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Aroma Fruity Fuel (FR)

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  • Concentré The Green Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    A good dose of energy and freshness in your vape, this is what the new Fruity Fuel recipe guarantees you!The Green Oil is a bomb of flavors packaged in a 30ml DIY concentrate vial. In its composition, you will find very juicy watermelons whose sweetness will be enhanced by a zest of acid lime and a few slices of lemon. Enough to take a little slap in the...

  • Concentré The Diabolo Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    In need of a holiday? Let yourself be carried away by a wave of intense freshness with The Diabolo Oil! This e-liquid designed by Fruity Fuel will bring sunshine to your days wherever you go. Its recipe based on lemonade and juicy strawberries will make you travel in seconds, whether you are at the office, at home, on the terrace, by the pool or at the...

  • Concentré The Lovely Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Nothing is as good as a Fruity Fuel concoction! In its wide collection of fruity e-liquids, the French manufacturer hides a recipe that will conquer you from the first puffs.  The Lovely Oil is the perfect mixture to have a cocktail taste in your mouth all day long. This concentrated DIY 30ml format beverage reminds us of spring through its sweet and sour...

  • Concentré The Pink Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Who said candy was only for kids? French brand Fruity Fuel has revisited the bubble gum recipe to create The Pink Oil, a melon-flavoured sweet for lovers of fruity and gourmet vaping. Each puff will remind you of the atmosphere of the funfair with the merry-go-rounds and sweets at will: a vaping interlude that will put a smile on your lips between two...

  • Concentré The Purple Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    With its new recipe, Fruity Fuel makes the happiness of the vapoteurs fond of sweets. In its collection of e-liquids, the brand launches The Purple Oil, a treat that is sure to awaken the child in you. Indeed, this formula carries the flavours of a candy filled with red fruits. Moreover, the manufacturer thinks big, because he has packaged his concoction...

  • Concentré The Red Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Dear sweet vape lovers, the genius Fruity Fuel has just fulfilled one of your wishes. With The Red Oil, a fruity e-liquid rich in flavour, the French brand brings a scarlet touch to your clouds and takes you on a journey around the Mediterranean and Central Asia. With each puff, your palate will marvel at the pronounced flavour of pomegranate, tenderised...

  • Concentré The White Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Need a little refreshment? The White Oil comes to the rescue! Fruity Fuel has put together this fizzy lemonade just for you. To do this, the brand has taken out its juicer to extract the juice of its most beautiful lemons, whether yellow or green. During your vaping sessions, you will be able to quench your thirst while enjoying the slightly sweet acidic...

  • Concentré The Wooky Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Need a little refreshment? The Wooky Oil is coming to the rescue!Fruity Fuel has concocted, just for you, a concentrate filled with very sweet watermelon juice with a slight tangy note of Kiwi. During your vaping sessions, you will be able to quench your thirst by enjoying the sweet, slightly tangy flavor of each puff.You will have at your disposal a 30...

  • Concentré The Blue Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Do you like blue raspberries? Are you a fan of melon?  Why not try a combination of the two? Fruity Fuel has prepared an original and fruity blend for you to enjoy anywhere and everywhere. The Blue Oil is an e-liquid that will let you enjoy the power of a juice as sweet as acid in big clouds full of lightness. If you want to have one of the best vape...

  • Concentré The Yellow Oil 30ML - Fruity Fuel/Maison Fuel

    Imagine a fragrant candy that cracks under your teeth, dripping with a beautiful pineapple coulis... What a delight! The Fruity Fuel brand will arouse your lust with The Yellow Oil, its new e-liquid recipe. With each puff, a treat. Your taste buds will come into contact with an exquisite, delicately fruity and sweet flavour. You will smell aromas as...

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