General terms and conditions of sale


The Seller is defined as SARL which social capital is 16800€ and which headquarter is located at 1 rue Ambroise Croizat, Lot 5-7, 77183 Croissy-Beaubourg, France

  •          Phone :
  •          E-mail :
  •          Opening Time : Monday to Friday from 9AM-1PM // 2PM to 6PM (France Time Zone)

The Purchaser is defined as being a company or a person purchasing and accepting the following GTS. The attendant, the collaborator, the spouse, any members of the family or any other person acting for the Purchaser will embody the Purchaser and will be supposed to own a required mandate for committing us.

These General Terms of Sale are subject to each purchaser to enable him to order.

Therefore, placing of an order implies that the Purchaser fully and unconditionally accepts these Terms.

No particular condition may prevail over the general sales conditions without formal and written acceptance from the Seller.

Any contrary conditions put forward by the Purchaser without written acceptation are inapplicable to the Seller regardless of the moment at which they are brought to his attention.

The fact that the Seller does not insist at a given moment on applying any of these conditions must not be interpreted as an invalidation of that or any other of the conditions of sale.

Failure or delay by the Seller in enforcing or partially enforcing any provision of these conditions  shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights under the conditions, at present or in the future.

Photographies, diagram, drawings or video films illustrating products, are not considered in the contractual field. If mistakes have been introduced into them, Greenvillage's responsibility can't be engaged.

1. The order

During the order confirmation after having made up a cart, you declare accepting the order as it is as well as the General terms and conditions of sale unreservedly.

The validation and acceptation of the payment are proofs of the financial transaction between both parts.

1.1   Offers and prices are subject to stock availability.

1.2   The availability while placing an order is indicative.

This availability will be confirmed after order preparation.

In case some references are indeed not available during order confirmation or during order preparation, we will inform you by email, phone or mail. 

Cancelling an order that have not been shipped out within 7 days will lead to a refund of the paid products.

1.3   Product prices are indicated in Euros without management cost and shipping fees.

Our offers and our price list correspond to current price at the moment the product is being created in our catalogue at We won't be committed to anything beyond.

Any prices or fees are modifiable without any notice.

Orders are accepted, subject to price increase required by suppliers and circumstances beyond our control that could make delivery more expensive or impossible.

In case of price variation between order confirmation and effective delivery date, the Purchaser will be informed by phone or email.

  •   He will be able to keep his order provided price difference being due to price increase is paid by the Purchaser before shipping.
  •   He will be able to request a order cancellation and a refund before shipping.

In case, the order is already shipped out, the expense concerning shipping fees and return fees will be applied to the Purchaser.

Any order changes request will be possible but order shipping and delivery can be delayed.

2. Payment

Vous disposez de l’ensemble des modes de paiement proposés lors de la validation finale de votre commande : The Purchaser will have different option for payment: 

  •   Bank Wire / Bank Transfer
  •   Bank/Credit Card
  •   Paypal

Payment using Bank Wire / Bank transfer

The Purchaser is required to send a payment proof such as a Bank transfer slip to the Seller. Details concerning authentication of identity of the Purchaser (Transfer instructor), the issuing bank, Seller (beneficiary) or/and his bank account number, the transaction total, transfer execution date and transfer order date and transfer reference are required. Greenvillage will not take charge of part or all the bank transfer fees. These fees have to be paid by the Purchaser. If fees have been ordered to be shared and invoiced to Greenvillage, the Seller can hold the order until fees are paid.

Orders will be shipped as soon as orders are paid.

Online Payment by Credit Card / Bank Card

Payment debit will occur as soon as the order is confirmed.

To prevent fraudulent usage of your Credit Card / Bank Card, does not store nor keep cards details on our database.

*** WARNING *** No orders will be shipped before reception of the total amount into / Alliance Distribution’s bank account.

No partial payment is accepted by the Seller. The total amount has to be paid when confirming the order.

We reserve ourselves the right to hold an order in case it is not fully paid or in case a previous order is partially paid due to a litigation.

We keep full property of the products until the full payment of an order (Fees and taxes included)

3. The delivery

3.1 Delivery time

Your order will be shipped to the delivery address you have indicated while placing the order on

The delivery address can be different from the invoicing address.

  •           Delivery time is given on an indicative basis by the carrier
  •           As soon as, the tracking status from carriers indicates that the order is ‘distributed’, ‘delivered’ or ‘received by…’ no actions can be made against / Alliance Distribution
  •           In case of non receipt by the recipient (incomplete shipping address, wrong address, unprecise, incorrect, recipient’s absence, …), the package(s) will be shipped again provided new shipping fees are paid
  •           If you entrust good’s receipt to a third party (caretaker, housekeeper, receptionist at workplace, …). That person receive the package(s) on your behalf and for your account.

Consequently, the delivery time is the one on the day it is confirmed by and not the customer.

3.2 Case of litigation

  •           Goods loss:
    In case a delivery is delayed two to ten working days after the shipping date mentioned in the tracking (or shipping receipt), please notify us by contacting our customer service +33 1 6037 4912 or by email
    An investigation will be started with the carrier to locate the package(s):

o    If the goods are found, they will be shipped again to the shipping address as soon as possible/

o    If the goods are declared lost by the carrier, we will shipped the goods. In case all or some goods are not available, we will refund the amount for unavailable goods following the  General Terms and conditions of sales.


  •           Damages during delivery:
    We invite you to check (or your representative recipient) the visible condition of your package on delivery reception. In case of visible bad condition on delivery (damages, missing goods, damaged package, broken products, etc, …), the Purchaser should mention on the carrier’s delivery receipt when signing it. Please notify us within 3 working days with photographs of the damaged parts by phone +33 6 6037 4921 or by email

    If no reservation is declared on receipt and to / Alliance Distribution, refund or exchange can’t be done.


  •           Mistakes with order
    In case we have made a mistake when preparing your order, this must be notified to us within 7 working days after getting the package(s). Over this delay, any enquiry won’t be considered.

    In case of non conformity to your order, you can make an enquiry to our aftersale service

    You will be requested to detail the reasons justifying the non conformity.

WARNING – For any issue upon receipt, it is important to keep the damaged parts in the condition you have received them (accessories, manuals, packagings)

If goods need to be sent back, you must make a return request to our aftersale service. After our service grants you a return number please return them to Greenvillage / Alliance Distribution, 1 rue Ambroise Croizat, Lot 5-7, 77183 Croissy Beaubourg, France.

4. International sales

4.1 Product prices are indicated in Euro tax, shipping fees and fees excluded

Greenvillage / Alliance Distribution won’t be responsible for Customs blocking. No indemnification can be requested to Greenvillage / Alliance Distribution in case of Customs blocking.

However, we will try anything possible to supply you with needed documents to resolve the situation.

4.2 In case of restriction to exportation, the Purchasercommits himself to respect legal requirements for exportation control enact by the United States of America, Asian countries and legislation enact by European Union and its member States for that matter.

In case of goods exportation out of European Union, the Purchaser has the preliminary written obligation from the manufacturer. In case of non respect of this enact, the Purchaser will indemnify / Alliance Distribution for any damages, costs and expenses that resulted.

5. Warranty and Liability waiver

Products purchased on our website benefit from a warranty. The eventual contractual warranty given by the manufacturer commits itself only.

In no case, we guarantee that the products we supply can answer a specific issue for the user’s activity. We are not commited to any indemnification towards the users or third parts for the consequences due to the use of these products, whether for direct or indirect damages, people’s accident, damages to any other property, profit loss or shortfall, damages from deterioration or loss from the user.

To benefit from products warranty, the Purchaser is requested to keep the invoice.

To ensure going through the right process concerning the aftersales service for any product issue or failure you can contact our Aftersales Service (+33 1 6037 4912).

For any warranty, legal or contractual, the return follows the following terms and conditions.

Except cases in which the product is not conform or we take care of return fees, fees and risks related to the return of the defective good have to be paid by the Purchaser.

Please be aware that the Purchaser can be requested to include the warranty coupon originated by the manufacturer to the return package.

In this case, the product can be returned to the Purchaser or repaired with prior acceptance and payment of a pro-format made by the manufacturer.

In any event, Manufacturer warranty and subscription to a complementary warranty don’t deprive the Purchaser and/or the user of the legal warranty (especially warranty for hidden defect or legal conformity warranty)

Warranty Period ensured by

  •           Batteries: 3 months
  •           Chargers: 3 months
  •           Mods: 3 months
  •           Rebuildable Atomizers : Functional warranty at receipt
  •           Atomizers: No warranty
  •           Cartomizers: No warranty
  •           Cartridges: No warranty
  •           Accessories: No warranty
  •           E-liquids : No Warranty

WARNING - Defects and damages caused by failure to observe the safety regulations about the storage precautions specified on the package are excluded from the warranty. Defects and damages caused by incorrect use, improper maintenance, abnormal use, lack of supervision, bad electrical protection of the devices, by such harmful circumstances to the proper functioning of the devices, or by modification of the item not provided or specified by the Seller are excluded from the warranty.

Warranty shall apply to goods that have been disassembled and/or reassembled.

Similarly, the guarantee shall not apply to apparent vices if the Purchaser has not notified them to the Seller.

The guarantee disappears immediately and completely if the goods are used in abnormal conditions.

In case of lack of maintenance, the warranty will be totally or partially lost.

The warranty is only available for the Purchaser and not for thirds to whom the goods could have been offered.

6. Goods returns

Goods shall be returned only following an agreement by the Seller.

To ensure a better return process, efficiency of diagnosis and speed of intervention by us or the manufacturers, a return request shall be made via the return form. Reasons of return shall be detailed. The Purchaser can contact the Aftersale Service for further information by phone +33 1 6037 1921 or by email at

A return reference (RMA) and a potential prepaid shipping label will be given for the return. The return reference shall be written on the package.

Some documents related to the package shipping and delivery can be requested by the Seller or the carrier. The Purchaser shall keep the original or a copy of them until total fulfillment of the return request.

It is recommended to over pack the goods to be returned. The seller will process the request only if the goods have not been damaged during the delivery in case of new unused products.

In case of defective products, defective goods only shall be returned.

Returned goods should be returned with a copy of the invoice.

Refund  or replacement of new and unused goods apply if they were not damaged or incomplete.

After return request being granted by the Seller, the Seller will ensure to solve the issues within the shortest time it is possible.

7. Responsibility / Alliance Distribution is not the manufacturer of the products. In case of damages caused to a person or to property, the only responsibility can be looked for is the one of the manufacturer.

All products sold by the Seller are intended for smoke inhalation reproduction.

The product used for reproducing evaporation is based on Propylene Glycol.

No scientific study was done on the side effects possibly related to the absorption of this substance, the customer recognizes to use this product on its full responsibility, the / Alliance Distribution can not be held liable for any health problem of its customers.

Nicotine is not recommended to minors, people with cardiovascular problem and to pregnant/breastfeeding women. /Alliance Distribution’s responsibility, in accordance with the obligations in the present General Terms and Conditions of sales, shall not be commited in case the non execution of its obligations attributable to:

  •           Facts from thirds parts
  •           The Purchaser’s fault
  •           A event of force majeure defined by French jurisdiction
  •           Any other event  that has not been reasonably under the control of / Alliance Distribution / Alliance Distribution declined any responsibility concerning given information on its website. Those ones are given without any guarantee, explicit or implicit, about their accuracy, exactness, topical, reliability, exhaustiveness and matching the use the Purchaser is willing to have. / Alliance Distribution can not be held responsible for products sold on its website, especially in case of a use not in conformity with the user manual or misuse. / Alliance Distribution can not be held responsible for all damage caused to the Purchaser or a third part as a consequence of this misuse. / Alliance Distribution shall not be held for potential unexpected and one-time errors on its website. / Alliance Distribution can not be held responsible for direct or indirect consequences or the use of the products on people or on property.

8. Exclusive attribution of competence

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sales and the contractual relations between / Alliance Distribution and the Purchaser are subject to French Law.

In case of litigation, an amicable solution will be seek before any legal action.

In case of no amicable agreement found, any litigation related to validity, conclusion, interpretation, execution or breach of the general Terms and Conditions of Sales and its subsequent act will be submitted to the courts the Seller’s Headquarter depends: Le Tribunal de Commerce de MEAUX. This court will the only competent, even in case of plurality of defendants.

9. Intellectual property

All elements of the website are and keep being / Alliance Distribution’s exclusive and intellectual property. No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast or reuse the website’s elements even partially for any purposes whether they are softwares, visuals or sounds without the agreement of its owner. Item may differ from photographs.

10. Promotions / Vouchers

Promotions , vouchers, gifts, exceptional offers, etc … are not combinable among them and are limited in time.

They are usable once only.

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