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  • Candy Gum - Big Puff

    Imagine enjoying a delicious sweet treat, enveloped in irresistible fruity notes. The Candy Gum Single-Use E-Cigarette captures the very essence of childhood, with the nostalgic taste of strawberry bubblegum igniting your senses with every hit. Its compact and sleek design offers a convenient and delectable vaping experience without the hassle of...

  • Myrtille - Big Puff

    Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite intensity of blueberry with each inhalation. The Blueberry Single-Use E-Cigarette offers an unparalleled vaping experience, filling the air with fruity and sweet notes that awaken your senses. Carefully crafted to deliver an authentic smoking sensation, this e-cigarette provides instant gratification without the...

  • Pastèque pomme - Big Puff

    Savor every puff like a sip of freshly squeezed juice. The Watermelon Apple Single-Use E-cigarette offers you a harmonious vaping experience, where the sweet sweetness of watermelon blends with the tangy vivacity of apple. Its ergonomic and compact design allows you to take it anywhere, for a gourmet break at any time of the day.

  • Full Kit Klypse Zip - Innokin

    The Klypse Zip from Innokin is an essential MTL electronic cigarette, offering a complete kit that will seduce you. With its minimalist design, this pod does not require any adjustment to operate. Simply inhale through the driptip to enjoy your e-liquid. The 2ml capacity reservoir can be refilled easily with a side entry on the pod, and is secured with a...

  • Mad Kiss 50ML - Hyster-X/Savourea

    Discover Mad Kiss, an enchanting flavor that gives you a passionate and sweet kiss with every puff. This bold blend combines the intense aromas of licorice and the juicy sweetness of strawberries, creating a unique taste experience.Imagine yourself immersed in a moment of passion, where flavors intertwine in an intoxicating dance on your palate. Mad Kiss...

  • Queen H 50ML - Hyster-X/Savourea

    Discover a delicious royal delicacy that cannot be refused! This exquisite creation offers you a tasty combination of tangy rhubarb and creamy vanilla.Immerse yourself in a unique taste experience, where the fruity notes of rhubarb blend harmoniously with the creamy sweetness of vanilla.Each bite transports you to a universe of delights where the queen...

  • Freeze Litchi - Big Puff

    Hey vapers! Are you ready to discover a new vaping experience that will leave you speechless? Check out Freeze Litchi from Big Puff, the new disposable e-cigarette that will make you melt with pleasure!Freeze Litchi was created to take you on a journey to the exotic lands of Asia with a unique taste and a slight touch of coolness. Imagine yourself...

  • Ma petite Fraise - Big Puff

    Welcome to the world of fruity vaping with Ma petite fraise by Big Puff! If you're looking for a simple and convenient way to get into vaping, look no further. This little marvel is the disposable e-cigarette that will give you the succulent taste of fresh strawberries with a touch of coolness.Imagine yourself, strolling under the summer sun with a juicy...

  • Pack Vape Pen CBD Noïd.Lab Amnesia - Marie Jeanne

    Marie Jeanne is targeting first-time vapers with the Vape Pen noïd.lab Amnesia, a kit that is both robust and discreet. The small size of this equipment for indirect inhalation at low power offers an excellent grip and can boast of being easy to carry. Thanks to its shock-proof coating and its flattened shape on the sides, it is also solid and stable...

  • Pack Vape Pen CBD Noïd.Lab Magic OG - Marie Jeanne

    Puff 2.0 par excellence, the Vape Pen noïd.lab Magic OG by Marie Jeanne is the perfect ally for vapers looking for simplicity. Just like its sisters in the noïd.lab range, this new pod with an integrated 180 mAh battery is both practical and discreet. Very easy to use, it allows you to vapourise without any headaches, thanks to its automatic heating...

  • Pack Vape Pen CBD Noïd.Lab Sunrise - Marie Jeanne

    Just like its predecessors, the Vape Pen CBD noïd.lab Sunrise pack by Marie Jeanne offers a simple and discreet e-cigarette with a minimalist design. Terribly practical, it offers its user a grip that borders on perfection. Ideal for taking your first steps in vaping, this stick without a control knob is triggered by suction. In the body of the pod, there...

  • Pack Vape Pen CBD Noïd.Lab Sunset - Marie Jeanne

    No more monotonous vaping! Marie Jeanne takes you on a first class trip to the tropics with her noïd.lab Sunset CBD Vape Pen pack. Turned towards the essential, this simple and discreet pod offers a perfect ergonomics in hand thanks to its thin and slim format. It also comes with a space-saving cartridge with a 0.55 ml tank and a 1.5 ohm resistance for a...

  • Pack Vape CBD Noïd.Lab Super SK - Marie Jeanne

    Marie Jeanne's noïd.lab series continues to simplify the lives of vapers by releasing a new pod: the Vape Pen Super SK. This revolutionary device once again relies on a stick format, small and discreet, to bring pleasure and ergonomics to its user. This time again, we find a minimalist e-cigarette with an integrated battery of 180 mAh quickly rechargeable...

  • Fraise Grenadine - Big Puff

    Are you a beginner in the vaposphere or a fan of vaping without the headache? Big Puff has the solution: the Strawberry Pomegranate puff. Equipped with a pre-charged battery and a tank pre-filled with fruity e-liquid, this mini electronic cigarette promises you simplified vaping breaks with no fuss. In your living room, office or on the street, enjoy the...

  • Cocktail de fruits - Big puff

    The big fruit festival continues at Big Puff! To the applause of vapers, the Fruit Cocktail puff makes its debut. Hiding a sun-drenched potion in its pre-filled 2ml tank, this disposable pod starts the flavor dance with sweet pineapple slices and slightly tart pomegranate. It then completes its performance with a luscious iced orange juice. What more...

  • Pêche givrée - Big puff

    Peach Frosted is a puff that promises to send shivers of pleasure through the vaposphere. Just by its name, this single-use electronic cigarette already hints at the freshness that comes with the sweet, juicy peach flavour it contains. Packaged in a 2ml tank, this summery potion will perfume your vaping sessions with its sweet aroma. In addition to the...

  • Goyave passion... - Big Puff

    Big Puff has not finished making us dream with its recipes. Through Guava Passion, the brand offers us a ready-to-use electronic cigarette with irresistibly fruity flavours. Equipped with an integrated battery capable of providing up to 600 puffs, this disposable pod is THE ideal companion for first-time vapers looking for a compact and intuitive device....

  • Fruits rouges sauvages - Big Puff

    Let's take a walk in the woods with Fruits Rouges Sauvages, a delicious Wild Red Berries from Big Puff. Let yourself be carried away by juicy sweet and tangy berries. In the basket, you will go picking raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants.You will taste a cocktail of juicy and refreshing red fruits with the...

  • Milkshake Fraise - Big Puff

    Big Puff's Milkshake Fraise is a Strawberry MilkShake, a frozen delight of milk and strawberries that combines smoothness and indulgence for dessert lovers. Close your eyes, and revel in this moment of gluttony against the backdrop of Rock'N'Roll or those moments of childhood under the sun where your strawberry ice cream melts in a large glass of...

  • Soda Framboise Bleue - Big Puff

    The blue raspberry is one of the most delicious forest treats. This taste is made more authentic by the Big Puff brand, thanks to the fizziness of the soda.For the Raspberry Blue Soda, the battery life is 550 mAh, to which is added a cartridge containing 2 ml of e-liquid. So you can directly vape with this pod. To do this, simply suck through the...

  • Menthe Verte - Big Puff

    If you want to bring some freshness to your vaping session, opt for the Mint Green disposable pod from the Big Puff brand. In addition to this irresistibly intense minty flavor, you will have a ready-to-use pod at your disposal.Indeed, each vape pen signed Big Puff is equipped with a battery with an autonomy of 550 mAh and a cartridge filled with 2 ml of...

  • Mangue de Malaisie - Big Puff

    With the Malaysian Mango Disposable Pod, Big Puff brings you the sweetness of the tropics through intensely exquisite mango flesh. Indeed, this vape pen sports the tastes of one of the tastiest fruits of Asia.In addition, its battery has an autonomy of 550 mAh to which is added a cartridge pre-filled with 2 ml of e-liquid. You will thus be entitled to...

  • Energy Drink - Big Puff

    If you need to boost your energy to start the day off right, adopt this disposable pod from Big Puff. The Energy Drink is an invigorating cocktail that you can vape at any time. Thanks to the generosity of the reservoir of its 2ml cartridge and its autonomy of 550 mAh, this vape pen can deliver more than 600 puffs.Apart from that, brings an easy grip....

  • Banane à la Fraise - Big Puff

    The Strawberry Banana from the Big Puff brand consists of a sweet and fruity cocktail. Indeed, with each puff, you will experience an explosion of flavors that traces the creaminess of the banana and the tangy sweetness of the strawberry.In addition to its exquisite taste, this Big Puff pod is whole and ready to use. This is why it has a 550 mAh battery...

  • Barbe à Papa - Big Puff

    The Big Puff Cotton Candy Pod is the ultimate in indulgence. With this exquisite pod, you will be entitled to 2ml of intensely sweetened e-liquid with a unique and succulent taste.With each puff, you will fall back into childhood thanks to the creamy coulis that will settle in your throat. In addition, the battery integrated in the pod has a battery life...


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