journey filled with flavor and freshness. Its subtle blend of strawberry bubblegum and freshness offers you a unique and bewitching taste experience. Let yourself be transported to sweet memories and refreshing sensations.

  • Super Florida Pik Ice 50ML - Kyandi Ice

    Welcome to a tropical paradise of flavors with Super Florida Pik Ice, Kyandi Shop's treasure trove of e-liquids. Immerse yourself in a magical and refreshing taste experience, where exotic fruits blend harmoniously with invigorating freshness. Imagine strolling on a white sand beach, the rays of the sun caressing your skin. You reach out and pick a...

  • Super Bubble Z Ice 50ML - Kyandi Ice

    Immerse yourself in a sweet and refreshing world with Super Bubble Z Ice, the e-liquid masterpiece offered by Kyandi Shop. Let yourself be enchanted by a delicious experience that awakens your senses, where the sweetness of a sweet and tangy candy mixes with an invigorating freshness.

  • Yellow Pik 50ML - Kyandi Pik

    Want to fly to the tropics without moving from your living room? Try Yellow Pik e-liquid!For this unique getaway, you won't need your passport or a visa... All you need is your vape, a quiet place to rest and your Kyandi Pik e-juice.Determined to conquer the vape community with exotic flavors from elsewhere, the French range has combined the tangy taste...

  • Red Pik 50ML - Kyandi Pik

    We often believe them to be extinct, but they are indeed present in the vaposphere, and even very fashionable! The cult sweets that rocked our childhood have been revisited by Kyandi Pik to enhance our vaping sessions.In this delicious range of e-liquids is also Red Pik, a succulent spicy confectionery with red fruits... With this must-have of the vape...

  • Purple Pik 50ML - Kyandi Pik

    Do you want to bring a renewal to your vaping sessions? Among the original recipes that make the Kyandi Pik range famous, that of Purple Pik stands out for its composition with striking and balanced notes.This juicy and spicy e-liquid can boast of being as exotic as you want, thanks to the few slices of dragon fruit that decorate it. To accompany the...

  • Pink Pik 50ML - Kyandi Pik

    Your vaping sessions will rhyme with good humor and gluttony, when you choose to vape Pink Pik.In a single puff, this e-liquid from the French Kyandi Pik range immerses you in the fun atmosphere of fairgrounds, with their bumper cars, their thrill rides and their ice palaces.Savor this delicious cotton candy-coated bubble gum all day long without fear of...

  • Blue Pik 50ML - Kyandi Pik

    Add color to your vape by diving into the wonderful world of Kyandi Pik. This French range invites you to rediscover the sweets of your childhood in e-liquid version to vape, for vaping moments rich in emotions and pleasures.Among the nuggets that make up its collection, discover Blue Pik, a mixture whose flavors combine the sweetness of grapes with the...

  • Menthe Poivrée 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Specially designed for peppermint lovers, the Menthe Poivrée e-liquid from the brand Le Coq qui Vape surprises with its original and worked taste. This 50 ml concoction plunges you into a very aromatic universe, in which you will appreciate the invigorating and slightly spicy side of some peppermint leaves. Enjoy an ultra-fresh hit with every puff and...

  • Fruit du Serpent 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    No more monotonous juices! Le Coq qui Vape takes you to Southeast Asia to discover the exotic flavours of "salak". During a vaping session, let yourself be surprised by the complex taste, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, of this large oval drupe wrapped in brown scales similar to the skin of a reptile. The e-liquid Fruit du Serpent 50 ml, as its name...

  • Super Florida Pik 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Share a nice shot of good humour with Super Florida Pik. Available in a 50 ml maxiflask, this gourmet potion carries the sweet and tangy flavour of the candy strips of yesteryear. Each vaping session will remind you of the laughter and joy around the fire and the long days spent doing nothing. Change era for a vaping interlude and enjoy delicious fruity...

  • Super Banana 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Do you dream of a sweet treat? Kyandi Shop has captured the melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtle taste of a banana candy in its new recipe. With its delicate, sweet flavour, Super Banana takes sweet tooths back to the playground. Share long, nostalgic vaping sessions recounting childhood mischief and bickering. Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, this potion...

  • Jus de Raisin 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Did you know that in France the grape is one of the most appreciated fruits? Recognisable by its slightly muscatel-like taste, it is one of the favourite flavours of vapers. That's why the fine gourmets at Le Coq Qui Vape have come up with the ultimate formula: Jus de Raisin e-liquid. Through its delicate and thirst-quenching flavours, this 50 ml...

  • Expresso Mocha 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Go back to basics! Le Coq Qui Vape offers you a good dose of coffee to start your day with the Expresso Mocha. With its 50 ml Shake and Vape bottle, the French manufacturer has added a cloud of milk and a few squares of chocolate. Vary the pleasures and sensations by opting for this gourmet mixture for your homemade e-liquids.This succulent drink with...

  • Poire Pochée 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    Are you hungry? That turns out well ! Gourmet flavors are on the menu at Le Coq Qui Vape with the Poached Pear in 50ml. Discover a succulent dessert with soft and sweet fruit, topped with a sumptuous whipped cream and a caramel coulis, with each vaping session.With a 60ml bottle, it will allow you to adjust according to your preferences, the level of...

  • Vanille 50ML - Le Coq qui vape

    If you are a fan of Le Coq Qui Vape products, you will quickly be won over by this new mixture specially designed for Vanilla lovers. It has a flavor that will take you back to childhood, thanks to its rich and sweet aroma.Delivered in 50ml, you can dose the nicotine level at your convenience and you will finally be ready to land on your little vanilla...

  • Super Mallow 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Kyandi Shop awakens your inner child with its new Super Mallow concoction. Thanks to the soft and bouncy texture of the marshmallow, this gourmet e-liquid guarantees you ultra-sweet vaping sessions, placed under the sign of nostalgia.With each puff, you will feel a smooth marshmallow melting on your taste buds. You will also relive the moments spent with...

  • Super Bubblez 50ML - Kyandi Shop

    Your vaping sessions will smell good nostalgia, with the e-liquid Super Bubble Z from Kyandi Shop. With each puff, this gourmet concoction guarantees you a trip back in time during which you will taste the sweets of your childhood. Ready for a trip down memory lane? Head to the playground with your friends to taste the famous candy bottle... a must! This...

  • Mangue Glacée - Les Fruits D’Eden/Le Coq qui vape

    The adventure continues with the famous range Les Fruits d'Eden of the French brand Le Coq qui vape! Among these deliciously exotic and sweet blends, the Iced Mango e-liquid makes a triumphant entrance. What does it promise with each puff? The ultimate pleasure of biting into the juicy, sun-filled flesh of a freshly picked mango! Its smooth and creamy...

  • Fruit Rouge Pêche Raisin 50ML - Les Fruits D'Eden/Le Coq...

    The French manufacturer Le Coq qui vape continues its meteoric rise in the world of vaping with this fruity and sweet combo. From the excellent Les Fruits d'Éden range, the e-liquid Red Fruit Peach Grape represents the new trifecta of the vaposphere. With its exhilarating notes, this little marvel sold in a 50 ml bottle will teleport you to the heart of a...

  • Fruits Rouges Glacés - Les Fruits D’Eden/Le Coq qui vape

    Prepare your taste buds, because an avalanche of flavors will fall with the brand Le Coq qui vape and its e-liquid Fruits Rouges Glacés! Refreshing as you wish, this frosted cocktail traces the exquisite taste of the queens of the forest for a bewitching and terribly appetizing! From the very first whiff, an irresistible slush will settle in your throat...

  • Fruit Du Dragon Fraise 50ML - Les Fruits D'Eden/Le Coq...

    Particularly exotic, the strawberry pitaya duo is an irresistible combo! For the greatest pleasure of vapers, the brand Le Coq qui vape has made, in its range Les Fruits d'Éden, an e-liquid reconstituting the flavours of this tempting mix. Using its sweet notes, the strawberry blends perfectly with a juicy slice of dragon fruit, and the whole is enhanced...

Discover Le Coq qui vape, a renowned French brand in the world of electronic cigarettes. Their e-liquids are a true invitation to travel through unique flavors. Explore the different ranges, including Les Fruits d'Eden, Bon Voyage, Coq-Tails, Edo, Gatsby, Kyandi Shop, La Pâtisserie Française, and Rud & Gad.

Each e-liquid from this brand is crafted with passion to deliver exceptional taste experiences. The flavors are diverse, ranging from delicious fruity notes to gourmet delights and even refreshing menthol aromas.

Choose from 10ml and 50ml options to meet your needs. Le Coq qui vape is committed to providing top-quality products to satisfy discerning vape enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in a world of unique flavors and authentic aromas with Le Coq qui vape. Order wholesale on Greenvillage.fr to enjoy these outstanding e-liquids and provide your customers with an unforgettable vaping experience.

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