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Arômes Fighter Fuel (FR)

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  • Concentré Bloody Shigeri 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Dive into the intense experience of dragon fruit blended with the sweetness of strawberry, accentuated by a hint of grenadine and an unmatched coolness sensation with Bloody Shigeri by Maison Fuel. Create your own unique and surprising e-liquids with this DIY concentrate from the Fighter Fuel range.

  • Concentré Dark Shigeri 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Dive into the intense universe of dragon fruit and strawberry with Dark Shigeri from Maison Fuel. This DIY concentrate from the Fighter Fuel range perfectly combines these exotic flavors with a touch of blackcurrant and freshness. Create your unique and surprising e-liquids with Dark Shigeri.

  • Concentré Zakary 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Dive into an explosion of tropical flavors with the DIY concentrate Zakary from the brand Maison Fuel. The Fighter Fuel range offers you an exquisite blend of Pineapple and Nectarine to craft your own unique e-liquids. Unleash your creativity with this delicious concoction.

  • Concentré Barrako 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Discover Barrako, the ultimate DIY concentrate from Maison Fuel in the Fighter Fuel range. Dive into an explosion of cool mint to craft your own unique e-liquids. Unleash your creativity with this premium quality concentrate.

  • Concentré Freed 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Dive into the exceptional world of Maison Fuel's concentrated flavor Freed from the Fighter Fuel range. This unique flavor takes you on an unforgettable taste journey, subtly combining the aroma of champagne, the sweetness of marshmallow, and a hint of exquisite freshness. Each drop of this concentrated flavor releases an explosion of flavors, allowing...

  • Concentré Kobura 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Created by the master alchemists of Maison Fuel, this precious concentrate contains the power of black fruits and the mysterious snake fruit, balanced by a breeze of freshness. According to legend, each drop of Kobura has the power to transform your base into a wonderful e-liquid, capable of delighting your senses and transporting you to unexplored taste...

  • Concentré Minasawa 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Fighter Fuel's Minasawa Concentrate pays homage to an intriguing character in DIY vaping.Beneath its air of a ruthless brute, this Japanese warrior is a source of fruity pleasures and captivating flavors. If you like summer flavors, a few drops of this 30 ml mixture in your base (9% dosage) will allow you to obtain an e-liquid flavored with pear and...

  • Concentré Nagashi 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Passionate about martial arts, Nagashi is a mysterious warrior from the Fighter Fuel clan who trained day and night to conquer vapers.Just like its brothers in arms, this 30ml concentrate relies on the power of a devilishly fruity potion to defeat its opponents.In his purse, he carries a vial containing a farandole of red berries on a bed of crushed ice....

  • Concentré Kuroko 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    The Kuroko Concentrate intends to impose its law in the world of DIY vaping by offering a terribly fresh and fruity 30ml mixture.Renowned for its balanced formula, this concoction to be diluted in a neutral base (recommended dosage at 9% and maturation time set at 12 days) is an invitation to travel.In its vial hides the exquisite juice of a pomegranate...

  • Concentré Hogano 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    It's no longer a secret, Fighter Fuel brings together the best vape warriors in its collection of 30ml concentrated aromas.Among these nuggets, Hogano stands out for its fruity power, intense freshness and ultra-gourmet fragrance. No need to be a vaping expert to be seduced by this complex and balanced composition.Not to be vaped alone, this concoction...

  • Aroma Toshimura 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Renowned for his legendary bravery and his unfailing courage, this great warrior is a famous character in the world of vaping. To honor him, the French manufacturer Fighter Fuel has decided to create the famous Toshimura, a concentrated aroma that is both powerful and fresh.With each sip of this magic potion, you will discover a succulent mixture, made of...

  • Aroma Hizagiri 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    It is deep in its cave, away from prying eyes, that the giant concentrate Fighter Fuel has shaped Hizagiri. A favourite with gourmets, this concoction faithfully revisits the flavour of a juicy strawberry and a ripe pomegranate. Hizagiri is diluted in a neutral DIY base at a dosage of 5% and cannot be vaped directly. To ensure it matures, leave it to rest...

  • Aroma Shaken 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Fighter Fuel takes the mystery out of its Shaken potion and reveals to the vaposphere the ingredients of its recipe. To make this delicious concoction, they had to cross continents to find yellow pitayas, beautiful melons and juicy red watermelons. Like true experts, the flavourists then added a few ice cubes to the mixture to give each puff its share of...

  • Aroma Kansetsu 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Armed with Kansetsu, the fearsome warrior Fighter Fuel shakes up the vaposphere with summery flavours. Designed to bring a breath fresh air of to vaping interludes, this recipe excels in its mission by producing delicious frosted puffs with shards of crushed ice. A cleverly fruity e-liquid that will dazzle the taste buds with fragrant peach pulp combined...

  • Aroma Ushiro 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Get ready for a new vape experience with Ushiro, the valiant warrior of Fighter Fuel. This big guy hides a bewitching mixture of flavours in his generous 30 ml concentrated flask. Once you've tasted this fruity e-liquid, you won't be able to get rid of it. Your taste buds will be seized by an incredible freshness followed by a delicious pineapple juice in...

  • Aroma Uraken 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Vaping champion Fighter Fuel is showing off its strength by launching Uraken, a hard-hitting e-liquid that is shaking up the vaping community. For this unique beverage, the warrior specially brought back from his crusades a little-known fruit: arbutus. This treat from the Mediterranean basin, once mixed with pretty, juicy strawberries and a few ice cubes,...

  • Aroma Shigeri 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    Proud of his disciples, the sensei Fighter Fuel makes Shigeri climb on the tatami of the vaposphere. With this new e-liquid that completes his range, this enthusiast of Japanese culture puts the odds on his side. Besides its striking freshness, Shigeri stands out from its peers with its extremely fruity content. Indeed, this recipe consists of red berries...

  • Aroma Seiryuto 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    The family of valiant fighters of Fighter Fuel is growing with Seiryuto, an overpowering e-liquid that promises to make the hearts of vapers turn over. In addition to its legendary freshness, which will be apparent from the first puff, this red fruit cocktail will release a sweet and tangy flavour that will gently take hold of your taste buds. A delicious...

  • Aroma Mawashi 30ML - Fighter Fuel

    A Japanese martial arts enthusiast, the beautiful Mawashi is one of Fighter Fuel's fearsome fighters. This overpowering aroma, just like its peers, makes its appearance in a 30ml DIY concentrate for long vaping sessions.. Concocted by the best flavourists, it is distinguished by its balanced recipe, the intense taste of dragon fruit is this time...

Arômes Fighter Fuel

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